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Anti Aging Secrets Revealed

This book is divided into two sections. The first section deals with specific anti aging problems and treatments written in article format. For example; if you are concerned about your mental alertness you may want to consider reading the chapter on Anti Aging Herbs For Memory (page 20).

The second section deals with anti aging Herbs, Minerals and Vitamins. If you have heard good things about the effects of Lecithin on your memory then you may want to read the information on page 58.

Have you heard about the Awesome effects of Vitamin B on your energy levels then you should read the information on Vitamim Bs on page 52.

I have tried to add, where ever possible, any problems with taking a specific herb, mineral or vitamin. For example; in the information for Cranberry Juice (page 55) you will notice that if you are taking COUMADIN you should check with your doctor first.

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