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Welcome to the Fab Home Spa

Here at FabHomeSpa.com we provide you with practical and affordable advice that helps you set up your very own Home Spa

Get our [Fabulous Home Spa Guide](http://www.fabhomespa.com/spa-guide/spa-guide.html) and get an easy to follow and step by step guide on setting up your very own Home Spa, plus it is accompanied by a very resourceful 505 bath and beauty recipe book.


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Fab Home Spa

Turn Your Home Into The Ultimate Spa!

Want to Set up a Home Spa Today?

The [Fabulous Home Spa Guide](/spa-guide/spa-guide.html) offers you:
A step by step Do-It-Yourself guide to make your home into an ultimate home spa Every order comes risk free, with a recipe book which contains 505 herbal, ayurvedic and natural bath and spa recipes. The guide is available in pdf and audio mp3 It's available for download so you can get instant access to the material.

Read Our Blog : Free Spa Tips and Advice

The [Fab Home Spa Blog](/spa-blog.html) is one of the most widely read blogs on home spa

Register for a free account today to comment on the blog and receive other benefits like free access to the forum and also ability to publish your very own spa blog. If you use a feed reader, you can [subscribe to our RSS feed here](http://feeds.feedburner.com/fabhomespa).


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Want to find a Day Spa?
If you are looking to find a spa outside the realm of your home, we have a listings of [Day Spas](/../../../../find-a-spa/day-spas.html) , [Getaway Spas](/../../../../find-a-spa/getaway-spas.html), [Medical Spas](/../../../../find-a-spa/medical-spas.html) and [Spa Real Estate](/../../../../find-a-spa/spa-real-estate.html) on our [Outdoor Spa Finder](http://www.fabhomespa.com/find-a-spa/)

Got a question?
Feel free to contact us about anything that we can help you with.
You can contact us in the following ways :
- Use the [contact form ](http://www.fabhomespa.com/contact/sanjana-suri.html)
- Use [Live Chat](#)
- Email us directly  - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
- Ph number : 40264765 (Ask for Sanjana)


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