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The easiest way to get weekly deer hunting tips without a lot of fluff to read through. Just straight to the point tips and tactics. In fact...

Just One Tip And On Your Next Hunt You Could Get The Trophy Buck That All The Hunting Experts Talk About


From: Donnie Hoover
Re: 12 Month "Deer Hunting Tips" Membership Site

Attention Deer Hunters,

Improving your knowledge of deer hunting and thinking like an expert is perhaps THE best way for newbies and experienced hunters alike to get the trophy buck they have been longing for. Just think about the profound ultimate benefit -

You learn just ONE new tip that works for you and the
deer continue to cross your path over and over again.

The most important benefit that you receive is that for the rest of your life you know just what to do to see and attract more deer than ever before.

Unfortunately, the emphasis is on SEEING AND ATTRACTING MORE DEER... with very few hunters ACCOMPLISHING THIS.

Why is that?

I'll let you in on a little secret that hardly any deer-hunting expert is talking about...

Without the proper knowledge and guidance seeing
and attracting deer consistently is going to be HARD!

There, I said it. It's the truth and anyone who is a successful deer hunter that has bagged the trophy buck knows that it is the truth. It's not an easy thing to draw deer toward you in one deer hunting adventure let alone on a consistent basis.

Let me explain why it's so tough (and then, I'll show you how to SUPER-simplify things)...

5 Reasons Why Deer Hunting Without
These Tips And Tactics Is A Bad Idea
Not knowing what shots are always safe puts yourself and other people in danger.
Most hunters spook deer away before they even get a chance to see them.
Most hunters have little knowledge of how a deer behaves and thus have no idea how to attract them.
Deer spot hunters all the time because of improper rattling.
Most hunters drive deer away using scents the wrong way at the wrong time.

With these and many other challenges, what's the answer?

You know how some hunters sit in tree stands for hours on end only to get frozen toes and a sore butt, well learn what to do that's going to get the deer coming your way...

The Easiest Way To Take The Big Buck Is To Learn The Tips And Tactics That The Experts Use Every Time They Hunt

There is a much easier, more effective way to hunt and run down your trophy buck. I call this kind of learning experience the "One Tip At A Time" [OTAAT] program.

In a nutshell, here's what you'd do to take your deer hunting experience to the next level...

    1. Read the tip or tactic that is given to you each and every week.
    2. Load this information into your brain for use on your next hunt.
    3. Apply your new knowledge and see the difference.

Just one tip could change your life as a deer hunter or a combination of tips and tactics could make you the deer hunting expert you've dreamed of being.

It's that simple.

And the benefits are the exact opposite of the barriers for the average deer hunters...
One Tip At A Time [OTAAT] can be used immediately! Take the tips and tactics that are given to you, use them, and start to see results right away.
2. One Tip At A Time [OTAAT] is EASY to use once you know how to use it! The tips and tactics that are given to you will not be hard to digest at all. In fact, some of them will have you wondering why you never thought of them sooner. 3. One Tip At A Time [OTAAT] doesn't require any special super gadgets or gizmos! There is not going to be the need to purchase a million dollar hunting machine to become an expert hunter. Most of these tips and tactics won't cost you a penny to implement. 4. One Tip At A Time [OTAAT] pretty much requires the same amount of time and effort that you are applying in your current deer hunting! The time and effort needed to apply a lot of these new strategies will not take much more time than what you are doing already.  5. One Tip At A Time [OTAAT] keeps your trophy buck dreams alive! Keep the dream of bringing home that monster buck alive and improve your chances greatly of making that dream a reality.
Let's look at a quick example of what situation a "newbie deer hunter" could run into...

Example: Tracking Deer Droppings

Let's put on our thinking caps and suppose that you are a new hunter looking for a good spot to set up your stand and you come across some deer droppings. What could you do in order to establish a prime location to set up your tree stand?

You could say "Oh look, deer poop!" and then turn in a circle to scout the area and put your stand up on what looks to be the sturdiest tree. Or you could take the information that you've acquired here and know that if you did that you would most likely NEVER find the trophy buck of your dreams.

The beauty of the "One Tip At A Time [OTAAT]" program is that you would be equipped with the right knowledge and know that there is still more tracking that needs to be done and more tips and tactics to put in place before even thinking of setting up that tree stand!

I literally could go on and on - there are hundreds of scenarios.

