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"Bankrupt Fitness Trainer Goes From Flat Broke and Desperate To Living The Kick Back Lifestyle and Creating The Freedom That His Family Deserves..."

"...Now He's Pulling Back The Curtain To Reveal The Secrets Of Harnessing The Power Of Social Media To Turn Your Blog Into A Money Making Machine!"

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From: The Home Office of Scott Tousignant
Have you been spending countless hours and dollars trying to figure out how the heck so many people are earning a comfortable and even luxurious lifestyle by working only a few hours a day on their online business...
...Yet you are struggling to even make your first online sale. It's frustrating isn't it?

It gets even worse when your friends and family continue to ask you if you are still trying to make money with that Internet thingy. They keep telling you that you are wasting your time and it's all a scam...
But you know better right? You see the potential out there and you know that there are real people who were in the exact same situation as you are and now they are experiencing the freedom that you so desire.
Hey... I've been there and I know exactly how you feel.  My first year attempting to get my online business going I spent thousands of dollars on ebooks and countless hours trying to absorb and apply all the information within them. Guess how much I made in my first year online?
I Almost Gave Up
My first year online I made a whopping $20. To say that I was frustrated was an understatement and you can bet there were many times when I just wanted to throw in the towel. To make matters worse I had recently claimed bankruptcy after closing down my healthy club.
I was flat broke, depressed, and scared as hell. I felt like I was letting my family down. I was terrified about the future of my two young children. Was I going to be able to put them through college or university?
Even worse was seeing my wife put her body through excruciating punishment while working at an autofactory just so she could support our family. She hated it and knew she was meant to do bigger and better things, but she couldn't go after her dreams because she was stuck in this stinking job so we could put food on the table.
It wasn't like I was slacking off. I was getting up at 4:30am to work at my personal training business and wouldn't get home until dinner time. Then I would stay up until after midnight working on my online business.
But deep down I knew it was all going to pay off!

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The $8,000 Mistake
I knew that I needed a website if I wanted to make money online and I didn't want just any old website. I wanted the best looking website that anyone had ever seen. So I paid a local program to design this incredible looking online bookstore where I would sell ebooks that I was an affiliate for.
The site was flashy with incredible graphics and design, yet it produced zero results for me. It was basically non existant in the search engines, there was no interactive features to the site, and it was getting little to no traffic. It bombed!

The Aha Moment...
I realized that the hundreds of $47 ebooks that I was buying only contained the basics. If I wanted to get to the real proven strategies to skyrocket my business I had to go right to the source...
I hired a mentor!
I knew that I needed that extra hand holding and guidance. I needed that insider look into what makes these online businesses succeed.
Mind you, I was broke at the time and the mentoring program was $500 per month. So I went out and busted my butt off to find new personal training clients that would help me pay for the mentoring.
That was the best thing that I could have possibly done. Within three months I had created 2 ebooks that were bringing in cash on a steady basis and my affiliate sales went up too.
Finally, I was beginning to see all my hard work pay off and could show my wife that this online business thing really works.
My Greatest Investment
But instead of pocketing the cash and paying down our debts I made what I now call the smartest decision of my life...
I invested in more mentors!
I had learned everything that I could from my first mentor. Without a doubt I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for him, but it was time for me to move on and learn some other tricks of the trade from a mentor that did things different than most people.
This is when I learned the power of social media and blogging!
When I began to harness the power of social media and got away from static webpages and focused more on blogging my business skyrocketed. I was seriously blown away at how easy these strategies were to apply.

Within 3 Short Months...
My Online Business Grew To The Point Where
My Wife Could Quit Her Stinkin' Factory Job!
That was the proudest and most gratifying day of my life. After putting in 10 long years in a boring factory job that was wearing down her body, my wife was finally able to leave that stinking job and stay home with our two young children. That was something that she always dreamed of and now it's our reality.
As tough as that job was on Angie's body, it wasn't easy for her to leave a $65,000/year job with amazing benefits. If my online business wasn't growing at the pace it was, there would have been no way that she would have left.
Now we're both home with our kids and she's actually working by my side and has recently created her own ebook and blog. We have the freedom to work when we want, travel where we want, and do the things that matter most to us in life.
It's hard to believe how far we've come just in the past year alone. Going through all the struggles and hard times have made me who I am today, but if I could have had a blueprint or short cut earlier on, you better believe I would have jumped all over it...
And that's what I'm here to offer you!

Now I'm Pulling Back The Curtain And Revealing
The Secrets To My Online Business Success

Since word leaked out about the success that I've been having with social media and blogging I have been receiving many requests to share my knowledge and experiences during teleseminars, webcasts, and webinars. I had no idea that I was the topic of discussion among so many online business forums until I was contacted by Clickbank...

