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If You Dream Of Being A Successful Super Affiliate Then...
"Watch Over My Shoulder As I Show You How A Total Newbie (So New She Had Never Even Heard Of Affiliate Marketing) Was Able To Make $530.15 And Gain Over 400 New Subscribers In Just 5 Days"

Now I want to teach you this brand new system, caled the "5 Day Cash Machine" and show you step-by-step how this total newbie is working her way towards $500 a day with this system, and how you can be too!

Liz Tomey

Dear Future Super Affiliate,

The information on this page could literally take you from struggling with creating an income online to underground high rolling super affiliate in weeks instead of years.

I'm going to show you exactly how you can take my system (The 5 Day Cash Machine) and literally within 5 days can be profiting.

Here's the proof...

"These 'Ghetto' Videos Will Show You The Success A Total Newbie Had With 'The 5 Day Cash Machine'!"

Video 1

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"Are You Ready To Create Several Autopilot Incomes That Your Competition Can Never Take Away From You?"
Inside "The 5 Day Cash Machine", I'm not holding anything back. This is a workshop I did a few months ago showing people exactly how to build cash producing affiliate sites. These are the same sites I have beencreating for years to make a great living as an affiliate marketer.

You see, when an expert opens up and let's you on the inside of their business, that's when you can really learn. This isn't some theory that was dreamed up by someone looking to make money off of you. This really is my system that I use over and over again to bring in autopilot affiliate income month after month.

I could literally walk away from everything right now in my business, and spend a few hours a day promoting my cash machines and live a very comfortable life.

I keep going though with my business because I'm truly passionate about teaching people to create an income online. That's why I'm finally releasing "The 5 Day Cash Machine" to everyone! I want to see you succeed just like I and many of my successful students have...

This is a one of kind system that no matter how many people use it, it can never become saturated.


Because you use it to promote products as an affiliate. There are millions of products out there that you can promote. So, just because everyone is using the same system does not mean everyone will be promoting the same product.

That's another great thing about this system. You don't have to worry about your competition at all. As a matter of fact those using this system are blowing their competition out of the water simply because the competition is not using this system.
But, Liz, Why Do You Focus So Much On Affiliate Marketing?
That's an easy question to answer! I actually have several answers for you... You don't need to spend a lot of money. Basically with affiliate marketing, you'll need something to edit websites with, an autoresponder, and sometimes graphics. When you're creating your own products, there is a ton more expense!

Hassle free income! I love affiliate marketing mostly because I don't have to deal with much customer support. The product I'm promoting isn't mine, so when someone needs help, I just point them to the product owner. If they have pre-sales questions of course I do answer those. :) However, you might get 5 or so emails a day. That would take like 10 minutes to take care of, right?

You don't need to be a "tech head". With just about anything online that you want to create and sell, you have to be a total techy geek. With affiliate marketing you pick a plan, follow it, and collect your money. Unless you're getting into some crazy blackhat thing, you just need a few skills, and you're up and running.

It's very easy to get started! I always recommend that my students make their first money online as affiliate marketers because of how easy it is. You follow whatever plan you have picked out step-by-step and you're up and going. There's no product creation hassles at all!

No product creation or customer support headaches! I think I've pretty much covered this point, but take it from me as a product owner. Product creation and customer support eat up a lot of time and money. Affiliate marketing doesn't have much of either. You can spend more time having fun and making money than working and making money! I could go on and on, but as you see, no matter if you're just getting started online or wanting to add to your current business, affiliate marketing is the best route to take hands down!

Affiliate marketing is very powerful, and when you use "The 5 Day Cash Machine" as your affiliate marketing plan, you're virtually unstoppable!
You're Going To Get That Real Financial Freedom That You Want...
What does financial freedom mean to you? That's what I asked myself before I started in with affiliate marketing.

I wanted to get to that next level. I didn't have any more time to devote to my business though. So I knew I needed to work smarter and not harder.

That's when the light bulbs went off, and "The 5 Day Cash Machine" was born.

I had finally come up with a system that only took me five days to build and made me money over and over again in several different ways. It was exactly what I needed, and I knew many others did too.

This system really has given me financial freedom, and it can for you too!.

Wouldnt you like to... Spend more time with your family while still making money?

