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How to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams! 

(Find out the REAL REASON why you've probably read every self-help/"Secret"/Law of Attraction Book out there - yet was not able to get your desired results)

It's FINALLY ready... it's been more than
two years since my readers have been asking me to reveal more about
Life Creation.

It's been more than 6 months since
Laurence and I
 started creating this course.

And now for the first time ever,
we are going to break our silence and
"spill the beans” to finally show you
how to find your inner powers...
how to tap into your higher guidance...
so you can truly manifest
 the life of your dreams.

This is the the Life Creation Mastery multi-media course that will show you step-by-step
 how to change your life for the better, starting today.

From: Alex Brain (and Laurence C. Mercury)
September, 2008

Dear Friend,

The Following is the first email Laurence has sent me after he agreed to share his Life Creation Secrets with me. I formatted it to fit this letter.

My dear Alex,

First, I would like to apologize for the time I took to answer your email about Life Creation. Writing this answer took some time, but this is not the main reason.

In truth, I have been pondering for a while whether I should share this knowledge with you. You see, what am I about to reveal is quite unique.

Some of those teachings belong to an inner circle of initiates,
and you won’t see it written anywhere else.

The facts are that this knowledge is simply not supposed to be given, but to be acquired through tremendous efforts and hardships.

As you may have guessed, what I am talking about are the true secrets of Life Creation Mastery. Use them well, and you’ll achieve the life of your dreams.

I’m not saying this matter-of-factly. This expression will take a totally new meaning when you know what I know.

If you are like me before I learned those secrets, you probably have been through many books and courses.

I myself spent several thousands dollars (I’m a bit ashamed to share the real number) and countless hours chasing for this knowledge.

I turned my life, my job and my relationships upside-down to pursue this quest. But the only thing I found was disappointment. Nothing seemed to work...

until I stumbled across the secrets
that I am about to share with you

You may not realize it yet, but all those books and so-called experts share only a tiny part of what Life Creation is about.

The Secret itself, in spite its fame,
 reveals no more than 25% of the
 Truth to Life Creation Mastery.

Yes, no more than 25%... No wonder I was not getting anywhere !

You’ll understand that I’d not share this knowledge lightly. First, it cost me tremendous hurdles and efforts that would be hard for you even to imagine.

Then, I know for a fact that it is so powerful that it can make or destroy lives.

However, I reached the conclusion that the time has come for this knowledge to be shared beyond its restraint circle.

 The Secret has met incredible success, and was followed by many other books and tapes on the Law Of Attraction.

However, most of the authors don’t understand the Power they are dealing with, and their teachings can actually be harmful,  both for individuals and for the world.

It’s like telling people about nuclear power and teaching them to build a devastating nuclear bomb in their backyard instead of a personal Power Station.

The Secret as it is shared today is dangerous (you’ll understand why later) and should be counterbalanced.

This can only be done by dissipating the current confusion and misunderstandings that surround the Law Of Attraction.

I reached the conclusion some time ago that the most efficient way would be to release those long hidden teachings. The problem is that I had to find the right person.

You see...

I only have a limited respect for
most of the self-help gurus out there

Just the fact that there are so many tends to prove that what they teach is not efficient. It is also strange that most of them don’t have a ‘real’ job, but make a living talking about personal development stuff.

How relevant could their knowledge be to regular people who have one job, and sometimes two, and struggle to make ends meet?

To me, a minority are conscious frauds. I guess they have no other choice and act out of ignorance – I don’t blame them. The rest may be genuine in their willingness to help others, but they lack real knowledge to do it.

Only a few, like you, deliver on their promises.

Over the past few weeks,

I repeatedly received the guidance
that you’ll make good use of this power

I was also told that you’d share it with others who truly deserve it, and that it will help them change their lives and the lives of those around them.

This being said, let me start...

