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The Energetic Edge



Sharon Marsh
Business Coach
Minnesota, USA

This book contains everything you need to know about how your home
and your work environments affect you and the success of your
business. More importantly, it tells you how to improve the energy in
your surroundings to maximize your business success.

"I am fortunate to interview every week the most successful
business women in the world and they all have one thing in common.
They all refer in some way to the power of "The Law of Attraction". In
Linda Binns' book "The Energetic Edge" she refers to the concept of
Conscious Feng Shui. This is such a powerful way to link the
practicalities of Feng Shui in a way that helps people apply the Law
of Attraction in their own lives."

Janet Beckers
Founder and Host


There are many resources available to help you start or grow your
business. None of them address the importance of your environment and
yet this is a vital component. If you look at the most successful
business people, they all pay attention to their surroundings, either
consciously or unconsciously. You don't see Donald Trump sitting in a
messy office with stacks of papers all over the floor do you? No, in
fact he regularly consults with Feng Shui professionals to ensure that
all his buildings will be phenomenally successful.

Louise Brogan
Financial Coach
New South Wales, Australia

* GREATER CLARITY - When the energy at home and work is supportive
it gives you greater clarity to create and achieve your goals

* IMPROVED RELATIONSHIPS - Improving the energy at home and work
helps you attract more helpful, supportive people to your business,
improving all relationships

* MAXIMIZE CASH FLOW - Discover where there may be energy draining
from your business, so that you can maximize cash flow and profits

* ROOM TO GROW - Clearing out old energy creates room for your
business to grow

* ENHANCED CREATIVITY - Learn how to work with the energy to
stimulate greater creativity

work place is balanced, it positively affects everyone who works
there, increasing their efficiency and performance

* ENHANCE YOUR BUSINESS REPUTATION - When the energy surrounding
your business is positive, you effortlessly improve your business
reputation, people get to know about you and want to do business with

* ELIMINATE DISTRACTIONS - Clear, balanced energy = clarity and
focus so you can concentrate on what's important

* ATTRACT MORE OPPORTUNITIES - When the energy in your environment
is balanced, synchronicities increase - leading you to be in the right
place at the right time. You are open to more opportunities and they
effortlessly show up


Rebecca Rengo
Author of _Beyond Chronic Pain_
Missouri, USA

Your environment could be sabotaging you and your business right
now, and you wouldn't even know it. Implementing the suggestions in
this book will not only help you understand how, but will show you
what to do to stop the sabotage. Then, it will show you how you can
improve the energy to not only support you and your business, but to
dramatically increase your business success.

"I have been applying the Law of Attraction for many years and I
know that emotions of love and gratitude keep us connected to our
divine source and allow abundance into our lives. Linda in her book
has revealed wonderful and yet simple ways to create love and harmony
in the environment around us. What we focus on is what we receive and
with this book you can learn how to create an environment which helps
you focus on and thereby attract abundance."

Susitha P.
EFT and Law of Attraction Practitioner

Yours right now for just $37The Energetic Edge helps you create
environments for success - in all areas of your life.

You'll receive a electronic file (pdf) of the book, and a
downloadable Quickstart Checklist.


If you implement the recommendations in this book and do not
experience change in your business, I'll refund your money. No
questions asked.

The information in this book can help your business increase income.
It can mean the difference between business success and failure. It
can be the difference between mediocre success and phenomenal success.
If you're just starting your business, it will get you off to the best
start possible.

Sheila Betker
Life Coach
Manitoba, Canada

There is so much great information in this book that I've been told
I should split it into two books. I know I could do that and probably
double my income by selling two books. However, it is important to me
that all of this information is in one place. This is the INFORMATION
THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW for your environment to support your business
success - not sabotage it. This book can transform your business - all
for just $37 - that's less than the cost of going to a business growth
seminar or working with a business coach! It's less than the cost of
going out for a nice dinner!

Cinaea Dallinger
Internet Business Owner
New South Wales, Australia

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