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Play Guitar by Ear 101
_"Take your guitar playing to the next level"_

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The Talking Chord Chart for Piano Players. Awesome!!!!

Do you want to play the guitar "by ear?” Ever wonder how others do
it? Want to take requests at the campfire? Want to teach yourself your
favorite songs by picking the chords out yourself? Want to write your
own songs but don’t know what chords to use?

If yes, this eguide is for you!


If you are ready to learn how to play the guitar by ear, you have
come to the right place!

My name is Jared Ramey. I have been playing the guitar for over 20
years. I am a songwriter and currently reside in

Nashville, Tennessee. I have had many guitar lessons over the years,
but I would like to share with you the most important series of guitar
lessons I ever had in my eguide PLAY GUITAR BY EAR 101.

This easy to read guide represents about 4 guitar lessons that
opened up my eyes to the world of being able to play the guitar “by
ear.” In the guide I will share with you the practical knowledge
that I learned behind being able to “play by ear.”

This knowledge has helped me to pick out songs on the radio, write
my own songs, and even take those campfire requests! This guide will
teach you how to know what chords are most likely being used in the
music you are learning. This knowledge will also help take away the
mystery of knowing what chords you can use as you write your own

If you are new to playing the guitar “by ear” I know this guide
will give you the core knowledge you need. In fact, if you do not find
this information helpful I will be happy to give you your money back.

If you were to spend money on lessons learning this information it
would probably take 3-4 lessons at about $20 per lesson. That would be
about $60-80 in value. I am confident that this guide will give you an
even better understanding, leave you with the guide as a reference,
and cost you what you could easily spend on one lesson.

This may sound bold, but I really believe you owe it to your guitar
playing career to learn this guide inside and out!

I have had many friends over the years pick up the guitar and try to
start learning on their own or by going to lessons. Desire and lessons
are good and very important. However, I have watched many of them
struggle and/or not progress as fast as they would like, because they
are lacking this knowledge. I have wanted to share this information
with them but we have never had a chance to sit down and go over all
of this material. So…this guide is for you my friends….you know
who you are J.

Guitar playing can be easier that you may think. With this knowledge
you will see it in a different light. I guarantee that you will find
that you can "play by ear" much better than you think.

Don't get me wrong, you are still going to need to learn and practice
chords, scales, fingering, etc. But, this book will help you to be
able to pick out chords of almost any song “by ear.”

This guide is not full of pictures, notes, scales, chord
illustrations, etc. The guide is a foundation of the basic knowledge
for being able to “play by ear.”  I know you will love it! Please
let me know what you think by sending me an email

We accept paypal or safe credit card payments. Once you click below
to purchase the guide, you will be directed to a secure check out
through clickbank.com. After paying you will immediately be directed
to a web site with the guide on it. There is no downloading
necessary. The guide is only written in English at this time. You
will be reading it immediately following the checkout. Enjoy J.

by Ear 101. All rights reserved.

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