  Taken from:
"Power and Wisdom - Laurence Secret Emails"
The Main Life Creation Mastery Manual
Pages 4-6

My Friend,

I am going to try something very different here.

All the marketing experts tell me that I am supposed to hit you over the head with the marketing hype if I have any hope of “selling” you our “Life Creation Mastery” course.

Well, I hope those marketing experts are all wrong because I am about to break all their rules.

You see, I figure this is a letter among friends. The only people who are going to see this are subscribers to one of my newsletters. And the odds are that at one time or other we have either talked or exchanged emails.

So I am going to treat you like a friend here – and that means I am going to leave out all the hype that those marketing folks tell me to put in.

There is a lot of information in this letter. That is because I want you to make an informed decision... we have a limited quantity of courses available (more about that later), so I want you to be sure about your decision when you order the course.

With so few copies available,
I don't want to send one to the wrong person.

OK, if this is going to be no-holds barred, I am going to start in a rather unlikely spot... and I am going to be completely blunt:

Why You Shouldn't Buy This Course...

There are definitely some people who should NOT buy this course. No offense, but if any of these describe you, well... you should probably not be on this web page...

Please don't buy Life Creation Mastery if you are looking for the Holy Grail, if you think that buying this course means you will win the lottery next week, let me be honest with you and tell you that chances are you won't...

Please don't buy it if you just want to find ways to boost your "Law of Attraction" abilities! Yes, Laurence and I do provide tools that will help you boost your "Law of Attraction" manifestation process. But we don't want you to have these tools if you're not willing to follow through with the rest of the process.

Because that might be too dangerous.

Don't buy this course if you can't spare 20 minutes from time to time to receive inner guidance from high spiritual sources. The use of our Wisdom audio Track, is a crucial part in this process. It'll give you direct access to true knowledge, knowledge that will be able to guide you on every aspect of your life.

If you think that buy buying this course, you're on your way to Disneyland, and nothing bad will ever happen to you, then this course is not for you.

This course if for serious people who know that it takes work and knowledge to become a true Life Creation Master. If you are willing to put forth the effort then Life Creation Mastery is the blueprint that will take you there.

I know that's a bold promise and it might sound a little over the top... but it's true, and I can back up every word.

Here are a some good reasons to believe me
when I say that will become a Life Creation Master

ONE: Over the past two years I have helped 4,328 people from around the world enter the deepest states of meditation.

TWO: Over 34,964 sign up to receive my Brain Music newsletter.

THREE: Just like with Brain Music, we're the only ones in the industry that will  let you keep the entire Life Creation Mastery system FREE if it doesn't work for you.

(Nobody else in is willing to put their "money where their mouth is" like this...)

The bottom line is this:

Just like I made meditation easy and accessible to beginners and experts alike, Laurence and I will make Life Creation Mastery easy and accessible to you.

But instead of me telling you how great we are, I thought we could let some of our Brainers tell you. These are a few of the unedited testimonials we have on file from our raving fans:

Alex, I'd just like to thank you for persuading me to try out your Alpha and Theta CD's.  I searched on the internet to find something that really works and I found the best.  As a Holistic Health Therapist I found your Theta CD very healing and re-energizing in body and mind, just what I needed prior to my Reiki healing and writing (I write short stories on near death experiences) I am eagerly waiting for your new course "Life Creation Mastery". Please send me a link which I can post on my site to let the people know where to get this wonderful and much needed self help to become "Masters of their own life" as God intended us to be, with your help, it'll be within everyone's reach. Keep up the good work Alex.  With love and blessings,

- Darinka Farrow  Australia

Alex your brain music cd are just the bomb nowhere else can you get stuff like this

- Carlton Hornby

I would like to thank alex for his patients and generosity, who went out of his way to see that a customer received the brain music package. I believe that the sincerity and honesty of alex is a testimonial to the integrity of the product. I have noticed a increase in confidence and relaxation, a great reduction  in stress which enables me to focus on the goals that i desire. thanks again may the path we choose bring others.

