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Small Business Financial Crisis

How the 2008 Mortgage Crisis Is Affecting Credit Availability--And What Small Business Can Do About It

The financial crisis is rapidly changing the world of finance, all the way down to small businesses.  Companies that depend on credit need to act now to ensure the future profits--and even their survival.

The 2008 crisis is reinforcing global trends that are rapidly changing how credit is made available to small business.  Even if you deal with an American bank and an American banker, the raw materials for your loan may be coming from Kuwait or China.  Every small business owner needs to understand how that changes the world of credit at the local level.

There are steps to be taken TODAY

that can ensure your access to

credit over the coming year.

Dr. Bill Conerly is a former bank economist now consulting for businesses large and small.  He earned his Ph.D. from Duke University, and is the author of Businomics: From the Headlines to Your Bottom Line--How to Profit in Any Economic Cycle, and co-author of Thinking Economics, a high school curriculum used in 24 states.

Dr. Conerly's short book is not just about what happened.  It includes valuable action steps for small business owners.

Here is a peek some of what you'll learn from Bill:

How to know if you are at risk of losing your bank loan

Where to learn the financial ratios your banker is looking for

How to manage business credit cards in a credit squeeze

When to look for alternative financing

Whether your commercial mortgage is a time bomb

Will you be able to lease equipment during the credit squeeze

"I bought the book; read the book; and it is GREAT; very comprehensive."
John Wheeler
The Alternative Board

While driving to the powerful advice for small business owners, Dr. Conerly explains how we got into this mess.  Securitization is important to small business credit, whether it's bank loans, credit cards, commercial mortgages or asset-based lending. Some securitization will continue in the wake of the financial crisis, but other deals will fail.  Small business owners may be dependent on securitized finance without even knowing it! 

A short, readable book packed with valuable tips for only $39.95

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Book is only available for download as a pdf file.  After purchasing, you will receive an email within 5 minutes with a link to the download site.  The book's length is 44 pages.


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