Vacation where you want while still making money?

Hang out with your friends while still making money?

Do anything you can possibly think of while still making money? I can bet my next affiliate check that you answered yes to at least one if not all of the questions above!

Now please don't get confused here. This is not a "get rich quick scheme". This is a real system, for a real business that will make you real money now and in the future with little on going work.

I'm giving you all the knowledge you'll need, all the resources that I have that have made this system so successful, and I'm wrapping it all up in an easy to understand workshop. You'll be able to literally watch over my shoulder via downloadable videos and other learning tools, as I take you through this entire system.

Are you ready to change your life?

Are you ready to learn an easy system that will create an easy to run business that will give you that financial freedom you need and want?

Are you ready to do it right now?

Then hold on to your seat because the road your about to go down with me, will be the most exciting, profitable, and life changing ride of your life!
"Wait A Minute... Who Gives A Flip About How Much I Can Make, What About You?"
Let's be straight here! It doesn't matter what success I have had with this system. Not to you anyway. I wouldn't be a success if I couldn't teach you to do the same thing, and have the same success.

That's why I'm not like most. I actually care about you, and want to teach you only the things I have had success with. Teaching this system has been amazing for me, and I have done very well with teaching it. Teaching people to gain financial freedom as I have said, is my true life passion...

I so wish that I would have had someone to help me. I struggled for so long, spent so much money, and wasted time that I'll never be able to get back. All because I didn't have a proven system, and someone to hold my hand and teach it to me.

That's what I want to do for you! I want to show you "The 5 Day Cash Machine", hold your hand, and walk you through the entire thing so you can start your very own multiple streams of autopilot income...

If you want to find out how to truly create a business on the internet then you need to listen to Liz Tomey.

Liz has the uncanny ability to tell it like it is and explain something in easy to follow steps so that anyone can understand.

If you ever have a chance to discover what Liz knows about creating wealth online then you need to jump at the chance.

Jeff Dedrick

If you think Internet Marketing is complicated, confusing, and about as easy to learn as a new language, then you haven't had it taught to you by Liz Tomey!

She has a real talent for turning what is seemingly impossible and unobtainable into simple and easy tasks.

I've experienced Liz's teaching first hand and have found her teaching style to be invaluable!

Turn to Liz if you want to dramatically shorten your learning curve.

Dave Lovelace
"I'm Going To Give You The Keys That Unlock The Door To These Cash Machines That Never Stop Spitting Out Cash For You!"
Right now, there is one thing you have to know...

Don't ever believe anyone who tells you that you can buy this or that, and within days have a business that makes $100,000 a day. All that crap is just hype. Or should I say flat out lies.

Maybe you haven't seen claims that big, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Those outrageous claims are just pure bologna.

The truth is you can make thousands even tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands in just days, but that's after you have an established business. Big money is nice, and it can happen to you, but when you're just getting started you need to be building the foundation of your business.

It's very important to focus on the long-term income, and then once you've done that you can "sprinkle" in the big money days. That's even how it is for me and I've been doing this for years!

I have a nice steady long term income, and with the foundation I have built I have days where the money just rolls in. I'll even teach you how to do this inside "The 5 Day Cash Machine"

Look, I know you want to start making money online, or adding to your existing online income. However, I know you want to do it without a ton of work, time, and investment. This is what everyone wants, so I totally understand that.

Right now, I want you to get ready for huge results!

"The 5 Day Cash Machine" workshop is truly that ticket to success. This is the one thing you're going to get a hold of that's going to literally keep you up at night while putting profits in your pockets.

This incredible life changing workshop is your ticket to success as long as you follow and implement everything as I tell you to. So, are you ready to see exactly what's inside?

"I'm Pulling Back The Curtain On Exactly What You'll Find Inside 'The 5 Day Cash Machine'. If You Blink You Just Might Miss Your One Chance At Huge Success....

....So Zero In And Pay Very Close Attention"

Module #1:

The System Revealed - Profiting In 5 Days Video Series
This video series is made up of 17 step-by-step videos that will lead you through Day 1 through Day 5 of "The 5 Day Cash Machine". You'll be able virtually watch over my shoulder as I teach you this entire system, and then lead you to profiting with it on your 5th day.

