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September 17, 2008 on 4:13 pm | In |

I just signed up at FeedBlitz.com -- this allows readers of this
blog to sign up to have new posts sent straight to your email inbox,
if you prefer, instead of or in addition to the rss feed (which still
remains available).  In the upper left hand corner of the site there
are now two icons next to the company name: a little envelope, to
subscribe by email, or the classic rss feed icon.  I have also
changed the widgets in that left hand column so that the categories,
archives by date, a search box, and more are now available.  I hope
this makes using the site and keeping up to date easier for
everyone.  Please do leave me your comments so I know if there is
anything I can do to make your experience here at Persephone's Haven
as enjoyable as possible.


Vivienne D'Avalon


September 19, 2008 on 12:42 pm | In , |

Got together with my friend Willa of Witch and Wizard last night, at
, our favorite watering hole.  There was a great "Big Band" playing
-- "The Escorts."  They drew a huge, very enthusiastic crowd and
everyone had a lot of fun!

I mention it because I know there are lots of other Goths out there
who, like me, really enjoy the Big Band sound and the music of the 30s
and 40s, particularly.  The Escorts played Glenn Miller, a McGuire
Sisters number (with reference to Arthur Godfrey, who discovered
them), "New York, New York," and at our request played "Moonlight
Serenade" and a medley that included "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree
with Anyone Else But Me" (one of my favorite WWII tunes and
particularly poignant with everything that's going on in Iraq.  They
also played Tony Orlando's "Tie A Yellow Ribbon" earlier in the
evening).  They closed the evening with a Dixieland number that
brought the house down.  Couples were up jitterbugging, people were
singing along, and one overenthusiastic lady kept shouting her request
for "Torpedo Junction" (and kept shouting it, even though several of
us tried to correct her and let her know that what she wanted was
"Tuxedo Junction").

The band members are all tremendously endearing, and their soloists
are quite something! They have a woman playing sax and another on the
keyboard; most of them are well over 50 and one member is a WWII vet
who has been married for 61 years -- both of which drew tremendous
applause and cheers from the audience.  The bandleader delighted in
making corny jokes, and when he moved from a 40s number to a 50s rock
and roll piece, his comment was, "from the sublime, to the silly." 
He said they were very happy to be at Holly she is in the process of
getting her domain set up, and then I will try to get her hooked up
with so she can blog and we can link to each other.  I will post here
again as soon as she is up and running, but I can't wait to see her




September 7, 2008 on 3:56 pm | In , , , |

I've just added three new fixed price button listings to ebay:

A Vote for McCain is a Vote for Armageddon

- or -

If you Vote for McCain you Vote for the Apocalypse
(2 designs)

Designed by Magus Dethen
Exclusive to Persephone’s Haven

; up to 5 buttons ship for $1.99
Discounts available for multiple purchases - See other listings at 
for , and .

_3 diameter pin-back and magnet back buttons - please __ to specify
which design you want and whether you want pin-back or magnet-back _

_white and red lettering on a black and white background_

“A Vote for McCain is a Vote for Armageddon”: a semi-transparent
head and shoulder image of McCain is superimposed over a nuclear
mushroom cloud, with the phrase overlaid in white and red lettering.

“If you Vote for McCain you Vote for the Apocalypse”: a
semi-transparent head and shoulder image of McCain is superimposed
over a painting of souls writhing in agony at the end of days.

Neither of these is an exaggeration:

* McCain was endorsed by Rev. Hagee, an apocalyptic dominionist
preacher who believes Armageddon must be fought by the United States
against Iran and that the Holocaust was God's way of forcing the Jews
back to Israel to fulfill end-times prophecy ("; "; ""

* ""

* McCain thinks singing "bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb Iran" was funny
(see and has made it clear ;

* McCain has said the nuclear option is on the table and Bush
recommends a pre-emptive strike against Iran ("." McCain wants to
solve the energy crisis by proliferating nuclear power plants; ("")

* McCain has had so many lapses of memory and made so many mistakes
that many have called for him to be tested for senility -- this is the
man who would have his finger on "the button":

* _He couldn't remember how many houses he had or what kind of car
he drove;_
* _He didn't know the difference between Shia and Sunni Muslims and
had to be corrected three times in the space of a few seconds by
Lieberman; _
* _He thinks Iraq (rather than Afghanistan) shares a border with
Pakistan; _
* _""_

* McCain's Vice Presidential pick, Sarah Palin, is a "." 
Dominionists believe Christians should take over the world by force so
they can impose their version of "Christian" law on everyone in the
world, which includes the death penalty for gays, abortion providers,
pagans, and anyone else who disagrees with them.  They also believe
the Apocalypse is a good thing, because they will be raptured into
heaven where they can laugh at the torture and suffering of those left

The fate of the world literally hangs in the balance with this
election.  Warn as many people as you can with these buttons.

Vivienne D'Avalon


August 28, 2008 on 12:58 pm | In , , |

HAND BEADED; made overseas; ONE OF A KIND; Shipping by Priority Mail
Small Flat Rate Box: $9.80 w/in the U.S. (2 costumes can fit in 1
large flat rate box for 12.95)

Fits dress size 8-10 M, bras vary from 34-36, C-D; belt sizes vary.

