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[](http://wp152.1001kisses.com/?page_id=190)           THE END OF YOUR SEXLESS NIGHTS IS SECONDS AWAY!
Now that you have the Japanese girl of your dreams
the most
frequent complaint
relationships Western men have with Japanese women
Sexlessness!   1001 Kisses and the eBook 1001 Butterfly Kisses were created to help men create better relationships with the women whom they love. Men (with help from women) should be more open to discovering ways to improve their love and sex lives. Good relationships don't just happen; they take work - every day. Quite honestly, men oftentimes don't do enough to keep their love, or sex lives exciting. It just isn't fer job to keep the fire lit in the relationship. So men, and women, buy the eBook, 1001 Butterfly Kisses and come back to 1001 Kisses often; to read the articles, talk to each other (for men, that means giving the woman you love the same attention you so earnestly give your boss and your job), and write your ideas and comments here at 1001 Kisses.
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Romantic relationship book to please a woman: [Pleasing your woman](http://www.1001kisses.com)
Illustration : Izumi Nogawa http://www.Quietblue.org

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