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"Stop Getting Gypped From Department Stores & Retailers And Learn How To Buy Top Designer Brands For As Much As 90% OFF The Retail Price  "

From the Office of Adam O'Neil
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Dear Retail Shopper,

It makes no sense to me, no sense whatsoever.  I still to this day cannot believe that someone would be willing to pay $2,500 for a handbag that I can get for $400.  I can't believe that someone would be willing to pay $900 for the same pair of shoes I get for $150.  For the same pair of designer sunglasses that I can get for 90% off all day long. Or a designer shirt retailing at $179 that I can get shortly after it goes on the rack for $29. Seriously. It blows me away how many people fall sucker to this retail racket!

I need to understand what is wrong with people to where they would overpay, ten fold, for the same items I can show you how to get for rock-bottom, wholesale, pennies-on-the-dollar type prices.   

Let Me Ask You This...
Have you every wondered where people selling high-end designer brands on eBay get their merchandise from? Do you want to know where to buy your favorite designer brands at insanely low prices? Would you like to learn how to make huge profits buying and selling discount designer clothes and accessories? Would you like to start your own business and make money while you are shopping for yourself? Would you like to save up to 90% the next time you see an outrageously priced designer item that you want?
Opportunity Is Waiting For You

Do you know how many billions of dollars are spent each year on over-priced fashion merchandise?  Our society is so caught-up on material things that you could be profiting everyday on other people's insecure, self-absorbed, "hey look at me" lifestyle.  Don't get me wrong, I like to have nice things too, but I can wait a month or two to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on my purchases... And also feel a whole lot better knowing that I can buy many more items.

Every time I go to the mall, and walk through a high end department store like Nordstrom's or Bloomingdale's, I feel like I have an unfair advantage over everyone there.  Credit cards are being swiped, cash is flowing out of Louis Vuitton purses, the designer sunglasses are propped up on people's heads while they shop. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

Sometimes I feel like running up to these people and doing them a favor. In fact, I would try to sit them down and explain how I can save them a fortune, if I knew that mall security wouldn't come after me.  God, I could only imagine going to "Mall Jail" for blowing the cover on the best secret ever kept from the high-end fashion shopper.

At any rate, why should I stop them? They worked for their money.  If they want to throw it down the toilet while I teach smart shoppers how to not only save a ton of money... but also profit wildly by starting a successful fashion resale business... then that's their business. Not mine.

I'm Here To Help You

I want you to recognize, like I did, how much potential there is for you to capitalize on this.  It shouldn't take much effort on my part to explain what is going on in the retail racquet and how you can make money from it. Actually it's a pretty easy concept what I am about to tell you.  There are four things you need to think about at this very moment. One, that this is a multi-billion dollar business... Two, that people will always overpay for their favorite designer goods no matter what type of economy were in... Three, that I can show you how to buy those goods for a fraction of the retail price... and Four, how you can resell those same items to the same people that always overpay.

I, personally have purchased virtually every wholesale info product on the market... wholesale lists, databases, monthly subscription services, ebooks, ezines, you name it... I do this strictly to see where I stand with my competition, and to continuously improve the content and quality of my guide.

The type of information you will find when buying a cheap, over-sold list of wholesalers pales in comparison to the opportunity that I am offering.  You will become so consumed with digging through a list of thousands of companies that sell nothing more than Fruit-Of-The-Loom Tees, Discounted Socks, and low quality pleather jackets.  It's like rummaging through the half-off rack at the Salvation Army!

Unless you


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