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Akihabara shops

A NEVER before published English guide book with over 40 pages includes MANGA is now available to help you make most of your visit and enjoy!

"The Best Shops Of Akihabara" is a guide book for tourists with Manga in it,
and is written in English. The book explains about certain Shops or Stores in Akihabara town,
Tokyo Japan. The information includes, what is the shop or store is selling, where they are
(with maps of course), capability of English speaking personnel in the shop or store,
special note for the shops or stores, data of the shop or store, and degree of recommendation.

※The actual thickness of the guide book may differ from above picture, upon how printed.

* This is PDF formatted, We highly recommend to download with OS of windows XP or Vista.

Guarantee, you won't be lost and wonder where you are! Do not waste your time and money. Has never been published. Guaranteed to enjoy Akihabara! If you do not want to enjoy Akihabara, please do not purchase this! Without this you will never get to know much about Akihabara!

With this book, you will have fun in Akihabara. Without it you will just be walking around aimlessly.

A guide to the most visited shops by foreigners in the district.
These shops were hand picked by over 200 tourists in the early summer of 2008.

Name of the bellow shops and stores are in the book.

Akihabara UDX
@home cafe
Mandarake complex
Tsukumo Robot Land
Don Quijote
Koubu Shinto Shrine
And more!!!

NO, and we don't want you to!
With our first English guide book "The Best Shops of Akihabara",
You are guaranteed not to waste your limited time in this Otaku Culture city.
The price of "The Best Shops Of Akihabara" is

ONLY $20.00 !!!!
You can instantly download "The Best Shops Of Akihabara" from different page after your payment is made.

I'm really glad we picked this guide book up.

Randall and Holly Garcia

My wife and I decided to take a trip to Akihabara on our visit here to Japan. We didn't know much about the area and noticed there wasn't really a "definite" tour guide book for the area. We picked up this book and it helped us our whole tour. The places of interest section really helped us plan and make most of our visit to Akihabara. I'm really glad we picked this book up. The city is big and you could easily get lost without a guide. I would recommend this book to anyone visiting the area!

Extremely helpful.


Thanks to the efforts of The Original Maps and associates the tour guide provided for Akihabara was extremely helpful in seeing all the beautiful sites and enjoying all the entertaining things that Akihabara has to offer, without the stress of spending all my time finding my way around town!!

The descriptions of the places were spot on.

Elaine Nghiem

I thought to concept of the book was cool. the drawings and story kept it interesting. people who don't really know where they're going can really benefit from guide books like this one. the descriptions of the places we were able to visit were pretty spot on. it was nice to have while we were there though. we never would have been able to find some of the places we did.

We cannot guarantee how long we will hold this URL,
due to change or claim of the contained information
from authorized shops or stores may come up with.
However, we do have permission of the shops or stores in the guide book.

ONLY $20.00 !!!!
Coming soon...


For more information please contact: [tom106@thebestshopsofakihabara.com
](mailto:tom106@thebestshopsofakihabara.com?subject=akiba guide book) その他ご質問等のご連絡は:[tom106@thebestshopsofakihabara.com](mailto:tom106@thebestshopsofakihabara.com?subject=akiba guide book) まで。

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