Learning with video has proven to be the best all around way to learn. This isn't just some ebook telling you how to do it. This is a step-by-step video system showing you how to do everything you need to do to start profiting!

Here's just some of what you're about to discover...

Profit Research

I'll be showing you how to pick a super profiting product to use to build your "cash machine" around. I'll be revealing my resources to show you how to find out what the best selling affiliate products are, and most importantly the highest paying ones!

Once you've picked your product that you'll be promoting as an affiliate, I'll show you step-by-step how to take information about the product, and turn it into high profit affiliate marketing fuel. This fuel is exactly what your "cash machine" needs to be able to spit out tons of profits for you!

Building Your Cash Machine

No matter what your experience is, building your "cash machine" is super simple when you've got me there to show you how to do it. :)

In this module, I will show you step-by-step how to put the "profit fuel" into your "cash machine". Just like a car, you've got to fuel up your cash machine to get it to take you where you want.

This module is totally devoted to showing you how to build your "cash machine" and get it to the highest point of profit possible! This is where we really lay the foundation to your profits!

Activating Your Cash Machine

Once you breeze through the first parts of this system, things are going to get fun! On day 5, I'll show you how to get people flowing through your "cash machine", and making you cash!

You'll learn every step-by-step traffic technique you'll need to get people right into your "cash machine", and making you money!

Don't worry about all the techy stuff you don't know. I'm going to break everything down into very easy steps, and you'll be able to watch me do it all, and then do it all yourself!

No matter what your level of experience is, these videos will make you a "Cash Machine Pro".

Module #2:

Resource Documents, Homework, And Mindmaps - Additional Learning Tools
Now the videos you'll get are the core of this system. You'll learn the most from them.

However, to give you that additional help that you may need, I've also included several other resources. These resources include, homework assignments, mindmaps, example "cash machines", tools, and more. Let's take a look at exactly what I'm adding here to help you learn and implement this system even faster.

Daily Homework Assignments

By breaking everything down into day by day steps, you'll fly through everything and have your "cash machine" up and running in no time. You'll simply watch the Day 1 videos on your first day, and do the homework that goes with that day. Get up the next day and move on to Day 2. You'll continue to do this for all 5 days.

Once you finished the videos, and do all the homework in the 5 days, you'll have a "cash machine" making you money!

Yes, it's really that simple...


I've also created a mindmap for you visual learners. This mindmap has all the steps you'll need to take to get to the $500 a day income goal.

A few of my students have printed out this mindmap and placed it above their computer to remind them of how close they are to gaining that financial freedom the want and need!

The mindmap is a great learning tool, and will keep you focused on what you should be doing.


We all learn great by example! Inside "The 5 Day Cash Machine" you'll get to not only watch me build a "cash machine" from scratch during the workshop, but I'll also give you more examples of profitable "cash machines!

Now you can't copy these, but they are great learning tools, that will help you to know exactly what to do!

Module #3: Next Level Income Machines
Now once you have your "cash machine" all setup and making you money, guess what?

You can make even more money!

As I said earlier on, I've been using "cash machines" for years now. In this time, I've been able to tweak things to see what works and what doesn't work. There are 5 "extra" things you can do that can literally add $1000's of dollars each year to your "cash machines" and I'm going to show you each of them in the "Next Level Income Machines" video tutorials. Video 1: Instant Commission Cash Secrets

Video 2: Reseller Cash Machines

Video 3: Backend Profits

Video 4: Make Them Fall In Love With You!

Video 5: _____ For More Profits These 5 extra videos are for those of you who want to do "small things" to your cash machines to get "big profit returns".

This information in these videos is incredible stuff, and can add a ton of profit to your bottom line!

"I Believe In The 5 Day Cash Machine Workshop So Much, That I'm Going To Give You 56 Full Days To Try It Out..."

Are You Ready For An Expert Who Actually Cares To Take You By The Hand And Show You....
Look, my time is very valuable to me. However, as I've said time and time again, my true passion is helping people succeed with their own online incomes. I am a "self made" Internet marketing expert, and I want to take you under my wing and show you exactly how I've used "The 5 Day Cash Machine" to build multiple streams of autopilot income through affiliate marketing!

Wont it be amazing once you... No longer have to wonder if you're doing things right. With me by your side and teaching you, you'll always have someone to look to, so you know you're on the right track.

