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Warning - don't buy affiliate software until you are ready!
Want to learn more about affiliate marketing strategy?

[Purchase my 30 page e-book entitled "Affiliate Strategy for Merchants".](http://www.affiliate-software-review.com/orderebook)

This is an ebook in pdf format containing chapters which will open your eyes to the world of affiliate marketing. This course is written from the merchant point of view and is intermediate level.

Price: only US$39

What you will receive:
How to Boost your Online Sales with an Affiliate StrategyHow to Increase your Association's membership using Affiliate Marketing (concepts apply to for-profit and non-profit organizations and can be extended beyond membership - e.g. to dealers)How to Choose the Affiliate Software that's Right for You New: 7 page project methodology for selecting affiliate software. New: Over 15 online forums with free content for online merchants who are interested in affiliate marketing - each one listed with hyperlinks. This is direct from my own bookmark file! Bonus: A Dark secret about Affiliate Vendors that you need to know
Total e-book is 30 pages in length, written in non-technical language, and intended to be for merchants or small online businesses researching affiliate marketing.

Get up to speed with Affiliate Marketing - order now using ClickBank and you will receive the entire 30 page e-book in its entirety instantly.
[CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY NOW](http://www.affiliate-software-review.com/orderebook)

Customer Service

The E-book is in pdf format. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat reader then download it for free from www.Adobe.com This E-book is intended for online merchants, not affiliates. For a good reference on affiliate marketing for affiliates we recommend you get [The Super Affiliate Handbook](http://www.affiliate-software-review.com/sah) You will get a secure and time-limited download link of the pdf immediately after your CC/Paypal payment. Our return policy is as follows: We will, at our option, replace or repair any defective product within 8 weeks from the date of purchase. After 8 weeks all sales are final.

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