- Joy Gordon. Canada

Thank you so much for introducing me to the Brain wave CD's I am finding it was easier to being myself to that place where I can relax and let go of my frustrations.  I have most benefited in the way I am able to concentrate and focus on the task at hand- which is amazing because I know that I han do anything I put my mind to- I enjoy the process now and everyone is noticing how calm and collected I am- People at work talk about my ability to model temprance and stay focused on solutions rather than letting myself get upset about the problems. I have been listening to them every day and I am really glad I made the decision to get them!  Thanks again and I look foreward to your new material!!!   

- Tracy Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

This is great for relaxing and recharging the body and removing the every day stress. I am also convincing my wife to use it after a long day as a daycare teacher. Thank you very much.

- Aldo Vincelli    Montreal, Canada

I must admit at first when i received your cd's i thought to myself more gimics, but when i commenced listening to them i found to be more relax and see things with more clarity, it feels as if the thinck cloud around my thoughts has cleared and i could see the bigger picture, i feel i have a stronger connection with the higherself, i must add its very relaxing to hear, thankyou, God bless you always and may he shine his divine love apon you and your family ..... 

-  Constantina    Sydney N.S.W

Alex, I began with a fairly open mind and after giving the reading and the alpha and theta tracks the time that they deserve, I've now got a very open mind. Not only is listening to them very enjoyable, it has also given me the inspiration ( and kick up the backside ) to work a little harder and believe in myself a little more. Thanks, I've been searching for such traits for too long.

- Andy Plant    Shrewsbury. England

Thank you Alex. I am able to Meditate and relax like never before. I feel more rested and focused. Your CDs made it possible. I feel more focused through out the day and able to think more clearly. I will just turn on my iPod for about 15-20 minutes with the alpha and feel recharged. The theta helps me have restful sleep. Thanks again for the brain music Alex.   

- William s.    Lubbock, Texas

I listened to the sample cd you sent and it was a God send, I was so relaxed just from listening to that, can't imagine what a longer cd will do to improve my life..Thank you

- Ronica Cronin    Ontario, Canada

The CDs are easy to listen to, relaxing, and although it is early days I definitely feel a beneficial effect.

- Mark Vallack    Eggleston, UK

Hi Alex,  Since I started using your Brain Music - The Alpha and Theta CDs, I noticed that I am more opened.  I am no longer afraid to speak my truth even if it meant going against my old beliefs - I am a Catholic.... I guess that says a lot. I am willing to discuss about reincarnation and past lives to my elders and I am not afraid if they thought that I was carzy.  What I am trying to say is that I have become more daring and adventurous in my spiritual path. 

- Cecilia J Shepherdson    Singapore

I have used the brainwave CD's for years and find them a wonderful support for my meditations and yoga.  I am looking forward to the new CD's with great anticipation. 

-  Maureen    New Hampshire

Alex.. It works...and works better than anything out there..because it eleminates self limiting.Brain music is a software once it is downloaded in your brain it opens its own channels effortlessly. Looking forward to try "Life creation"

- Tamer Ibrahim    Houston, Texas

The Alpha and Theta CD's had immediate and positive real benefits for me as someone who daily deals with people that are usually in a less than positve frame of mind.  I found myself much more willing and able to truly listen to what they were actually saying (between the lines)and tune in immediately to what their real needs truly are.  I have always gotten a good night's sleep in the past...but now with Alpha or Theta I get a great night's sleep and wake up without an alarm clock and ready to meet the world.  I have always possessed a subtle gift of clairvoyance but the Theta sessions seem to sharpen my abilities.   

- Ian Dziubinski    Largo. Florida

Hi Alex  I am so pleased since using the brain music that I am more focused and able to concentrate better. It seems that I am attracting positive things into my life and benefitting from the brain music constantly. I can't wait to share this information with all my friends!!  

