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"While doing some Wedding research online, we were lucky enough to
find Pro Wedding Ideas. Your book opened up the creative flood gates
for us! As the book suggests, we incorporated bits & pieces of
different ideas together to add a more personal touch to each part...
" Mr & Mrs A
Testa Dallas, TX "Pro Wedding Ideas showed us how to be organized and
uniquely creative in each part of our Wedding. Also, because of your
book, we spent $8000 less for our wedding than what all of our friends
spent for theirs. Pro Wedding Ideas was definitely the most valuable
purchase we made... " Mr & Mrs E. Jeremiah
Oxnard, Ca "We must have read 20 wedding books before we finally
found Pro Wedding Ideas. No other book gave us such complete
information. Your pages & pages of creative ideas and simple
instructions gave us exactly what we needed to help make our dream
wedding a reality... " Mr ">



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