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Warning: Problems sleeping don't just affect your mood and hurt your looks - It also seriously damages your health and puts yourself and others at physical risk!

"Ahh... Finally! Renowned Hypnotist Exploits Specialized Skills to Show You A Quick and Easy Way For YOU to End Insomnia AND the Patterns of Worry That Cause It, MASTER Stress Management, and Cultivate a Real Sense of Faith So You Can Sleep Better Right Now!"

Now YOU have a genuine opportunity to discover what the medical community doesn't want you to know about how to truly get a good night's sleep WITHOUT any unnatural means. Real and genuine, successful hypnotist along with actual clients from his clinic show you highly-specialized, little-known techniques on how to finally end worry and gain a genuine gut-feeling of Faith so you can get a good night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. Read on . . .

Tuesday, 3:37PM

From The Desk of:
Chris Halbohm, CHt, Founder & Author
Kingston Hypnosis - Kingston, PA
& Carolina Hypnosis Institute - Asheville, NC

Dear Friend,

Yes. I believe sleeping well really is this simple...

Do you suffer long, agonizing nights of little or no rest, finding that you just "can't sleep"? Do you wake up frequently and have a hard time getting back to sleep? Is the idea of going to sleep actually frustrating to you because you know it will be a chore? ...Perhaps, even leaving you nostalgic for the "simpler" times, when maybe you were able to rest a little more "care-free".

Does worry and concern bother you regularly?

If you are reading this letter on this internet page, then you probably are suffering from lost sleep and desperately needing the structure for real peace in your life. ...And you're probably well aware of the problems which that pain causes you in your daily life...

• Health concerns & poor immune response

• Bad complexion - sagging or dark under the eyes - Yes, even things, people won't tell you to your face.

• Getting sick more often

• Low energy - hearing complaints that you're "dragging" or never have time or energy for your kids, family, or friends

• Poor mental clarity - often finding yourself paralyzed with indecision - Making decisions seems harder - You might even realize that you've been stressed only once you take a moment and look back at your day or week!... only to notice that things didn't get done right or at all.

• Unstable moods that "swing" unpredictably - uncontrollable emotions (anger, frustration, confusion) - feeling just plain out of control

Ughh... I hate to even write that list out, because it just plain stinks to have to even think about any of that.

To make matters worse, the medical community has poor excuses and no answers! I'm personally torked off that people don't have this information. Aren't you!? It's actually taken this long to make its way out into the public in a useful way.

The Great News Is... It's Within Your Control!

Again, in my experience, your sleeping problem probably, if like most people, has nothing to do with a medical condition - at least not in origin, but with how you think and feel in your life.

By the way, did I mention... the problem can often be solved by means that are natural and no-cost.

Life-Altering Solution

Have you ever woken up after a good night's sleep that's so good, you literally want to call up a couple of your best friends and tell them how good you feel? I have - for real - and it's a pretty awesome feeling - It's been part of my life study.

And, surprisingly, in my observation, getting a great night's sleep has little to do with physical problems and lots to do with connecting with a real sense of faith. Physical problems are usually a secondary result of lack of faith, or eating poorly, or not getting exercise - Duh!

You probably know people who have no trouble at all with this sort of thing. Do you remember the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"? In it, Ferris is the debonair, on-top-of-the-world high school kid who just decides one day to take the day off! Later in the movie, his less-jovial friend says something about Ferris - He says, "You know... everything always just seems to work out for him".

Do you know someone like that?

Of course... we all do.

And have you found yourself wondering, is it by magic, or by luck, or perhaps even by fraud or cheating that they are so confident and capable? Well... nope - it's none of those. It is something they're doing in their mind - how they think about things - that makes all the difference. Read on . . .

"My Energy Has Quadrupled!"

"Before this, I used to be drowsy and tired all day. I would wake up and feel like taking a nap 2 hours later. When I finally went to sleep at night I would frequently wake up, either from aches and pains or restlessness. Rarely did I get sleep through the night.

