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From the Author:
"This ebook covers the essence of Partner Massage.
Once you have learned these principles, your partner will be forever greatful.
I've seen it in countless workshops and classes.

Just Give it a Shot!"
Michael Tatzber
Massage Therapist,
Exercise Physiologist
Founder of Free-Massage-Videos.com

Couples Massage Secrets

Easy Techniques to Connect and Impress

Did you ever want to do partner massage, but didn't know where to start?

Use my proven system to get your partner to never want a massage from anybody else than YOU.

"Discover the secrets I have found in over 15 years of experience in less than a day. You don't need to have a degree, you don't need to have a diploma. You don't even have to take a massage course (by the way: most people don't really feel ready to give a massage after finishing one massage course anyway)."

"This ebook is REALLY GREAT! Not only does it offer the basic knowledge you need for hands-on partner massage, it also enters deep into the psychology of relationships, in order to turn partner massage into an exciting adventure and unique bonding experience.

Even if you are in the massage business yourself, you will still gain a lot from this book. And if you are new to massage, Michael will get you on your way to become a master of PFM (Partner Focused Massage) in no time." (Michael Niedermayr - Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer - Irvine, California)

From: Michael Tatzber
Date: August 21, 2008

Dear Friend,

The system you are about to learn will teach you how to be the best massager for your partner. It will actually take you and your partner on a secret journey, a journey through your bodies and your relationship. An adventure that will never end.

Get ready for this journey and start right now.

You are probably shaking your head thinking to yourself that this sounds impossible, but I trained many couples over the years and they will attest that PFM is so simple, that anyone can learn it.

This is not a program for a certain technique. This is not a program for a specific school of thought. This is the program that works on the essence of couples massage: on your attitude. With the right attitude it is no problem to find the right techniques.

I will prove to you that what I'm about to share with you is not just talk, it's real. It's real because it works.

But before I explain how to get started, ...
Let Me Share My Story With You ...
In the beginning of my career I was working full-time as a free-lancer massage therapist doing house calls. I had about 30 regular clients per week and the rest occasional clients. I was really trying hard to care of my clients, teaching them about exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

My biggest passion besides massage was always traveling. So every time I planned to go on a trip, my clients were getting all nervous, about how they would get through the time of my trip without getting a massage from me. I offered them to see a friend of mine during the time while I would be away, but they didn't like the idea. They said they would have to get used to a new person and by the time they would start to feel comfortable with that person, I would be back from my trip.

So, every time I came back from a trip, each of my clients told me how stiff and sore they were and how they would wish I would never go away again.

Even though it was not in my intention, I obviously created some kind of dependency. One client even said that every time I go on a vacation, she goes on massage related 'cold-turkey'. That sucked! I mean I don't want them to feel bad when I leave, but I also don't want to feel bad myself every time I go on a trip.

I knew there must be a better way. A way that they can be taken care of and that I would still be able to travel (and enjoy it!!!).

So I started researching. First I considered teaching them self-massage, but none of my clients wanted to know about that.

One night I gave my partner a massage and told her that my clients are getting kind of restless, because I wanted to travel again. She said: "Aren't Johann and Maria a couple?" I nodded. "Why can't you teach them how to massage each other?"

Right. Johann and Maria have been my clients for a long time. It would not take a long time to teach them some basic techniques and they would not have to get used to somebody new, they already feel comfortable with each other.

So I talked to them and even though they were hesitant in the beginning, they agreed to give it a shot.

"When Michael told me that he wanted to teach us his techniques, we were a little bit scared. I never did massage before. I'm good in getting a massage, who knows if I can give one. I always felt like I have no talent for it and even Johann asked me sometimes to rub his shoulders, I didn't really feel comfortable in what I was doing. But Michael insisted that we should try it out. He said that there is nothing to loose. So my first few tries were a little bit shakey, but Johann was really nice to me and gave me a lot of confidence. He even said one time that if I would ever loose my job, that I could easily start as a massage therapist" Maria G., Zurich (Switzerland)

"I used to massage Maria off and on when we were younger, but after we started seeing Michael, I was just too self-conscious, always thinking that she would compare me with him. Anyway, we are really grateful about what Michael offered us, because now we can still have massage, when he is traveling the globe." Johann G., Zurich (Switzerland)

Did you know that you can actually become a master of PFM, without even leaving your home or ever taking a single massage class?