You may have heard of Clickbank, the online retail outlet for over 10,000 digital product publishers and their over 100,000 active affiliates. Well word about the success that I have in marketing Clickbank products with the power of social media has been spreading rapidly, which caught their attention and offer me a position as a guest blogger for their site to help their affliates and publishers increase their sales.

Here's a clip from a 3 part series that I wrote on how you can promote Clickbank products using Twitter...

I've also presented on the topic of blogging and social media from the stage in front of 400 people at a high ticket event. While on stage I demonstrated just how easy it is to incorporate social media into your business. In just minutes I captured a video of one of the attendees. I easily and quickly uploaded the video online and published it to my blog where I directed my viewers to the attendee's blog where he provides quality content. Check out this video clip from the event... 

How Would You Like To Be Featured In A Movie?
Since harnessing the power of blogging and social media the doors of opportunity have been thrown wide open. As a direct result of my blog I have attracted the attention of magazines who have featured me in their issues, been on the radio, and best of all...
I was contacted by a film maker who asked me to star in a documentary film. Now he's actually turning one of my products into a movie. Can you believe it?
Because your personality shines when you apply the strategies of social media, these magazine editors, television and radio hosts, and movie producers, all get to see your passion shine.
But the most important factor is that your customers get to see your true passion shine. That's what's going to really make your business skyrocket.
How Can You Make
Social Media Work For Your Business?

Honestly, most people are going about using social media the wrong way. When you use social media the wrong way you are seen as nothing but a spammer. That's not going to get your business anywhere.
But when you use it the correct way, it will provide your business with a flood of traffic, a loyal following of raving fans, and the carefree and fun lifestyle that you deserve.
Social media is all about connecting and building relationships. Not only will you enhance the bond with your customers, but you will also connect with joint venture partners that you never thought were possible to connect with.
There are so many different social media outlets all over the internet and it's important to find and use the ones that you feel the most comfortable with. For myself, I love Twitter, YouTube, and Squidoo. I'm not much of a Facebook person, but it certainly has worked incredibly well for many of my colleagues.
You Must Have A Plan
It's important that you don't just simply dable in a few of these social media networks and hope that it works for you. If you're not careful you will find that many of them are nothing more than a time suck.
You must come up with a strategy and plan for how to harness the power of each social network to get the absolute greates benefit in the shortest amount of time.
But it even goes beyond that...
If you truly want to excel, you have to get to the core of who you are, the message that you want to get across, and how you want to deliver that message.
Then to take it to the next level and beyond you need to know who your customers are right down to the smallest of details. If you tackle this right from the start you will be miles ahead of your competition.
Is this starting to feel a little overwhelming for you? It's O.K. I felt the same way at first, but remember, I had a mentor to guide me and it shortened my learning curve drastically. Now I'm here to help you do the same.
Shorten The Learning Curve and
Accelerate Your Results
As I mentioned earlier, if I could have had a blueprint or knew of a way to accelerate my results and begin making money online sooner rather than later, I would have been all over it.
I am here to offer you that opportunity to shorten your learning curve and turn your blog into a money making machine so you don't have to waste the amount of money and time that it took me to get where I am today.
I recently conducted a 7 week private coaching program for a select few clients, teaching them the exact social media and blogging strategies that I've used to build my online empire. Most of my students had little to no experience online and the ones who did have experience were not generating any income at all.
These select few clients paid $1,000 to be mentored by me during this 7 week program. It was a wise investment in their business and life.
I can't tell you how exciting it was to get the emails coming in when they made their first affiliate sales ever. The affiliate commissions for one of my students first affiliate sale was over $100. He was jumping up and down with excitement.
Another student landed a radio interview just days after our call on "Scoring PR On Radio and T.V." Then a week later she was on a national news radio station. These radio hosts can't stop raving about her blog and want to share it with their listeners.
This was an intensive coaching program where I dished out everything that I'm doing to harness the power of social media and skyrocket my business. The coaching program consisted of 15 calls, most of which went on for nearly 90 minutes.
The best part is that the majority of the strategies that I use and teach are all free. And any strategy that I may pay a fee for is minimal and the return on investment is far greater than the cost.
Anyone can apply these strategies. It doesn't take a lot of technical skills and know how. And you can begin to implement them immediately.

What Others Are Saying About Fitness Trainer 2.0

Scott Tousignant’s Fitness Trainer 2.0 program was nothing short of exceptional. From Day 1, I got immediately implementable ideas that produced amazing results.

Sometimes, it felt like Scott was spoon-feeding me information that was turning into profits.

Some of my progress after 6 weeks in Scott’s program:
700% increase in website traffic83 new e-mail newsletter subscribers19 affiliate sales, and hundreds of dollars in commissionsConstant feedback from my visitorsDaily newsletter signupsWeekly sales as an affiliate of various products
The Bottom Line is that Scott is one of the most creative and talented internet marketers out there, and if he can help me build a better online business – he can help you too.