Now I sleep 6-7 hours of solid, restful sleep. I have absolutely no desire to nap. I go to bed at a reasonable time and wake up feeling invigorated and ready to take on my day. I get excited about what I can accomplish in the day instead of looking forward to when I can lie down and take a nap. My energy has quadrupled. I feel like a new person!"

- Cindy Sales

Just imagine what you can do with this simple, yet eye-opening information:

Now, you can... Stop worrying and get the job done. Whatever "it" is, it needs your full, undivided attention. Your life needs you to be alert and resourceful.

Now, you can... Get better sleep - anywhere, anytime - at home, on a plane - because, you are in control of yourself, you get to chose when, where, and how much.

Now, you can... Be a better resource to your family who needs you. You can't help anyone when you feel like you're hanging on by a thread, yourself. You must feel and be resourceful!

Now, you can... Possess FREE / no-cost methods - stop wasting valuable money on pills with nasty side effects.

Now, you can... learn how to say "no" - Weirdly enough, this little, handy skill is something many people simply cannot do and yet is responsible for millions of people's nights of missed sleep.

Now, you can... know when to take time off for yourself. And, it's not when you think. It is counterintuitive - but a skill you must have if you are to survive in this world!

Now, you can... Have a competitive edge over others in your life (business / work, at home, even friends). These rules and "skills of the savvy" inevitably overflow into other areas of your life, making you a more effective human - period. How do you think it will be when your friends, family, or coworkers are trying to keep up with you!?

And That's Just For Starters!

You are soon going to discover some little-known secrets of relaxed people who get good sleep... consistently... and almost no matter what the circumstance! This information, proven directly at my hypnosis centers for stress management, sleep, and weight loss, is based on literally thousands of client visits. We see as many as 18-24 clients per day in my full-fledged hypnosis clinic.

Here you are, and here it is, first-hand, straight from a real-live hypnotist who's had a proven track record of documented results right in his very own clinics - Your's Truly. Wouldn't you just love to get some of that first-hand information!?

And without having to pay the thousands of dollars in one-on-one, personalized fees as an individual client!?


What "End Worry And Sleep Well" Book-System

This is NOT... some herbal remedy promising outlandish results...

This is NOT... some kind of clunky apparatus or machine that you have to pay exorbitant amounts of money for...

This is NOT... a medication that robs you of your deep REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep which is necessary for feeling refreshed when you wake up...

This is NOT... advice from medical doctors on physical ailments that are rare or unlikely to apply to you...

This is NOT... anything religious whatsoever...

Most of that stuff is boloney! What you need is a straight-forward, "common-sense-that's-not-so-common" system for getting your mind to relax and have Faith so you can sleep well.

It's all in this simple, easy-to-read book-system that downloads right to your computer!

Why Am I Practically Giving This information Away?

Alright... It's this simple. Yes... I'm a nationally certified hypnotist having personally performed thousands of client sessions helping normal, everyday people just like you. And, yes... I am also the owner and founder of the first hypnosis training school of its kind, in the country today.

Charging about $315 per session, with usually a 3-session minimum, most programs sell for about $2,000. But, you won't be paying thousands or even hundreds for this valuable information.

You can have access to this treasure trove of skills all in one, easy-to-understand book. This saves us time and eliminates the need for us to visit personally. You get the benefit of years of my observing, treating, and writing about solving problems just like yours.

Plus, I'm so confident that you're going to love what you get out of this material that I'm sure you'll want to buy more of my products, services... or maybe even professional training later!

So, for now, this way, you get full access - and start toward a better night's sleep right now - in an instantly deliverable format that downloads right to your computer desktop! Yes.

"Reshaping My Conscious Mind and
My Subconscious Mind!"

"I sleep better, I laugh more and am more light hearted!"

