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Affiliate Program

50% Commission    

Earn 50% commission promoting high-demand products. We believe in rewarding our Affiliates with a generous package for the effort and commitment extended in promoting and marketing our products.

At the same time, we also recognize that many affiliates' hard work are being stolen by unethical people who simply replaces the clickbank link with their own affiliate details. To prevent this, it it important that you follow the instructions on this page and sign up to our Affiliate program.

You will need a Clickbank nickname to signup into our Affiliate program. If you do not have one, you can get one [here.](http://www.clickbank.com/promote_products.html)

After obtaining the Clickbank nickname (or if you already have one), [complete your Affiliate signup here](http://www.successcorridor.com/affiliate_signup.html) to receive your special sales links. (note: ignore the standard Clickbank hop links provided. You will not be credited for any affiliate sale from those links. We do not recognise anonymous affiliate sales from unidentified people using Clickbank-style links). Therefore, use only our Affiliate sales links provided after signup. Your sales links should appear in this format:

where NICK is the affiliate ID/nickname
X = product #ID

After signing up, proceed to [ login to your Affiliate Account here:](http://www.successcorridor.com/ecmaff/)






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