Scott has my full endorsement! Watch him in the future, this man is going places.

John Sifferman NSCA-CPT Fitness Professional www.JohnSifferman.com

Website Manager and Affiliate Director

"From the second I saw Scott present at Ryan Lee's Bootcamp, I knew he would be the one who could help me take my on-line business to the next level.

With all the amazing information in the Fitness Trainer 2.0 program, I went from having a product and a website to having a business and a community with a loyal following in no time.

Scott's energy and enthusiasm for helping others is infectious. After every call, I was armed with so much new insider information and was so motivated to take serious action that I would implement the strategies immediately.

The results have been staggering in terms of the connections and sales that I have made.

Thanks for everything Scott. I couldn't have done it without you and your program."

Kim McCullough

Now It's Your Turn...
I recorded each of the calls from the live coaching program and I am now releasing them in downloadable Mp3 format to the public so you too can discover the same strategies to harness the power of social media and turn your blog into a money making machine.
I call the program Fitness Trainer 2.0 simply because I used the power of Web 2.0/Social Media, to take my Fitness Training business online and build it to the point where I no longer have to operate a brick and mortar business and can now operate from the comfort of my home, set the hours that I want, and enjoy the freedom that my new lifestyle offers me.
The strategies that are taught within the program can be applied to any business in any niche. And you don't need to be an experienced online marketer to begin taking immediate action applying these strategies. 
What's Included In The Fitness Trainer 2.0 Program?

Module 1 - Introduction:
In this call I share my favorite resources for generating traffic, getting ideas for creating content, where to find the places my customers are hanging out, and much more.
Module 2 - Branding
This could be the most important call of the entire program. It's the foundation of a successful business... creating a brand that is true to your character and passion. You need to be 'Top of Mind' with your customers when they think of anything related to your niche.
A big part of branding has to do with knowing your customers, what they want, how they think, and how you can make their lives easier.
During this call I put my students in the hot seat as we brainstormed and came up with their personal brands. I guarantee that just listening to this call will completely change the way that you think about your business.

Module 3 - Creating Your Business Blogging Plan
If you don't create a business plan and strategy for your blogging and online business you will find yourself spinning in circles and wasting precious time and money. In this call I teach you how to create a laser targeted plan and strategy to implement the social media tools that I recommend.
Module 4 - Twitter Mastery
Twitter is my #1 source of traffic for my sites. It's been the greatest resourcse that I've ever used for my business, yet so many people are using it wrong and completely missing out on the limitless benefits that it provides.
During this call you will learn how to master Twitter, build relationships with your followers, connect with Joint Venture partners that you never dreamed of, and generate a list of targeted customers. This is one call that you don't want to miss.
Module 5 - Hot Seat Q & A Call
One of the best ways to learn and improve your business is to mastermind. Often times the answers that you are looking for are right in front of your face and it takes a person on the outside to identify the solutions to the problems you are facing.
I personally have discovered solutions for my business simply by hearing others talk about what they need help with in their business and listening to others share ideas of how to overcome the obstacles in their way.
Module 6 - Skyrocket Your Business With Video Marketing and YouTube
This call still has my students raving about what they discovered and how they are applying it to their business.
Just one of the strategies taught in this call has my customers buzzing about my videos and spreading the video like wildfire.
You will also discover how to find out what key words your viewers are using to find your videos, where your viewers are coming from, and the demographics of your audience. All this information is crucial to the future success of your video marketing strategies.
Module 7 - Google Insider Reveals All
I must confess... I've never paid a dime for traffic. I've never ran a PPC ad and I've never paid for any type of banner ad marketing. I haven't needed to...
I get all my traffic for FREE!
The Google insider reaveals exactly what Google is looking for when they come to your site and how you can rank higher in the search engines.
The google insider also reveals the secrets to keeping your viewers on your site and turning your blog into an experience that will keep them coming back for more. It's a lot easier to keep a viewer and customer than it is to go out looking for new ones. These strategies are PRICELESS!
Module 8 - Creating Raving Fans
Allow me to break the news to you... You can't please everyone, and you shouldn't try to!
I would rather have 50% of the people who come to my site hate me, and the other 50% absolutely love and adore me, instead of 100% of the people think that I'm 'pretty good'.
Being average doesn't cut it. You need to stand out amongst the crowd. You need to be different in your own creative way.
In this call I teach you how to become the topic of discussion around the water cooler. You want to make an impression on your followers that lasts, and you want them to share their experience with everyone that they come in contact with.
Here's the magic of having a loyal fan base of raving fans...
My list may be much smaller than many of the big guns in my niche, but there have been numerous times when my smaller list outperforms their larger ones and I end up winning affiliate contests or at least placing in the top 3.
I believe in building a quality list of buyers who purchase nearly everything that I recommend because they trust my opinion and know that I only recommend the very best.
Breaking news...
People aren't buying the products that you recommend... They are buying you!
When you create an enjoyable buying experience for your customers they will keep coming back for more.
Module 9 - Radio Host Reveals How To Get On Radio and T.V.
Believe it or not, radio and television hosts are scanning through blogs and YouTube to find potential guests for their shows. It's more important than ever to include all forms of social media on your sites.
Just days after this call one of my students landed a radio interview and a week later was on a national news radio station.
Module 10 - Six Keys To Blogging Success
In this call I invited my blogging and social media mentor to share her top 6 strategies for blogging success. If you are not applying these strategies you will get left in the dust.
Module 11 - Squidoo Secrets
Squidoo has become one of my best ways to get inbound links and traffic to my site. Squidoo is an essential tool to get yourself ranked higher in the search engines. In this call you will discover some of the not so well known features that will help you blow your competition out of the water.
As a bonus you also receive a video training tutorial on how to set up your Squidoo lens effecitively.
Module 12 - Hot Seat Q & A
Once again I put my clients in the hot seat so you can see real world examples of how to apply social media strategies to your business.
Module 13 - Putting It All Together
In this call we take a look at the online businesses of the students and put the full power of social media into action. When you paint the full pictures and show how all the individual strategies tie in together, you quickly realize just how easy mastering social media can be.
Module 14 - Strategies of a Super Affiliate
In this audio you will learn how to captialize on the power of social media to become a super affiliate. You will learn the best way to get started as an affiliate marketer, and the top strategies skyrocket your affiliate marketing business.
Module 15 - Secrets Of Live Video Marketing
In this audio you will learn how to apply the great online tool Ustream to increase your conversions, build relationships with your viewers, and attract a massive following.

