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What would you say if during your pregnancy you were able to maintain your FITNESS, your HEALTH and your FIGURE without piling on UNNECESSARY POUNDS? Interested? Then read this letter...

Would you like to be fit enough, strong enough and flexible enough to be able to deliver your baby without exhausting yourself so you don't miss out on all 'the goods bits'?

Dear mum to be,

You have suddenly found out you're pregnant and you're either wondering what exercises can you do to keep the figure you have worked so hard for or you have so many questions about exercise and pregnancy you don't know where to begin? Does this sound familiar?

This is where I come in, My name is Dan Thompson and I am a leading Personal Trainer in the UK specializing in Pre and Post Natal exercise and females wanting to lose weight.

Why should you listen to a man that is never going to experience pregnancy? To be honest I am quite glad I don't have too! I have been personal training for a number of years, many of these specializing in exercise during and after pregnancy, in this time I have trained hundreds of clients and spent many hours researching and reading books to further my knowledge. I published this book to show you during your pregnancy your body experiences dramatic physiological changes that require a carefully designed specific exercise program.

Download your FREE Report about the importance of pelvic floor exercises & Why you shouldn't do abdominal exercises during your pregnancy

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Discover the secrets that most pregnant women never know about pregnancy

Little-known secrets for preventing excess pregnancy weight gain (that can endanger both you and your baby), stretch marks, varicose veins, saggy breasts, unstoppable food cravings, mood swings, and cellulite It is a well know fact women who exercise have shorter and easier births at the

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