Anyone can do PFM and it is so easy!

If you understand the needs of your partner, you know how your partner's body works and what your partner likes, you are well on your way to become what your partner ever dreamt of: The perfect personal massager!

I will show you how I figured it out for my partner and many of my student's partners and I will show you how you can do that too. Simply and safely.

And what's in there for your partner ...

Well your partner can have a personal massager (YOU), wherever he/she goes. Anywhere in this world. Even on vacation or business trips. No worries about trying to find a new massage therapist, when you move. And not only that. Your partner might want to follow your example and be your best personal massager too. Then you exchange massages and at the same time spend some quality time with your partner. All of this possible with my easy-to-understand, easy-to-use program.

PFM offers you all the things that you need to increase the depth of your relationship and turn massage into the ultimate bonding experience.

Here are some facts:

You DON'T need to go to massage school

You DON'T even need any education or prequalification. Maybe you know about anatomy, physiology or a specific massage technique. Great if you do. But it's not necessary in order to learn PFM.

You don't have to be loyal to a specific technique or school of thought. In PFM everything is centered around your partner's thoughts, feelings and desires not around a specific technique.

DOES NOT need a huge investment. Learning PFM costs actually only a small part of what you pay for a standard massage.

This e-Book is not about theory, it is about how to start, practice and become a master in PFM. I did it, many of my students did it, you just need to follow their example.

You can actually start massaging today. Yes, today.
So how do I personally earn my reputation as the best personal massager for my partner?

Ok. Here's the secret: Partner Focused Massage?

I'm sure you rubbed your partner's shoulders before. But did you really feel connected with your partner? Did you know exactly what your partner wants? Did you think you really know what you are doing?

You can become an expert in PFM, giving a relaxing massage on days where there is a lot of stress for your partner, or an invigorating massage on sleepy days. And your partner will help you. PFM is the success of two people working together.

Here are the steps:

Look for the perfect location - PFM shows you where you can do massage!

Set up a customized ambience - PFM shows you how!

Know what your partner needs - PFM shows you what to look for!

Finding the necessary techniques - PFM shows you how to choose them!

Get awarded with the master degree of PFM - And your partner will simply smile!

PFM shows you exactly how to get through these steps, easy-to-follow, guaranteed. And you don't even have to leave your home. It's easy and everyone can do it!

You are probably saying now: But is it really possible that learn massage in one day?


Massage is not primarily a combination of technique, anatomy and physiology, it is mainly about understanding what another person likes. It's about having the right attitude. If your attitude is right the rest will just come almost effortless.

"Michael's seminar was an eye-opener for me. It showed me how little I actually knew about the bodily needs of my wife, her body language and how much we are actually longing for a deeper physical connection with our partner. PFM is first-aid, long-term treatment and prevention technique all in one. Don't get me wrong. It's not therapy. It's more like a lifestyle. It works on your attitude. I feel forever indebted to Michael for showing me this great opportunity to hook up with my wife over and over again." Steven Gold, Texas

What's Included With PFM?...

How to use massage to improve your communication with your partner?

How to read your partner?

Why honesty, trust, support and sensitivity are not just important for PFM, but for your relationship in general?

How to find the best teacher for massage?

Why your teacher will teach you for FREE?

Understand the phases of PFM?

How to find the right location for PFM?

How to choose the right ambience for PFM?

What you need to know about light, sound, fragrance and temperature?

What lubrication to use?

How to mix your own massage oil?

How to find the sweet spots that your partner like to have massaged most?

How to keep track of your success?

How to be the best partner focused massager?

How to use tools in PFM?

What are the contraindications for massage?
PFM Is A Revolution in Partner Massage ...

There is no other program that enables you to start with your partner massage right away. From finding the right location to setting up the right ambience. You will see results straight away.

Becoming a master in PFM is easy. You don't need to spend time and money taking expensive massage courses. You don't have to learn anatomy or physiology, although it's not disadvantage to know about it. All you do is to learn the massage techniques that your partner likes best. Nothing can be simpler.

Got a question?...

Admittedly, the Art of Massage is easier for some and harder for others. So

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