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The Ultimate XBOX360 Fix Guide & Videos
To PERMANENTLY Repair your XBOX 360
Red Ring of Death Error in 57 min GUARANTEED
 or Your Money Back!


[ ](http://1.3deathring.pay.clickbank.net)

[Click here to buy now](http://1.3deathring.pay.clickbank.net)

If you are not completely happy and satisfied with your purchase for ANY reason. Simply Contact us within 60 day (more than 8 weeks!) for a complete and immediate refund!

[ Instant Delivery 24H - Only $37.99  ](http://1.3deathring.pay.clickbank.net) [ $9.95 !](http://1.3deathring.pay.clickbank.net)

This is how the next page should look like:[](http://1.3deathring.pay.clickbank.net/)

"Why the price is so cheap?"

Well, the truth is that this should be given to you FREE!

You paid for your Xbox 360 with your hard earned money and you deserve it. If I had the power to sue Microsoft for that I would happily do that!

 I am a gamer myself and I know how it feels like to have the damned 3 red rings of death. You feel like the money you paid for the console is a  major rip-off  if you can't fully enjoy it! You feel like you just Wanna play! Now! Damn!

☺  Well that was my feeling...

At first, I made this guide (it was only notes) just for my self and some friends but then I saw all these websites that sell you the same thing I do for high prices ranging from 23$-49$ with no shame, I decided to stop that injustice!

I love you Xbox gamers and fans and you deserve playing your xbox360 without paying for it so much.

Why I don't give it for free?
Well, I have done some investigations for making it the best guide there is, I worked hard finding the best video guides and I also paid for graphics and website hosting etc. and don't forget that I will provide you with online support, as long as it takes, (and it won't take more then 57 min!)  for you to make your xbox360 up and running with no red ring of death any more for good!

So I think 9.95$ is a humble price...  especially with the Exclusive Xbox360 Membership site (Constantly updated with Videos and new guides for you xbox fans) super bonus  that I will give you for free!

Don't you think?


"Ok, What exactly I am going to get?"

Easy To Follow Step By Step Instructions- A step by step PDF guide with Pictures that ANY one can follow!  (17.99$ value)

My Personal Online Support- 24H a day personal email support! (19.99$ value)

Step by Step Detailed Videos- To make it even more simple!  (27.99$ value)

No Need To Buy Expensive Equipment. (-25.99$ saves you money)

Exclusive Xbox360 Membership site-  Get free Full access to our Exclusive xbox360 membership site. In side you will get all the information you need in order to make the best out of your xbox360! Also, get free games, find out how to fix other problems that can occur, and much more! Constantly updated with Videos! (23.99$ Monthly value)

Immediate Delivery-  Delivery is made immediately after payment is made, Even at 2 AM!

Best Price GUARANTEED - Best price you will EVER get for these guides GUARANTEED  - if you ever find that this guide is not the best price and value I will give you your money back immediately!

Money Back Guarantee, No questions asked! - If you are not completely happy and satisfied with your purchase for ANY reason. Simply Contact us within 60 day (more than 8 weeks!) for a complete and immediate refund!

Enhance Your Xbox360 Performance- This repair will enhance your xbox360 performance like it was never before! No freeze ups, no hassles.
You will see that you console works faster then ever. (127.99$ value)

Get Started In a Few Minutes!

[ ](http://1.3deathring.pay.clickbank.net)

[Click here to buy now](http://1.3deathring.pay.clickbank.net)

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[ ](http://1.3deathring.pay.clickbank.net/)

Remember! If you are not completely happy and satisfied with your purchase for ANY reason. Simply Contact us within 60 day (more than 8 weeks!) for a complete and immediate refund!

[ Instant Delivery 24H - Only $37.99  ](http://1.3deathring.pay.clickbank.net) [ $9.95 !](http://1.3deathring.pay.clickbank.net)


"Does my XBox 360 Ultimate Repair guide really works?"

I have personally repaired a lot of XBox 360s with the Red Ring of Death. Actually I have made money out of it...


I bought broken Xbox 360s (with the rrod) for a very low price, fixed them and resold them on eBay for a descent profit...

I still do that, Btw,  and you can too!

You REALLY have got nothing to lose. This is a ridicules price and I'm so convinced that you'll be able to fix your Xbox360 by yourself that I give you your money back if you're not satisfied.


"You actually don't pay a dime!"

Just think about it for a minute are you really going to pay Microsoft 139$ and wait for almost 4 weeks to play your Xbox 360??

I don't know about you but for me even if Microsoft would fix my 360 for FREE I would not wait for 4 weeks ! it is insane!

So for 9.95$ you are saving yourself 4 weeks and 139$...

[Go ahead, click here and go for it now!](#s)


You could be playing your XBOX 360 - 57 min from now! Getting Back To Your Games Today!

"Still reading...? ☺ Any questions?"


How Do I Know That This Guide Is The Best One ?

As you can see I am not just a sales man. I am a gamer myself and because of the low price and refund policy I hardly do that for profit! So I have no interest to deceive you.

  : My site is a well established website with a Google authority Page Rank  of 3! You know, it takes time and effort to get that PR.

if you really want to get in to it you can run a whois.net check and see that this site has been around for a long time too.

How Do I Know That It Would Work?

I think that the best proof is to see what other people have to say about it. here are some short examples from my latest feedbacks:


"product is just as explained, great information. A+++++" (Carl Dens)

"Excellent service. Thank you! A* " (Kristin Cobain)

"Good info. Well sorth the buy. Thank you" (D.T)

Don't you Think this is too Hard for Me...?

Absolutely not!
Wanna hear something funny?
I know a 10 years old kid that used my guide and fix his Xbox 360... it is a simple step by step instructions and very simple videos showing you EXACTLY what to do!

And again, you are covered with my full money back guarantee for 2 months. That is a long time to check it out isn't it!?

I am Not a Tech guy How Long Would it take for me?

If you follow my instructions you will be able to play you 360 within 50 - 60 mins even if you are not a tech guy\girl!

Is this Fix a Permanent Fix?

This is a PERMANENT fix GUARANTEED !  No towel tricks and heat guy games...

I Have Another Question That You Did Not Think About...?

No problem! just [click here](mailto:support@xbox360-3redlightsfix.com) and send me a quick email!

[ ](http://1.3deathring.pay.clickbank.net)

This is how the next page should look like:
[ ](http://1.3deathring.pay.clickbank.net/)

[ Instant Delivery 24H - Only $37.99  ](http://1.3deathring.pay.clickbank.net) [ $9.95 !](http://1.3deathring.pay.clickbank.net)


Remember! When you buy my eBook & videos you get access to my Exclusive Xbox360 Membership site AND get my My Personal Online Support!

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