Bonus Video Module - The Hidden Power Of Ning (4 Part Series)
Bonus Video Module - How To Create A Squidoo Lens
Twitter Handbook (pdf)
As you can see we cover a great deal in the Fitness Trainer 2.0 program and each audio is very in depth and informative. There's no fluff and filler here.

What Does The Fitness Trainer 2.0 Program Cost?

As I mentioned, the students who participated in the live version of the program paid $1000 as an investment in their business and life. But you're not going to have to pay that much. You're not even going to have to pay half the amount. As an introductory offer you can get your hands on the Fitness Trainer 2.0 program and turn your blog into a money making machine for only $197

Introductory Offer
Turn Your Blog Into a Money Making Machine Today...
ONLY $197



Once you join the Fitness Trainer program you will instantly be taken directly to the members only web page which includes links to all 15 downloadable mp3 audios. You will also receive an email within minutes of joining the program containing up to date information to help you make the most out of the Fitness Trainer 2.0 program.

Yes Scott! Please grant me instant access to the Fitness Trainer 2.0 program so I can immediately begin to learn and apply the easy to use strategies of mastering social media and skyrocket my online business. I understand that the Fitness Trainer 2.0 program is a digitally delivered in mp3 format so I can learn at my convenience whether I'm in the car, at my computer, or out for a jog.
Take advantage of this introductory offer today for ONLY...




If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/FatLossQuickie or email me at scotttousignant @gmail.com


Allow Me To Remove Any Risk From Your Purchase

I'm handing you the keys to mastering social media and turning your blog into a money making machine with the Fitness Trainer 2.0 program so you can take it for a 60 day"test drive" with absolutely No Risk.  

See how it handles, push the pedal to the metal to test the true power of it, and make sure that it is the right fit for you.

You will not only be satisfied, but I guarantee that you will completely transform the way that you market your business and find a new found joy for your work or you can simply send me an email asking for a prompt and courteous, no hassels, no questions asked refund.

In fact, if for any reason at all, you are not totally satisfied, then I insist that you ask me for a refund.

Take advantage of this introductory offer today and get the upper hand on your competitors. I know what it takes to go from broke, desperate, and bankrupt, to enjoying the kickback lifestyle.

One year after claiming bankruptcy I was able to bring my family on a beautiful cruise vacation. Check out the picture of my daughter and I enjoying the hot tub on the deck of the ship.

I want you to experience this kind of financial transformation as well, and I'm here to help.

To your health and success,

  ~ Scott Tousignant
PS Remember, this is your short cut to online success. You get to learn from my mistakes and my successes.

PPS I've taken away all the risk with my 60 day money back guarantee, so what are you waiting for?

PPPS This is an introductory offer. Take advantage today and beat the price increase.

Remember, my student's paid me $1000 to get their hands on this information!

PPPPS Did you watch the video testimonial from John Sifferman? How would you like a 700% increase in traffic? What would that do for your business?


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