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An amazingly simple explanation of how a large section of today's Science

is based upon flawed information and incorrect assumptions.





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For the past two hundred years the very foundation upon which much of today's Science was developed has been seriously flawed. 

It is acknowledged that this is a major statement to make. However, it is also acknowledged that a statement such as this requires extraordinary supporting evidence. 

When reviewing the wealth of evidence presented within the pages of The Impact and Exit Event you will learn and more importantly see how the geology of Earth was formed in an instant; what Tectonic Plates really are; why some planets have ring systems (and why others do not); what created the 'scar on Mars'; how Earth's Moon was formed; why (and how) the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans emerged extremely rapidly; how these oceans saved our planet from complete destruction ...and much, much more. 

You will also see for yourself how it is that these apparently disparate events of devastation and rebirth are actually connected to each other via an amazing series of cataclysmic events.  

With over 230 pages, 100+ colour images sourced from the Internet, 50+ author sketches and numerous hyperlinks to external supporting information, The Impact and Exit Event offers the reader a fully illustrated timeline of interlinked catastrophes that shaped the Solar System we see today. 

The central thrust of The Impact and Exit Event is to communicate to the reader a previously unrecognised series of enormous and interconnected catastrophic events. The scale and nature of the events uncovered suggests that research undertaken since the early 19th century in geology, astronomy, archaeology ~ and more ~  has progressed along an entirely erroneous course.

Incredibly, once the key to an astounding series of events was discovered in the most unexpected of places, The Impact and Exit Event actually wrote itself. To his astonishment all that the author needed to do was to follow the trail that was set before him, time and time again.

Throughout the pages of the book the author puts forward powerful visual evidence in support of his findings and, as most of the evidence contained within the book is based upon information obtained via the Internet he constantly encourages the reader to use the Internet to challenge, or better still corroborate his findings. 

Never before has a commentary such as this contained information that has ~ at a stroke ~ challenged so many currently accepted


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