- Ray Hassey, Attorney

Actually Sleeps Through The Night

"Before this, I thought it was 'normal' for people (women especially) to need less and less sleep. I got into the habit of staying up later and later but still getting up just as early. Of course, I didn't feel that refreshed, but the pattern continued. If I had a problem sleeping, I relied on an herbal sleeping remedy. Now, I no longer have to use them. I'm happy to say that I'm getting a good night's sleep. I can go to bed at a reasonable time now and actually sleep through the night!"

- Peggy Makos - Homemaker

Now, I'm going to teach you the mental structure of how to relax - and how it is drastically different from the mental structure of worry. -- YES! It is just a structure in the mind - a way of thinking.

You'll also learn many, many other techniques and things you can do not only to get to sleep, but to stay asleep and get the good night's rest you deserve.

This book gives you these powerful tools and skills. I'm "spilling the beans" about a skill set of little-known secrets that help people sleep. Think of it as a formula / starter-kit for how to develop this for yourself.

But, I warn you!... you must use it well. If you use these techniques for anything other than good for yourself and others, it will come back and bite you in the end. I didn't make that up - It's just the way it is! For sure.

Just A Sampling Of the Secret Tips You Get

Ok, let's get down to the "meat" of this. Here's just some of the amazing secret techniques I want to show you in my "End Worry and Sleep Well, Now" book-system. As soon as you open up to the first few pages, you'll instantly get to discover:

End Worry And
Sleep Well:
How To Master Stress And
Anxiety Management, Right
Now, So You Can End
Sleep Disorders And
Insomnia, and Be
Refreshed and Energized

Available in print or
electronic eBook format instantly
downloadable to your computer
desktop right now!

The # 1 mistake people make (un-consciously) that they think is helping but actually destroys & ruins their chances of sleep. ...see page 12

How to get control of your mind and your life - To get control of your life, you must get control of yourself (your mind & body) first - The tired-out version of you is of no use or value to anyone. Become refreshed. Only then can you influence others. ...an overall theme.

My personal favorite technique that works like a charm, and you can do it anywhere, anytime - right now! ...see page 34

What insomnia really is, and what NOT to do about it - or what can actually make it worse like using those silly CPAP machines, alcohol, or pills! ...see page 48

Discover the two mental attitudes that help you to sleep and feel zest for life and how to cultivate them. These are some of the techniques I've personally used to rid myself of migraines! ...see page 56

What Does a Common Houseplant Know ... (About Stress) That Most Humans Have Forgotten? ...see page 17

Pray with Faith - Most people, even many devout religious people don't really know how to do this very fully -They don't! ...see page 72

Some of the Unexpected Benefits of... Improving The Quality of Your Life & Success...! ...another overall theme.

And Much, MUCH More...

If you want to get a good night's sleep and stop the worrying or change the stress that's caused you night after night of grief - if you want to truly master what it takes to be a resourceful person who can truly help others, then this might very well be the most important book you'll ever read. You need proven expert advice to deliver to you easy steps you can take right now to sleep better and manage stress.

Though this book is primarily on improving your sleep, you will also learn self hypnosis. YES. This God-given ability, that is the Christian preferred method of childbirth and has helped thousands upon thousands of people, even celebrities, to lose weight, stop smoking, reduce stress, & build self-confidence -- self-hypnosis -- can be yours through this interesting technique. I don't want you to just be good at it - I want you to MASTER it! And you can. Anyone can do it as long as they are willing to pay attention and follow instructions.

So... by now... you may be realizing it's as easy as making the right decision. Yes, you can decide to get control over your own mind... get into the right "state" of mind for a great night's sleep... and wake up feeling energized and refreshed.
"I Wake Up Feeling Refreshed!"

"I have diabetes and recent medical findings have attributed sleep deprivation to higher diagnoses of pre-diabetic and type II diabetes conditions. I am seeing my blood sugar levels decreasing. Since I have been doing this, I've been getting a better night's sleep. Now I fall asleep even more quickly. I wake up refreshed and have energy to do my household chores, etc.!"

