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Internet Porn Addiction Help and Treatment Guide


"Is Internet Porn Taking Over Your Life?"

"Lawyers reported that over half of the divorces they handled were due to one of the
spouse's excessive viewing of online pornography."

Fueled by the rise of the Web, online sex addictions have exploded onto the scene. As the convenience of pornographic images increases a growing number of consumers are discovering a safe, concealed world where they can access explicit content any hour of the day. This pattern of behavior can quickly form into an addiction. Have you or has someone you love crossed the line from consumer to reeling out of control? What can you do about an Internet porn addiction and what are the treatment outcomes? Read on to discover current thought on pornography addiction and treatment.

What is an Internet pornography addiction? Can it be treated?

With an Internet pornography
addiction, the addict finds himself compulsively drawn to his
computer, seeking adult material online. This type of addiction can
be seen as both a sexual addiction and a form of online addiction such as gambling or gaming.

Much debate exists currently over whether "addictive"
behaviors such as gambling, gaming, or viewing online pornography
should be labeled addictive since there are no physical withdrawal
symptoms should the addict stop his or her behavior.

Most experts, however, decide to mark behavior as addictive
when a person remains committed to these activities even when negative consequences ensue. The idea of negative
consequences is what differentiates a compulsive behavior (such as
compulsive hand washing) and an addictive behavior (such as viewing
online pornography). Negative consequences for the single person include causing problems on the job to preventing him from enjoying real love relationships. For the married person or the person in a serious relationship, an addiction to viewing adult material online or offline can be disastrous to their relationship.

"Research has shown
that unless the addict seeks help, they are unlikely to stop their
addictive behavior on their own."

In May 2005, Daniel Weiss, from
Focus on Family, testified on the impact that excessive pornography
has on marriages at the Summit on Pornography: Obscenity
Enforcement, Corporate Participation and Violence against Women and Children. Mr. Weiss reported that in the 2002 meeting of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, member lawyers reported that over half of the divorces they handled were due to one of the spouse's excessive viewing of online pornography.1

Despite it's power, an Internet pornography addiction can be treated; treatment
philosophies focus on different aspects of the behavior. Of the various
treatment options that exist most stem from older chemical
dependency treatment models. When couples are involved, marriage
counseling can play a pivotal role in recovery. But whether single or married, it is important that the addict not keep the problem to himself. Research has shown
that unless the addict seeks help, they are unlikely to stop their
addictive behavior on their own.

How pervasive is it?

While many studies have been conducted on the prevalence of Internet pornography addiction, because of the stigma associated with pornography the rate at which people report viewing adult material online or admit that they feel out of control is underreported.

According to Family Safe Media, pornographic websites make up 12%
of what is available on the Web today. Not only that, but
pornographic requests comprise 25% of Google searches conducted
daily. Family Safe Media also reported that 10% of men surveyed
felt that they were addicted to online adult

Other results backup this claim. A study performed in 2000 reported that 25 million Americans spend up to ten hours a week viewing online pornography and that another 4.7 million spend more than eleven
hours a week.3 In the same year, the Census Bureau estimated that the total population in the US was 281 million.4 These numbers corroborate
the report by Family Safe Media, indicating that 9% of people spend
a considerable amount of time on the Internet just looking at adult

While pornographic images have been recorded throughout man's
history, the sheer volume and accessibility of adult material on
the Internet has helped to contribute to the pervasiveness of
pornography addiction as we progress into the 21st century.

What are the warning signs?

These warning signs are
written in the addict's perspective. If you are worried
about your spouse, consider if they are displaying any of these
warning signs.

Do you find yourself spending more time at the computer viewing
adult material than you planned?
Are you having a hard time not thinking about going online to
view pornographic images, even when you do not want to think about it?
Has time at the computer viewing sexually explicit material
taken up time that you used to spend on other interests or with people?
If your spouse or domestic partner knows or suspects your activity, are you two
fighting more about what you are doing online?