Recently Persephone's Haven has started selling one-of-a-kind dance
ensembles -- 32 professional belly dance costumes that belonged to the
daughter of my friend, an Orlando area artist by the name of Carla. 
Carla's daughter, Alexia, started her dance career by taking one of my
gypsy dance workshops, went on to study belly dance with my dance
teacher, Hozuhni (of ), and danced professionally for many years at
Cedar's Tavern in Orlando.  She is an extremely gifted and skilled
performer, but she recently moved to Miami and has drifted away from
dance.  Her mother Carla has therefore asked me to offer these
beautiful and exotic belly dance costumes on eBay, so that some other
dancer may put them to their intended purpose.  These hand-beaded,
one-of-a-kind professional costumes create a beautiful vision for any
audience, and will help any dancer feel like a goddess!

Most of these costumes originally cost Alexia $350-400 for the bra
and belt sets alone!  These ensembles are great bargains!  Currently
I have 3 costumes in auction, and two (a third has already sold, and I
have offers on the other two, so hurry!):

_set includes: red satin harem pants; red and gold sequined and
beaded bra and belt set, hand beaded; red velvet "gold" coined and
beaded hip scarf; coined crown; and jewelry set including necklace,
forehead dangle and earrings with red "stones" in beautiful "gold"
filigree settings._


_set includes: red skirt; red sequined and beaded black bra, hand
beaded; red and "gold" coined hip scarf; two black beaded bracelets;
two "gold" colored bangle bracelets, red and "silver" beaded anklet._


_set includes: red "coined" panel skirt; ruby velvet choli top;
multi-colored hand-beaded belt on deep red background; red "coined"
veil; jewelry set includes necklace, earrings and forehead dangle, all
red "stones" in "gold" filigreed setting._


set includes: burgundy harem pants and wrap around skirt with
matching burgundy veil; burgundy, green and tan flowered and tassled
bra and belt; burgundy and "gold" coined hip scarf [SOLD]


_ set includes: dusky orange polyester skirt (Size M); matching
dusky orange veil; gold sequined, pearl beaded bra and belt; and
reddish-orange beaded bracelets_


__I also have one copy left in stock of my dance teacher, Hozuhni's,
wonderful book: Order with a costume, and shipping for the book is

Please take a look at all of these items in for details. .

Please also consider signing up for the to stay up-to-date on sales
and receive coupons for repeat customers.

Vivienne D'Avalon


July 22, 2008 on 10:48 am | In , , |

I'm so happy about how well this has been developing over the last
several months!  We're getting more and more people in attendance and
pulling in people from around the country and around the world through
the talkshoe conference call set up!  (I'm so happy I went to the
effort of getting that set up and so grateful that I have such tech
savvy members to help me keep it up and running and continually
improve the sound quality.  Thank you Magus and Kirra!)  The
comments people have been making about the quality of the content are
also quite encouraging.  So far it is everything I hoped it would be,
and that makes me even more ambitious for what we can achieve for our
members in the future.

Panera Bread worked out quite well last meeting.  It was indeed
quieter for our recordings, and the microphone Kirra brought worked
wonderfully well.  We had Doktor call in from Kansas -- before his
cordless phone died.  Let's all remember that technology doesn't
always work well around vampires and try not to drain the batteries on
our communications equipment, shall we???

We also had a guest call in from NORWAY!!! We have gone
international!  And so dedicated was our guest Folksome that he
stayed up until 2:20 a.m. his time (quite a time difference between
Florida and Norway).  Yay, Folksome, and yay Doktor for making the
effort to join us in the midst of moving.  (Sorry about your friends'

I hope we have more and more national and international members and
guests joining us in future; please do encourage any friends you have
online around the world to join us for a meet up whenever they can. 
Talkshoe chat is free, and skype is relatively inexpensive for calling
in over long distances.  Please also make use of the downloadable
recording of the meeting at the ; July's meeting is MUCH easier to
hear and has lots of interesting information.

We are back on schedule for the first Friday of the month, so we're
meeting a little soon after last meeting, only 3 weeks later, and very
early in the month, since the first Friday is the first of the month
in August.

Last meeting's topic was awakening and turning, part 2.  This month
we are going to attempt some practical energy work and lessons.  This
venue should be much more conducive to such a class.  Come out and
pass some energy around!  Don't forget to read some of the articles
whose links I've posted in the files section under "suggested
reading."  Plan on experimenting with different techniques and bring
your questions based on the reading and your experiences.

As our meet up matures, we want to continue to reach out to more
like minded people in our area who need some networking and social
acceptance, and who want the opportunity to learn and to teach. Our
members have mentioned being rather insulated because of family
issues, or the underwhelming enthusiasm of at least one local Wiccan
group for vampires, or social drama online. We've started teaching
about particular topics and gotten some good discussions going, and
want that to continue. We're here to be an educational resource and
support network, and the more talented people we get who are willing
to share their experiences, the better that resource will be for all
our members and for the larger community. There is a lot of creative
cross-pollination going on, and I want us to continue to create a
space and network that encourages productive, creative interaction,
personal growth, and community cooperation to make great things

Looking forward to meeting more of you at August's meet up. BB,


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