- Heather P    Vancouver, Canada
I just started to used your CDs and already have tapped to a new level of awareness that I need to complete my goals. It is awesome. 

- Tony A. Los Angeles    Tony A.    Los Angeles CA
The way I determine if a product or service has value to me is to ask question (s) of its supplier and see what I receive in the way of a response.  I challanged Alex from the start and got very positive responses and informative answers. Thank you.
- M D    Windsor Canada
I had my doubts about the Brainmusic thing and mailed so to Alex, not expecting any answer. I did get one, a personal one, and an honest one too. That helped me decide to order and I have not been sorry, I received material that was very useful for me.  

- J.C.    Netherlands
I have had a lot of loss. Since listening to Alex, I have learned to only focus on any positve energy that is comming my way, and let go of anything that has not turned to a positive yet.  Thank you Alex.

- Eileen Komar    Surrey/BC Canada
I did not find Brain Music - rather, Brain music found me and at a time in my life when I was experiencing emotional and psychological stress. What has it done for me? listening to the tapes every morning provides me with a private space, an oasis of calm in which I can luxuriate for an hour. When I emerge I am calmer, more integrated and better equipped to face whatever the day throws at me.   

- Eileen Seery    Gorey, Co Wexford, Ireland

The Mind Power Seduction material along with the Alpha and Theta CD"s was great.
I saw and felt the results with my wife.  

- Ron Spradlin    Las Vegas NV.

Thank you Alex for your brain music it is a very good sleeping aid, and it also help my concentration.  I have been using it for about 5 months.  I am very happy that I found that Theta cd's.  It like a addiction for me.  Thank you again

- Suzette. Canada
I first learned about the power within in Islamic Sufism classes.  My spouse has no interest in this type of discovery.  I am using the CDs to help me reach my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual goals.  I was surprised that my wife actually likes the Theta Wave CD. I believe the CDs combined with the reading material are useful.   
- Hossein J. Mobaraki    LA, California
brain music works its simple and amazing

- Steve Gallowa helston cornwall
Your brain music cd was very helpful in creating a more positive person out of me - and was a huge step in the right direction as far as putting my mind in the right place to start attracting what I wanted into my life.There's a way to go yet but i'm finally on the right track - this makes it a lot easier!

- Daron Young    Johannesburg South Africa
I was such a mess when I ordered my Brain Music and information. After just a short time, my anxiety attacks actually stopped. I respect myself again, and I am on the road to a great life. I also want to thank Alex for going above and beyond to help get the information on cd's.  Thank you - I can hardly wait for the next program.

- Sherry Cavanaugh  Arizona
Alex,  I just wanted to let you know that your Brain Music CD/s literally make me tingle.  I can feel the music/brainwaves making every cell in my body vibrate.  IT IS SO COOL!  Thanks for a wonderful product!  Peace and Blessings, 

- Marge Marvell    Madison, IN. USA

Than you so Very much Alex for the Brain music, I listen to it everyday when I started out because I was having the hardest time trying to concenstrate and meditate in my everyday life nothing worked for me. My desire is to help heal people that The Elohim was showing me but my focus was distorted and my attention spand was to short and this was very frustrating.    I needed to drop a lot of my own negativity but did not know how! Today I am able to focus-in on prayer and meditation and, can see with some clarity the things The Elohim wants me to do.    Just like a piano needs tunning, I believe the BrainMusic is the tunning I needed me to help clear out all of the baggage and trash inside me that needed to be despose of, so I could be balance and have a clear perspective on my life and its God Given Purpose.     Thank You Oh! so Much!!!   

- Regina Monroe    Lanham, MD

Brain Music is wonderful. I have benefitted greatly, physically, mentally and spiritually from using the Alpha and Theta tapes.  The lesson that come with Brain Music have served to remind me of things I learned long ago or knew instinctively. I am now able to use them in practical ways.

