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Attention! You are at the gate of a secret knowledge your jeweler does not want you to have.

“Understanding jewelry”

Jewelry secrets demystified.



Before you buy your next piece of fine jewelry, get yourself a copy of “Understanding jewelry”. You will be so glad you did.

Dear friend,

My name is Vasco Kirov .

I have been actively involved in designing and manufacturing of fine jewelry for the past 18 years and I am still doing it as a full time job in my studio in Cape Town – South Africa .  Before that I have accomplished apprenticeships in knife making and engraving .In my carrier in the jewelry industry I was involved hands on in designing, manufacturing and selling jewelry, generating vast knowledge in most of the fields,
knowledge, which I will be glad to share with you.

In the process I was awarded numerous design awards:

De Beers Shining light Award-1997

De Beers Shining light Award-1999

Jewellex 1997 -Double finalist & overall winner

Best piece award -PJS Los Angeles-1998

De Beers International - 2000 finalist

Jewellex 2000 - finalist

At present I am working on all my pieces alone, from the design and fabricating to stone setting and final finishing, all done by me in my studio.



“Understanding jewelry” is an easy to read practical source of information, intended to give a solid point of reference to jewelry lovers and enthusiasts, on their next precious buy. It is packed with undisclosed before tips on how to choose a diamond, a design and even jeweler.

Just one clue could save you more than $ 290 on your half carater and over $970 on your 1 carat diamond without compromise on size and quality whatsoever.

What makes this e-book any different from the other written on this subject?

 First and most important – it is practical. Besides the information, you get about the different segments forming a finished piece, you get practical advice what to look for and what to avoid in this particular segment.

“Understanding jewelry” is written with the customer in mind. It is designed to aid the jewelry buyers with the necessary knowledge and confidence, before they head to the jewelry store. By showing your jeweler your knowledge you get “no nonsense” service and quotation to match.

Whether you are looking for an engagement ring or to update and remodel your current pieces this is the ideal tool for you.

Think about it: If you are buying a loaf of bread or a kilo of apples you would expect to pay certain amount for it and even if you have never been in this particular store before, your expectations will be met. This is because we buy bread and fruit every day. The prices are well known and kept within reasonable margins.

This is very different when it comes to jewelry, because of the many factors forming the quoted price and the lack of knowledge and experience from the customer’s side. These factors are often far from objective and do not add value for an inflated price (see ch1 Values). Some of them are even set in motion by unexpected business expenses. Huge overhead, renovating the store interior and over spending on inventory, just to mention a few. This is why, when shopping for jewelry we can end up with 100% difference in the quotation price of the same item. Store staff’s lack of knowledge and flexibility is also cause for such discrepancy. Relaying on customers lack of knowledge, about the real values of a certain piece, some unscrupulous shop owners grossly overcharge their clients. Don’t be the next victim of such manipulation. Arm your self with knowledge.


Most jewelers do not like to disclose unnecessary information to their customers and this is understandable. However this information is already available on the Internet and whether they like it or not they have to face an educated customer.

Knowing how to assess a piece of jewelry makes you capable of comparing “apples with apples’ and avoid being overcharged.

As I already mentioned most of this information is available on the net for the people who like to know and have the time to look for it. The problem there is in the usual lack of strait to the point practical professional advice to channel your choice. You can finally find answers to your questions regarding fine jewelry - all under one roof.

Here are some of the topics discussed in the book:

            ♦ What type of diamond must I buy? (64)

            ♦ How do I know the price is right?

            ♦ How can I make significant statement without having to close my bank account?

            ♦ What is the best setting to put my diamond into?

            ♦ What is the best metal and why? (63)

            ♦ What is the difference between white gold and platinum?

            ♦ Why is platinum so much more expensive?

            ♦ Why two identically looking rings have totally different prices.

               Is the expensive one worth it?

            ♦ Why is 18 karat gold more expensive than 9 karat? What is karat anyway?

            ♦ How do I choose the jeweler who will give me the best deal and service? (71)

            ♦ What to do with all this old, outdated jewelry I haven’t worn for  years?

            ♦ I do not like diamonds. What is the alternative?    

            ♦ What kind of jewelry suits me?

            ♦ How could I look stylish without being rich? (12)

            ♦ How to avoid commissioning the wrong jeweler? (71)

            ♦ How to avoid being overcharged?

            ♦ The secret powers of the gems (34)

            ♦ How to avoid wrong ring size? (70)

            ♦ Learn the secrets of the right choice and make them work for you. (63)

            ♦ How to avoid disappointment of misrepresentation of color? (42)

            ♦ 4 steps to choosing the right diamond (64)

            ♦ How to save up to 20% of your diamond price without compromising size and
               quality? (64)

            ♦ Is my diamond really an investment? (58)

            ♦ How to trade in your old jewelry? (10)

Plus we shall demystify many other confusing terms and issues, so you can easily understand what your jeweler doesn't want you to ask in the first place.

This is a brand new product in a desperate need of testimonials. Every testimonial will be greatly appreciated


Here I am not going to offer you free bonus gifts with combined value 5 times greater than the price of the book itself. I don’t think many still believe in the sincerity of such offer since the value of such bonus items is never objective. Free bonus gifts are not usually free. They add to the price of the key item and make you pay money for information you will probably never use.

Instead I will offer you a really fair price for the product you really need.


100% Money Back Guarantee !

For the next 60 days you can have instant access to ALL of my secrets RISK FREE! If you are dissatisfied for any reason, I will issue you a full and complete refund with no questions asked.  I can't be any fairer than that. Ask your Local Jeweler what Warranty they provide. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose – and a world of quality information to gain!

Email: [support@jewelgateway.net](mailto:support@jewelgateway.net)

Let me give you now some marketing fun:

How much you expect to pay for information that will save you hundreds or even thousands from your next jewelry buy. $1000?... $700 or $500? Just kidding.  I am offering this new information packed book

 for just $24 to the first 100 buyers.

That is right!  Just $24


To Get Your Copy of "Understanding Jewelry"

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