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Unbelievable... Thanks to your book I got my car 30% cheaper.. THANK YOU GUYS !!! My life is totally different now..

Derren Brown - Entertainer


1. You can buy cars 30% to 50% cheaper
2. You can make a fortune reselling cars
3. You can make your dream come true
4. You can improve your social status
5. You can travel wherever you want
6. You can try it risk free for 60 days
7. You can get very low interests rates
8. Find out how & where to sell these cars
9. Find out how to avoid delivery charges
10. You will get 3 Bonuses for FREE!!!

Anyone can do it!

I've always wanted a hot red car with 2 seats, now with your wonderful book I lived to see my dream come true. THANK YOU !!

Hellen Troy - Designer

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What car are you driving right now?
Do you feel exilerated while driving it?
Is this your DREAM CAR?

How would you like to drive a brand new convertible Mercedes Benz SL on the
boulevard and have everyone enviously looking at you, as you drive by them.

How would you like to sit in high quality leather sits that were perfectly designed
to offer you as much comfort as possible?

How would you like to impress all your friends and neighbours with this dream car they never thought you'd be able to afford...and look who is laughing now!

How would you like to take your dream car to work and make everyone think
someone BIG arrived in the company?


I completely understand that...

However, the secrets I'm about to show to you will get you that much closer to the
car you've always wanted, but you never actually had enough money to just go
and buy.
 But that is not the case now!

If you spare a few minutes of your time to read what I'm about to say,
I'll show you how you can finally:

afford to buy your dream car and save 30, 50% or even 90% off the retail price

improve your social status

travel wherever you want with your dream car, whether you go to the mall or to Miami Beach

sell the cars you buy with the huge discounts and make a sweet profit even if you sell them below market price

I think I'm still walking into someone else's garage when I got to work in the morning, and I see this awesome black BMW M6 convertible. I would NEVER be able to buy this car if it wasn't for your book and tehniques, that allowed me to buy this car for only $14,690. I can't thank you enough!

So... Who Am I Exactly?

My name is Jack Carlo and I've been a car dealer all my life ripping people off of
their money..yes, you've heard me right. I've been ripping people off, charging
them much more than those cars would actually cost.

But it wasn't anything illegal - I was only doing what all car dealers have always
been doing and what they are STILL doing right now!

Because I have been working in this business since I was 22, I've managed to
know all the inside secrets of car dealership. That's why I know everyone is doing

So why did I turn my back to all of that? Because I've decided it's not worth losing
friends over some extra cash (all my friends come to me when buying new cars).

Well, I just thought instead of trying to make money by ripping people off, why not
help other people to AVOID getting ripped off by all those sneaky car dealers (I
know - I was one) out there...and maybe they will return me this favour...

So how can I help you then? By giving you my guide with ALL THE SECRETS on how to buy cars with HUGE discounts and save you thousands of dollars when buying a car.

money ever spent!

          Hellen Troy - Designer

Let me give you a taste first of what you can discover in this book (trust me - it contains information that even I had no clue about before I became a car dealer, mostly because the companies try to keep these top secret):

discover the (perfectly legal) secret tehnique that allows you (perfectly legal) to not pay dealer's advertising fee (although is not clearly stated...this kind of "tax" can really be a rip off)

how to avoid their B.S about delivery charges (and what exactly you need to tell them to offer you a very big discount). This trick works perfectly 9 out of 10 times...and doesn't require a special training...just reading the secrets from my book.

if you want to pay with cash...you definitely need to read the special chapter I've enclosed in my guide. It will show you how to get extremely low interests rates...simply and easily.

learn how to avoid taxes that don't apply to you, but that you have paid over and over again. This simple "tweak" can save you up to 10% of the car's price.

how and where to sell the cars you are getting for these huge discounts, so you can make the most profit...on auto-pilot.

plus a lot more information that will bring you a Lamborghini or a Bugatti at the price of a Ford.

Exciting, isn't it?

..You can have it all right now... all you have to do is to take a "test-drive" of my

What's the cost to get this guide?

To be completely honest with you I started to sell my guide for $297 because it's
so comprehensive and contains secrets that nobody else in the entire car industry
will reveal you.

After a while, I decided to let people know about the scams that they facing...and
to take my book even more accessible. So the price is $127 ....very low consider-
ing that you can save tens of thousands of dollars with just one secret that I teach

Last week this book was sold like CRAZY and after I did some calcualtions I real-
ized it *might* be more profitable to sell this book cheaper! I do have a family to
support, so obviously I'd like to make as much money on this as possible but NOT
necessarily to your disadvantage! (remember I'm over that now..)

That is why I decided to sell it only for $47 today - BUT, I'll go back to the original
price if I find out I'm losing money on it. I still have to pay the guys in charge of
maintaining this web site and the ones that promote it - can be quite expensive,
you know. Heck, I might even raise the price to $297 later on if these guys start
charging me more.

So I strongly suggest that you take advantage of this right now if you want to pay
only 50% or even 25% of what it might cost later. Click below to grab this book
with all my secrets on how to save 30-90% when buying a new car...