- Stephanie Nelson - Mom of Two & Community Volunteer

Transforms From Negative Thinker to Positive

"Before, I had no idea how much I could control my thoughts. I feel more at peace with myself... It feels so good good to notice my own transformation from a negative thinker to a positive action-taker"

- Cathie Lynn Thomas

You know... it's funny, but you can read bookcases full of self-help books forever - but - sometimes the right message, at the right time, even in a fortune cookie can be the turning point to someone's life.

WARNING!!! - DON't buy this book if you don't want blunt honesty about what are the real causes of a sleep problem and how to genuinely solve it. Some of the answers may shock you! This book certainly is not for everyone. Only buy this book if you are sincere about wanting to discover the secrets to reducing and eliminating stress and consistently getting a good real night's sleep using easy, no-cost methods that you can put to use right now.

Plus, you'll get these unexpected benefits!:

Major hints about the concepts that are taught as 'Laws of the Mind' or 'Laws of the Universe' that have captured the minds and imaginations of individuals across the country and around the world. These ideas that are taught in movies such as "The Secret", books like "The Celestine Prophecy", and from speakers such as Deepak Chopra - while much of it is very useful and true - are missing key pieces and must be approached with extreme caution and care and used properly.

Other tips and tricks that you can do with your mind. Tips on hypnosis and suggestion to apply to other areas of your life, too.

Ways to organize your life and your day so that things get done more efficiently and you can more easily "let go" and rest your mind.


NEWSFLASH - This information is priceless and fleeting!

• Chris regularly gets paid hundreds to thousands of dollars an hour for his time. 
• In fact, Chris recently *sold out* a "Laws of The Mind" training where he taught normal, everyday people, just like you, the very basics of how the mind works in order for attendees to achieve their goals - whatever they are. Chris charged $177 per person to let these folks in on his proven secrets!
• Chris has spoken for groups, both public and private, often getting paid from well over $700 to $2,181 per hour.

• This special offer may be removed at any time!

Just in time for tonight... And just in time to give you the power you need to accomplish those long-put-off things you've been wanting to get done.

But Wait... There's More!

Act NOW And Receive ALL Of These FOUR Extra Bonuses
FREE With Your Order:

BONUS #1: Building Belief and Expectation (Value $37.77)

What if you knew exactly how the brain works, why results happen (good or bad) the way they do, and how to change them into results you make possible?

BONUS #2: Gaining Respect and Taking Time to Enjoy Yourself More - 4 Tips (value $14.77)

Part one of a featurette article I did for a local newspaper. These are four priority areas you must have "covered" in your life before any of this can become a reality for you.

BONUS #3: Oprah and "The Secret" - Flash Report (Value $9.77)

A sneak peak at the Laws of Attraction and creating your life. Some of these things are very real - BUT - Here are some of the very basic fundamental ideas and concepts and a fair warning as you embark on your journey of discovering how to properly make use of the information.

* BONUS #4: New Year's Resolution Boost - 7 Ways to Eliminate Failure and Get Your Goal ($27.77)

Have you been trying to stop a bad habit (or start a new, good one)? Have you tried hard - all the while thinking "here I go again... I'm only going to fail"? Here are the things you must know before you "try" again. Without this knowledge, you might as well feel like it's "shoveling s@#! against the tide". This report was recently fashioned as a follow-up to our area's local Chamber of Commerce / Women in Business group. -- A great starter-kit if you are wanting the inside scoop of how your brain gets results... and it's as easy as breathing. If you've been wasting untold amounts of money and time fighting with yourself (food, cigarettes, lost time, the list goes on), then this report can save you hundreds (even thousands) of dollars. ...So, you know it's worth getting, just by itself!
An e-book is an electronic book which you can immediately read on your computer. It includes photos, color, and you can adjust the type size to make it as pleasant to read as possible. You can also print a copy from your own computer.