- Francis Hecht    Hot Springs, AR
Yes Alex your  brainmusicpower  CD help me out to open and release a lot of negative energy as a result of emotional healing. It was only a lesson I has to learn. Learning that process give me strength and courage. Now I know my mind is so powerful tool and the way I focus my attention can make or break my lives. I'm looking forward to the rest of the lessons.

- Julianna Calgary Alberta
Alex    Thank you for always responding so positive and quick to my queries. If your "Brain Music" is anything to go by, I can not wait to see your new venture. I know that you will put the same positive, healthy energy into that, as to help others achieve the lifes of their dreams.     Wishing you the best.

- Ilze    Bedford UK

I ordered my Brain Music CDs last week and I was floored!
This is exactly what I was looking for—not only that, but the sounds on the CDs themselves amazing-I love to hear rainfall and ocean waves while meditating. I noticed effects from the first listening. The experience was a greater sense of confidence and well being, which lasted for hours after the meditation ended. The last week has been one of euphoria and also a sense that finally I am on track to greatness. The CDs have made my mind clear. I find that in this new open state I am able to proceed through the accompanying study materials more quickly-I'm absorbing the material fully. This is truly great! Just do it!   

- Keith    Waterloo, ON, Canada

That is just a sampling of the notes we have gotten. There are a lot more... but they all really say the same thing - we are really good at this.

We know how to create Brain Music, we know how to help people with meditation... and now we're ready to help people become Life Creation Masters.

We don't only TEACH life creation, we PRACTICE it every day.

But that doesn't matter nearly as much as this question:

How Can This Improve YOUR Life?

It took us 6 months to create this course. It has been an exhausting process.

Since last summer we have worked everyday, constantly thinking how can we make this better.

How can we GUARANTEE that you will not only understand the Life Creation Process but that you will also be able to
EASILY APPLY it to your everyday Life?

We added more and more content, created reports, answered your questions, and produced the most amazing Brain Music, designed specifically for the Life Creation process, something you simply will not find anywhere else.

The bottom line is that Laurence and I poured our hearts and souls into this course, and we didn't leave anything out. This is a COMPLETE guide that will enable you to take the first steps, and follow through as you find your self completely changing your life and the Lives of those around you.

Here it is...

Life Creation Mastery multi-media course.
The Life of Your Dreams. Manifested.

Look at everything that's in the course:

Component #1:
Life Creation Mastery
Laurence's Secret Emails
($47 Value)

This is our main Life Creation Manual - 97 pages of applicable Life Creation info.

You can finish reading this by the end of the day!

By design, this is the unedited material of the email exchange that took place between Laurence and I.

Reading the original emails will have you immersed directly into 'the real thing'.

To take the best advantage of this material, imagine you are the direct recipient of those emails, and 'live the event' as it were happening to you.

Laurence and I don't believe in adding hundreds of pages of extra theory, just for theory's sake.

We want you to learn what is applicable. We want you to start using this material today. This is why we kept it short and to the point.

Component #2:
Wisdom and Power
Life Creation Meditation Tracks
 ($97 Value)

This amazing Brain Music resource was designed by Laurence for his personal use.

They were designed specifically for the Life Creation process and are shared here for the first time ever.

These unique audios use advance isochronic brain music tones, which make them highly effective.

No need to worry about controlling your negative thoughts

No need to figure out how to enter the right state of mind for using the "Law of Attraction" -  these audios will do it all for you!

Power will boost your "Law of Attraction" results as you use it to practice what we call "soft asking".

Wisdom will take you to a very deep (Gamma) meditation. Which will have you tapping the highest sources for spiritual guidance.

Use Wisdom whenever you need an answer, whenever you have to make a decision. Wisdom will be there to help you take the right choice on route and in alignment with your true Life Purpose

Each track is only 20 minute long, so there's no excuse not to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Unlike other Brain Music products out there, these audios do not require that you use unique headphones for them to work. In fact you can play them using regular stereo speakers and they'll work just as well.