Have all the success pieces that you need. Learning to make money online is like trying to put together a solid color 500,000 piece jig saw puzzle. With "The 5 Day Cash Machine", you'll have an easy to understand map and plan to succeed!

Meet income goals you've always had. When I first started online my focus was making sure that my husband and I could stay home and raise our children very comfortably. I also wanted to help my mother financially, so she could retire from working. Now that I've far surpassed my income goals, I now put a lot of money to things I believe in. Once you meet your income goals, you could be doing the same things and more!

So, Exactly How Many Hundreds Of Dollars Am I Going To Have To Spend On Getting Your Expert Help, Liz?
Well, first off, you're not going to have to spend a ton of money to get your hands on "The 5 Day Cash Machine". This product isn't about making me a ton of money. I release products to help people first and foremost, so I try to keep all my teachings very affordable.

For a very limited time you get "The 5 Day Cash Machine" workshop in its entirety for only $97 $37

You'll get all three modules mentioned above, my expert help, my devotion to see you succeed for as long as you try for this one time low fee.

That's right! There are no monthly fees. You pay your one-time fee of $37, and you're locked in for life!

I Want To Go Just One Step Further For You...
To show you that I'm serious about your success, I want to go just one step further and really extend my help to you...

If you're one of the first 100 people to take action and get into "The 5 Day Cash Machine" workshop, I'm also going to give you a free lifetime membership to...

Amazing Bonus: LessonsWithLiz.com
I promise to help as much as I can as you go through "The 5 Day Cash Machine" workshop. To really show you I'm serious about that, I want to give you a free lifetime membership to one of my live coaching sites called "LessonsWithLiz.com".

Once you become a member, each month we'll get together live via my webinar conference software where you'll be able to talk to me and watch me live on my computer. You'll be able to ask me any questions you have related to Internet marketing. You'll get real answers and will be able to watch any explanations I need to show you!

Now any live help you need while building your own "cash machine" you can get me to help you live. It'll be like I'm right there next to you!

This is over a $230 yearly value, but you'll get it for free once you're in the "The 5 Day Cash Machine" workshop.

Okay, this is where the rubber really meets the road. I'm giving you the chance to learn my exact system for creating multiple streams of online income.

You don't need... Your own list

Your own product

Any experience at all Everything you need to know is inside "The 5 Day Cash Machine" workshop. Any questions you have, I'm right here to help you.

You're getting everything described on this page, plus the amazing bonus. The bonus alone where you get my live help is worth the total price I'm charging for this whole workshop!

Yes, I know I'm a little insane for this, but I believe in "The 5 Day Cash Machine" workshop this much. So much, that I want to give you the opportunity to profit just like me!

This is literally the best possible opportunity that I can give you to quickly and easily make money. Now the choice is yours. Are you going to except this opportunity, and finally start making money online? Make the right choice and click the order button below, but...

... Remember that the $37 price tag is for a limited time only. I'm giving you a $60 discount today, and that price could change at any moment. That's not hype. It's a fact! I could be charging hundreds of dollars for this workshop because of how powerful the information is, so don't be surprised if you pass this offer today only to find the price at $97 or even $297 tomorrow.

Grab The 5 Day Cash Machine Today!
You'll Get Everything On This Page, Plus The
Limited Amazing Bonus...
For a very limited time you can get the "The 5 Day Cash Machine" workshop for the Low Introductory Price of just...$97.00 $37! You'll be able to download everything online in the "workshop area". You also qualify for the incredible bonus offer at this moment too, so click on the order button below to gain instant access to everything..


Thank you,

[Email Liz](http://www.lizlive.com)
PO Box 15248 - Chattanooga, TN 37415

P.S. Get in now before the price shoots up without warning! Right now is the lowest price you'll ever be able to get into the workshop.

P.P.S. Remember, I'm taking all the risk for a full 56 days. I want you to be serious about this, but I don't want you to worry about putting your trust in me. If you're not totally satisfied, ask for every penny back and I'll return it no questions asked!

P.P.P.S. You'll never see an expert reaching out to help like I am here. [Click here](http://1.5daycash.pay.clickbank.net) to get into "The 5 Day Cash Machine" workshop NOW...

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