In fact, you could create your own scenarios in your head for each tip or tactic that you receive and come up with your best conclusion so if you ever come across that situation out in the woods, you'll know the correct thing to do.

So, I've pretty much told you the idea here ... but, obviously, there is a RIGHT way to do things and a WRONG way to do things.

While the process is very simple and you could get started right now on your own by learning the hard way and letting the big bucks go by, wouldn't you rather learn some amazing methods of bringing the deer to you?

I thought so.

That's why I'm going to ask you a simple question ...

Who wants to be a 52 Deer Hunting Tips Member?!

Introducing "52 Deer Hunting Tips™": A Tip-By-Tip, 52-Week Learning Program For Improving And Mastering Your Deer Hunting Skills!

I've developed the 52 Deer Hunting Tips™ membership site to teach you how to improve your knowledge of deer hunting...literally "One Tip At A Time [OTAAT]".

Every week for one full year (52 weeks) you'll receive an email with a special download link for that week's tips and tactics lesson. Included in the lesson will be tips and tactics that are proven to work and work well for many hunters out there. If it hasn't been tried and proven to work by an experienced hunter than it will not be listed in 52 Deer Hunting Tips.

Over the coming 12 months we'll cover everything such as...

Deer anatomy and the proper shot placement for the minimal amount of damage to the meat!

State regulations and the tagging system for newbie hunters!

Deer senses and how understanding them can make or break your search for the trophy buck!

What clothing is the best choice to wear!

What you need to do before you head into the woods so that a deer does not sense you!

Understanding what deer do besides sleeping and looking for food!

Things that you need and need to do to stay comfortable in the woods!

The proper way to use rattling to draw deer to you!

Knowing where and how to set up your stand to maximize your hunting experience...

Instead of simply publishing this information in some ebook or quick coaching program, I'm making it available to you week after week in action-sized portions so you'll actually get results.

You don't need another ebook to clutter up your computer or more words to clutter up your brain. What you need is a weekly "here's what you do in this type of situation " action step to complete. What you need is for someone to show you how to take the best action and then keep teaching you week after week so you don't lose sight of the trophy buck along the way.

And that's exactly what I'm going to do when you join 52 Deer Hunting Tips™ .

As a member you'll receive ...

One 2-5 Page Weekly [OTAAT] For 52 Weeks
In Downloadable .PDF Format

Every [OTAAT] is strategically created in such a way so you'll see results with the program...

Short And Easy To Digest.

Each [OTAAT] will be around 2-5 pages in length and will contain nothing but "meat". There is a very real problem these days with "information overload" where the reader simply has too much information to absorb. Each [OTAAT] is purposefully brief (but thorough!) so you can quickly read it and put it to use on your next hunt.

Includes A Situation And The Best Way To Handle It.

Every weekly [OTAAT] will put you in a situation that you may be likely to encounter on your hunt. Instead of giving you the usual "this is what you could maybe possibly do" stuff, I'm giving you "this is what you do" stuff! Each week you'll have some easy-to-implement action for each scenario.

Learn As You Go.

Every [OTAAT] builds your deer hunting knowledge. Early on we'll discuss some basics to quickly establish your strategy. From there, we'll move into intermediate and then advanced tactics for maximizing your chances of landing the trophy buck. Beginners won't get lost from the start and veterans won't get bored as I'll throw in some golden nuggets along the way for our experienced hunters.

Forces You To Succeed Long-Term.

While most ebooks and traditional membership sites (and even some high-priced coaching programs) pile on a bunch of information and leave you to put it all together for yourself, that isn't how things are setup in the [OTAAT] program. By giving you information in bite-sized portions for a full year (52 weeks!) you'll be more likely to actually do something with the content ... and you'll be more likely to see real results for yourself.

5 Helps You Make Real Progress.

When you look back after each month, you'll actually be able to see progress by putting the [OTAAT] into practice. As you use and apply the tips given to you, new knowledge is placed into your hunting style, new ideas are generated and you'll actually grow as a hunter because you'll know what to do when it matters most. When certain situations come to light, you'll know what actions you need to take.
Each weekly [OTAAT] is designed to be "to the point" and immediately actionable.

The first [OTAAT] is coming your way immediately upon completing your order. Included in your first [OTAAT]...

Lesson #1 -
A Head Start To The Hunt - A basic overview of the course

Learn When To Hunt - Obviously you want to hunt during hunting season


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