Knowing how powerful these audios are, Laurence released 2 versions of each track, one is pure Brain Music tones and the other also includes nature sounds which a beginner might find easier to use.

You can pick your choice of silent or nature sound meditation.

You may also want to switch at times. This has no impact on the effectiveness of the meditation.

Component #3:
Life Creation Mastery Special Reports and Toolbox

Special Emergency Report and Toolbox
 ($47 Value)

If you are experiencing a very difficult personal situation, then and only then, you may go to this 'Life Creation Emergency' resource. It is designed only for desperate cases, so please go back to the regular material as soon as circumstances allow for it.

This unique report holds your hand in those special cases, when you just feel that you need to get your life back in order.

To help you with the method described in this report. We've included a unique Emergency Excel Spreadsheet which will come in handy as a great time saver as your put your life back in order.

Life Creation Special Relationship Report
($27 Value)

This special report will show you how to use Life Creation Mastery to improve personal relationships.

Short but to the point, packed with innovative ideas and useful practical tips, it will definitely give you a boost in this critical area.

Life Creation Mastery FAQ
($27 Value)

The Frequently asked Life Creation questions has been built out of Laurence's direct experience with teaching this material in private sessions.

We also took all the prelaunch questions we received (Over 298 questions! ) and tried to answer them. We are sure you'll find the answer to your most pressing questions answered here.

If you still have a burning question you need to ask Laurence, just send him an email... but more on that later.

Life Creation Virtual Coaching Report
($27 Value)

This is a very unique report. It's a virtual coaching session with Laurence.

Of course, everyone is different, but Laurence knows that people usually go through the same process when discovering Life Creation.

So he put the best of his experience in designing this short, but tremendously helpful document.

Life Creation Excel Toolbox
($77 Value)

Once you have understood the basic concepts of the course, you will want to practice the Power and Wisdom tools suggested by Laurence.

This excel spreadsheet, exclusively developed by Laurence for this course out of the tools he uses daily, will give you the most critical elements to succeed in your practice:

True Goal Finder

Tree Of Power

Tree of Life Creation

... and... a secret, a never seen before or elsewhere bonus - that we'll let you discover inside the member's area!

Play with this tool whenever you feel the need.

It is very easy to use and flexible.

In addition, it can bring you a lot of fun as your practice!

Burning Question Priority Email Access for 60 Days

Each participant in this program will be able to send Laurence 3 emails during the next 60 days.

If you have a personal question, if you're experiencing difficulty getting the results that you had hoped for, these emails will give you direct access to someone who has been there, and can now help you with personal training.

The 3 email limit was only created due to Laurence's "regular life" time restrictions.

As a participant in this program you will receive a private email address that will be forwarded directly to Laurence and will allow you to interact and get your personal coaching sessions.

Laurence will reply either with personal email messages or with a general FAQ that we will publish in our member’s area.

I can assure you that access like this is not sold separately, nor is it available at any price. I can tell you, however, that it's worth the entire investment in this program all by itself...

Two "Gotchas" To Keep in Mind

I mentioned at the very beginning of this awfully long letter that the quantities of this course are limited. There is a reason for this...

We want to put our course out there and personally make sure people get the great results we want them to get.

This is why we're providing personal email coaching to each of the participants.

Considering this background we had to limit the availability of "Life Creation Mastery".

I personally believe that the process described above will work and will help people get great results, but if we see that giving people the personal assistance they require takes too much time, we’ll have no choice but put the course back on the shelf permanently.

But I think the question you should be asking yourself is...

What will it cost you to NOT own
"Life Creation Mastery"?

Know this... as you go through life, the right knowledge and the right skills are worth more than money, they are worth joy, light and your happinness.