I've decided to throw in several bonuses for FREE. What can I say, I've always
liked to delight my customers with a "special something" anyway. It's just my way
of saying "thank you for trusting me".
Several Bonuses for FREE!!!

Do you want your car to have a unique look and sparkle in the sun while you drive on the road and have everyone noticing you? Then this is a booklet you will definitely put to use.
So you've just bought your new car and now you're just going to not going to take care of it? You can use the little secrets in this book to main- tain your car in top shape with little effort.
So you've just bought your new car and now you're just going to not going to take care of it? You can use the little secrets in this book to main- tain your car in top shape with little effort.

Not only will you buy the car you've always wanted, not only will you save thou-
sands or dozens of thousands of dollars to spend with your family and not only
are you getting this for HALF (or less) the price it might cost tomorrow even...
...but you can try my books for FREE! How's that? It's simple really - If you don't find the information in my book useful then I'm asking you myself to e-mail me and you'll receive a 100% FULL REFUND. No questions asked whatsoever! ...and we will still be friends :)

Nothing to worry about

Now that you've got NOTHING to worry about you can grab the book for the unbe- lievably low price of only $47 dollars, that's really NOTHING compared to how much you'll save when buying your new car (or you can make a lot of money if you decide to buy and sell cars this way).

If for some reason you're not fully convinced already, let me gice you a review of what you'll receive in your INBOX today:

"Car Secret" (valued at $297 - $47 Today ONLY!)

"How To Make Your Car STAND OUT" (valued at $79 - FREE Today)

"Maintenance Secrets" (valued at $147 - FREE Today)

"Tuning Your Engine the Easy Way" (valued at $116 - FREE Today)

That's $380 worth books for only $47 TODAY! You do recognize a real bargain
when you see it, don't you? Especially since it can save you thousands later!

All I want to say now is that I hope you ENJOY the thousands of dollars you will get
to save on your new car, and do something together with your family. At least do
something smarter with than just paying those crooks...I mean car dealers, who
Jack Carlo
Former Car Dealer and Author of "Car Secrets"

I fully understand that you're offering me the secrets to save thousands of dollars
when I buy my new car, and even make some money in my spare time, if I decide
to sell the cars I'm buying and earn a huge profit.

I also understand that only TODAY I can get:

"Car Secret" (valued at $297 - $47 Today ONLY!)

"How To Make Your Car STAND OUT" (valued at $79 - FREE Today)

"Maintenance Secrets" (valued at $147 - FREE Today)

"Tuning Your Engine the Easy Way" (valued at $116 - FREE Today)
ALL THAT for just $47!

And if that wasn't enough...If I'm not COMPLETELY DELIGHTED with your product,
I can get ALL my money back within 60 days and still be able to KEEP your

What more could I ask for?! Just let me download them NOW!


P.S. I'm just glad I have the opportunity to make up for my mistakes in the past,
and help people make or at least save some money instead of robbing them
blind. For only $47 today - the price at wich you can buy my "Car Secrets" book
and get all those bonuses also - I feel like you're robbing me!

So if I were you I would GRAB THE BOOKS NOW before I change my mind, and go back to the original price of $297.


Daniel was raised in a poor neighbourhood
with not many expensive cars driving by.
However, he was watching all the car
shows on TV. That's how he became a Fer-
rari fan and had a dream and a commitment
that when he grew up he would buy a Fer-
rari convertible no matter what.

Hey Jack,

I think I'm blessed...or maybe it was my strong desire to get a Ferrari no matter
what...or maybe it's all thanks to your book, the reason why now I have finally
fulfilled my dream!

You see, when I was a little kid I had nothing going for me. My mom was staying
home taking care of me and my 2 brothers and my father was working in construction,
bringing home just enough moeny for food, the necessary clothes for school.
Sometimes, we even had to borrow money to pay for utilities.

Whoever's been through that can understand the life I was living and why I
wasn't very optimistic about my future.

But, there was just one dream I've never given up on - getting my own Ferrari
convertible! I used to watch all the car shows but especially those where a
Ferrari was presented. The car looked like pure bliss!

Maybe it was just a thing I had for cars or maybe it was because I was so poor
and I wanted to feel like rich people feel when they drive a car like that.

But, even though I started working as a teenager and tried to save as much
money as I could to fulfill my dream, I never got even close to saving as much as
I needed to buy my Ferrari.

And this is where you, Jack, come into play. I stumbled upon your site while I was
looking for advice on how to buy nice cars inexpensively. I admint I was a little
skeptical at first, because I'm very economical with my money and I didn't want
to lose any. But I took a leap of faith, decided to trust you and bought your book.

AND THAT'S HOW IT HAPPEND! After reading it, I followed all your instructions,
but not before I looked online for what Ferrari car would I like the most , and I
got one that usually costs from $130,000 and up...and here it goes...for just

Even though I still think I'm dreaming - my dream was finally fulfilled! I just can't
thank you enough Jack!

I wish you good luck in your mission to help other people like me,

Daniel Wolsky

I think I'm still walking into someone else's garage when I got to work in the morning, and I see this awesome black BMW M6 convertible. I would NEVER be able to buy this car if it wasn't for your book and tehniques, that allowed me to buy this car for only $14,690. I can't thank you enough!


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