What these warning signs will demonstrate is that your behavior has
probably crossed the line from harmless (in the sense that it does
not interfere with your life, not that we are making a moral
judgment on online pornography in general) to behavior that has
caused negative consequences for you.

What if I suspect my husband is a porn addict?

If you think your husband is
addicted to Internet pornography, you must first accept that you did
not drive him to adult websites and that you cannot control
your husband's behaviors for him. Simply nagging him or
“spying” on him is not going to cut it.

However, learning more about s exual and internet addictions in
general and understanding treatment plans will help you take an
active role in your husband's work towards a pornography-free
life again. You must fight his addiction head-on as he will likely
deny any wrongdoing unless you demonstrate your ability to see
through the charades.

What kind of help is available?

There are a myriad of resources available for both men seeking to clear up their up addictive habits and for women married or in a relationship with a
man with these habits. Help is available; you and your family can
start living a normal life.

When people try to resolve their addictions on their own, they
usually fail because they do not understand what they are really up
against. By keeping their addiction to themselves, they deny
themselves social resources that could help them rebuild their
lives, addiction-free.

According to an article by Aviel Goodman for
the Psychiatric Times (October 1998), the most effective treatment
requires tailoring the treatment plan for the individual.5 The key to getting the right kind of help is to understand the underlying issues at hand with an online sexual addiction. The treatment program must also evolve as the addict makes their way towards a pornography-free life. In order to
really make a permanent change in their life, the addict must
accept responsibility for their behavior and for their

We would like to share with you an easy to read eBook on breaking porn addiction written by Frankie Orlando, a psychology graduate of Virginia Polytechnic and
State University. Treating an Addiction
to Internet Pornography: A Guide for Single People, Married People, and their Spouses serves not
only as a great introduction to online sexual
addictions but also explains how to design a simple to follow
action plan that can help you change your lifestyle.

This eBook is compatible with screen readers.

This eBook includes:

A self-quiz to determine whether you or your spouse is addicted to pornography.
A complete guide to treatment options, including a self-treatment plan you or your spouse can start today.
Advice for loved ones dealing with a spouse who has a pornography addiction and how to come out of the marital "shroud of secrecy."
An explicit conversation on what pornography addiction is and how it
affects your life and the life of your family.
A nonjudgmental approach to healing the compulsion to look at online adult material.
A comprehensive list of both on-line and off-line resources for those seeking treatment and emotional support.
Provides a worldwide scope for addicts seeking help in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Spain, Brazil and Mexico.
Help on how to find a therapist if you need one.
Information on how couples can get the most out of their therapy
A review of the latest technology that can keep pornography off your
And much more information for you and your family.

Other people just like you have used this book to beat their addictions to online
pornography. Read it in the privacy of your own home;
print it off so you can make notes in the margins. You will find the content in this book practical and easy to apply.

Bonus Video

Included with this eBook is a 40-minute video program featuring NYU Professor of Psychology Tamini Wingerath and licensed marriage and family therapist Dinna Alexanyan in conversation with psychotherapist and educator Diane Lang. Addicts and family members will gain new insight into Internet pornography addiction and online sexual behavior with this inspirational, information-packed program. Topics include:

Addiction Formation
Effects of Internet Pornography
Loneliness and Depression
Treatment Modalities
Marriage Counseling
Women and Pornography Addiction

This downloadable video can be viewed with Apple QuickTime, Windows Media Player or RealNetworks Real Player. Downloads have been optimized for both broadband and dial-up connections.

Watch free clips from the video.

Taking the First Step
Imagine a life free of secretly spending time at the computer when you could be enjoying your free time with your family or friends. Consider how nice it would be for the tension and arguments to go away. Wondering what life might be like beyond an online pornography addiction?

Recognizing your own fears and concerns about your online behavior or the behaviors of someone very close to you is the first step in dealing with an Internet pornography addiction. Are you ready to take the next step to defeating that addiction?

100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with Treating an Addiction to Internet Pornography let us know within 8 weeks of your purchase date and you will receive a complete refund. No questions asked. With our 8-week return policy you have nothing to lose.

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