Laurence and I both had lucrative jobs, but we were miserable, once we started practicing Life Creation, we are now living the life of our dreams, we are happier, and yes we also make more money... you can call it a nice by-product ;-)

Ignorance costs you money, but worse, It might even cost you the happiness you deserve as you go through life.

I am always on the prowl to learn more about life.

Yes I'm a self-help/new age junkie!

I've done meditation classes, Kaballah classes, channeling, Tarot, Reiki... you name it I've tried it. I'm still a student myself, when Laurence told me about his own journey I begged him to share his insights with me.

Wherever I go, whatever I learn I always try to hold and apply what feels rights, and I let go of those teachings which simply do not fit with me.

If all the knowledge and work that we've put into Life Creation Mastery can help you improve just ONE ASPECT of your life... the course will pay for itself many times over.

OK, let's wrap this up...

The Bottom Line

IF we end up re-releasing this course in it's current format, after the four week "sales break". We will be raising the price to $197 or more.

Maybe not immediately all at once... but the price WILL be $197.

And get this... it will still be a great deal at that price. And I am sure it will sell like gangbusters.

However, I have always felt a lot of loyalty to my readers - and those 200 copies are ONLY going to my readers. No one else even knows about this course yet.

So we are offering a rather outrageous INTRODUCTORY offer for the entire course of:


Most of the main components  are easily worth these introductory prices.

Just the Life Creation Audios alone are far superior to other brainwave packages which sell for more than $100 a piece.

If you use the audios to meditate, or if one day you'll use our emergency toolbox, or if you use this process to get out of a bad relationship, or if you use it to find a better job.
I'm sure you'll agree that Life Creation Mastery was worth these introductory prices.

And all that makes me almost embarrassed to tell you about these...

Two More Bonuses

BONUS #1: Think and Grow Rich and The Master Key System.

The Master Key System - Premium Audio Edition - that's 5 hours 15 minutes and 20 seconds of the original thought provoking 24 part course that will show you how to take meditation to the next level and use it as part of the Life Creation Process. This course is now available in digital audio format. ($47 value)

Think and Grow Rich - Premium Audio Edition - that's 8 hours 14 minutes and 40 seconds of audio content from the book that teaches people how to reach their goals, this book made more millionaires than any other self help book and is now available in digital audio format as well. ($47 value)

These two audio courses were part of the limited Brain Music Gold edition which I sold on August 2006 and never released again. I am now making them available for this special launch of Life Creation Mastery.

BONUS #2: Brain Music Complete Relaxation Package ($67)

The truth is I've been working on these audios about the same time I decided to convince Laurence to publish Life Creation Mastery.  

This product will come out sometime in the following months,
 but you can have it now for FREE!

This brand new Brain Music package includes the following tracks:
Total Stress Relief (30 minute session) Sleep Induction (50 minute session) Sleep Induction for insomniacs (40 minute session) Reduce Anxiety and worries (33 minute session) Hypnotic Trance (50 minute session)
I'll send you an email during the next month explaining more about these tracks, but for now you can just download them and enjoy!

And that leads us to...

The Iron Clad Guarantee

I have always offered a very strong Guarantee ever since I started Brain Music 2 years ago. So this is the deal...

Your purchase is risk-free. Give Life Creation Mastery a try for 8 weeks. If you aren't completely thrilled with the course, then I don't want your money. I'll Give You 100% Of Your Money Back And Still Let You Keep The Entire System For FREE!

Go ahead and study the course for 8 full weeks. It is completely risk-free.

I want you to understand something about this offer, this 8 week money back guarantee is backed by a third party. A huge multi-million dollar company called Clickbank. These guys are here to make sure that I stand behind my money back offer.

Don't like the course? Send an email to me or to clickbank and we'll refund your money on the spot.

No harm done. No hard feelings. And we still part as friends.

The last thing that I want is to have your money if you aren't happy. If you don't want the course for some reason, then we can't get  your money out of our wallet and into yours fast enough.

So Go ahead and secure your copy...

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