Be Fair To Me... And I'll Be Fair To You

NOW, let me say this… I have put a lot of time, energy, and research money into developing this system… (and I know it works because the clients I train have great success).

I only want to do business with and help real, honest, and good people who are sincere. I despise people who order my system, copy it, don’t use it, and then whine like a 2-year-old for a refund. People like that will never get anywhere in life, and I don’t want them a part of this either. If this describes you, please don’t order.

I am not medical doctor and this cannot take the place of medical treatment in real situations, but, I firmly believe (based on years of experience and watching people go through pain and struggle) that sleep problems, among other things, are severely over-diagnosed in this country. Pharmaceutical companies should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for promoting their drugs so heavily. So should the consumers, who absent-mindedly buy into that crap, for not taking responsibility for their own life. Pills and "panacea's" are liars and thieves to the public. They are nothing more than a band-aid, robbing you of your God-given right to self-discovery and healing.

I’m looking for sincere individuals who truly want to build a better life and are willing to make the following deal with me: if you give 100%, then I will give 100%. If you are fair to me, I’ll be fair to you. Fair and square. It’s that simple!

Special 60 Day Risk-FREE
Ironclad Guarantee

If for any reason, or no reason at all you are not 100% thrilled and delighted with my book, simply send me an email within 60 days, and I will refund every penny you paid. I don’t believe in a maximum of “30 days” to return an item… I’ll actually give you eight full weeks to return my system if you don’t see maximum results.
As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to decide right now if this system is right for you… instead, try it out for the next 8 weeks. If you’re not happy and 100% satisfied at the end of 56 days, let me know, and I’ll give you a full and complete refund AND I’ll even let you keep the bonus reports as my gift to you. You truly have nothing to lose, except your frustration with lack of sleep.

Now, the only way you can lose is by missing out on this deal.


Warning - Do not buy any sleep system unless it meets the following criteria:

1) Shows you the exact structure to end the patterns of worry and build Faith

2) Possesses the proven track record of successful people


3) Gives you specific steps to make your life that of an "excellent sleeper" - across the board - so that it is obvious, everywhere you go.

The price on this eBook may go up without notice, because, for now, I simply want you to become one of my avid "student-readers". I'm going to offer this package, (complete with the four bonus instructional reports) on getting a great night's sleep, building faith, and feeling great for a retail price of $57.77. BUT... you don't have to pay that much! You can have all of these things for ONLY $37.00!! for ONLY $37.00!!

It Doesn't Matter If It's 2:00AM in the Morning!
This System Downloads Directly to Your Computer

Order Now and using the easy methods I show you, you can be starting on a good night's rest in literally minutes!

Remember, you're getting my compete "End Worry And Sleep Well" book stress mastery, faith building system and all four bonuses (a $90.08 value) -> (a total package worth $147.85) - all for ONLY $37.00!

So, what are you waiting for to make your sweet sleep dreams come true?
Click here now to get going!

Purchase Online with Credit Card by Secure Server - [This otion not working properly yet - Please use PayPal. It's just as secure, if not more.]

OR with

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Click Here NOW to download your copy!
It doesn't matter if it's 2:00AM in the morning!

To Your Successful Slumber,

Chris Halbohm

P.S. If you're fed up with trying to get good sleep, and failing, then decide to notice that you have to get control of your mind... You have to build a sense of real and genuine Faith in that things will be alright.

P.P.S. Do it NOW - Don't wait another second! The real question is will you be on your road to successful nights of sleep tomorrow night (or even tonight) - or won't you. You know that chances are, if you wait any longer, the suffering and mental confusion will only get worse. Not to mention the consequences. Order now.

P.P.P.S Remember that when you order before the red expiration date you get a FULL $20.00 DISCOUNT off the retail price, plus all four of the bonus reports (worth .

Purchase Online with Credit Card by Secure Server - [This otion not working properly yet - Please use PayPal. It's just as secure, if not more.]

OR with

The Most Trusted Online Payment System in the World
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