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  How To Fly Fish!

"Discover how You Can Easily Learn Powerful Fly Fishing Techniques that Will Have

 Hungry Fish

Fighting to take your Fly.

 In Just Days!"





This is brought to you by:

William Carter, Fly Fishing Instructor.

on Aug 5th 2008




Catching fish with flies is hard.  I've been there.  I've got the T-Shirt. You can spend hours listening to every so called expert's different advice, and still catch nothing. You've probably tried all that before, and that's why you're here.


All I ask is, Read this page. Don't just skim thru it. Give me a chance to help you, and your fly fishing will improve, Massively,  and... in a very short time!


You will amaze your friends when they see the difference,

the very next time you go fly Fishing.  Guaranteed!!!



Whether you're a complete beginner, or you just want to improve your fly fishing, I will Fast-Track Your Learning Curve, and if you follow just some of the techniques I'm about to show you, your fly fishing skills will sky-rocket, and you  will truly have no option but to succeed.



Please read on, to learn just how I can guarantee, to teach you how to fly fish effectively and get you reeling in those big Trout, Bass, or whatever else you're going for, time after time!




When I was young, I'd spend all my spare time fishing with bait, and I became pretty good at it. But Fly Fishing; I just couldn't get it. I tried everything, because I was determined to learn how to fly fish. I read fly fishing books, I talked to so called experts, I even took fly fishing lessons,  But nothing really helped.


Then Something Happened that Changed My Life!

One day, in my local tackle store, I’d been listening to some advice from the store keeper, when another customer, an old guy, took me to one side. He’d overheard me moaning about my fly fishing and he offered to give me some tips.

Well! He did a whole lot more than that.

Over The Next Few Weeks, What He taught Me Was Mind Blowing. He made a Huge Difference to my Catch, Straight Away.  I learned simple techniques that would make the fish go for my fly. Every Time. And he showed me some almost unknown fly patterns, and secret tactics that  only a Handful of Top Pro’ Fishermen use, and like to keep to themselves.


It was great. The more I improved, the more he showed me. Things nobody had ever told me before. There was just so much to learn from this guy, I started taking a cassette recorder with me, and then when I got home I would listen to it, I would write it all down, Memorize it.

Before long I started catching fish I only would have dreamt of Steelhead… Pike… Bass… Salmon.

Sometimes he'd take me to a spot where there were several other fly fishermen. Within a few minutes of casting, I'd be catching fish. After catching a half dozen or so, we'd move on somewhere  else, leaving the others shaking their heads in bewilderment.

And guess what!!! People started asking me for advice on how to fly fish. Me! Boy… did that feel good!

Well! Since then my fly fishing has just got better and better. My mentor is now bedridden, but he still gives me advice. Between us we’ve managed to tweak and improve some of the techniques even further to make them easier to learn and put into practice.

I now spend more of my time teaching others how to Fly Fish, as I do Fly Fishing myself. But, I have only taught close friends.


 I have never revealed my Insider Secrets.

Until Now!

It’s taken me a while, but I’ve sorted through all my old notes and tape recordings. Everything my friend and mentor ever taught me. And I’ve compiled it all into something that’s easy to read and understand.

All The Tips, The Tricks, The Strategies,
Everything is There.
The Essential Advice and Little Known
Techniques that will Improve Your
Catch beyond recognition.

And Most Importantly…

The Insider Secrets that will Transform your
Fly Fishing For Ever.


There are some things that you will never learn without help.

 Little Known Tips and Secrets that no-one will tell you about.

Techniques that only a Few Top Fly Fishermen

know about.

Here is Just a Taste of What You Will Learn!

How To Fly Fish in Different Water Conditions.  These are little known tips and tricks to use for different water conditions. You’ll be catching fish at times and places you wouldn’t even think of trying.

Casting Techniques. From Beginner to Advanced.

 Secret Casting Techniques that put you ahead of the game. You will learn which cast to use and when.

Included in this section is an almost unknown, casting technique that you would use when fishing in a tight spot.  I have never seen this technique mentioned anywhere, on or off the web and it’s a

sure-fire way to catch huge fish.

Techniques and Strategies That Make The Difference. Start using these simple but hugely effective techniques to improve your catch tenfold from day one.

Rods and Reels Explained. Flex index, Reel drag, Line weight. Get the rod and reel that’s right for YOU, and you'll increase your catch straight away.

Knots. Know which knots to use and how to tie them properly. Don't lose valuable equipment, and fish, due to poorly tied knots. This is a big subject so I've included them in a free bonus e-book.


The Equipment. Don’t waste money on the wrong gear. The info’ in this section alone could save you $100.00’s if not $1000.00’s. Also included here is a very important tip  that could  Save your Life.


Fly Fishing Secrets.  This is the big one. Where we take you to Pro level. Learn the secrets that will soon have you catching fish every time you cast. Amaze the local fishermen, as they watch you reel in fish after fish.

Many of these techniques are so subtle, that most of the

 people watching you won’t even notice them.


Be prepared for a string of spectators asking how you do it.

 It can get tedious after a while.


Learn How to Fly Fish Properly.


Any one of these techniques will massively increase your catch. Learn them and become a Top Fly Fisherman!


 Discover how to locate Prime Fishing Spots that are full of fish, just waiting to be caught, and that few others know about. This tip alone will massively increase your catch.


 Learn the important Primary and Secondary Strategies that will have you catching bigger fish than you thought possible.


 Choose the Right Equipment. Don't waste money on the wrong gear.  Learn how to match your rod to your line and maximize that catch.


 Discover how to adapt your Cast to the Water Conditions. Learn which cast to use and how to cast effectively.

 Learn the easy way to match the fly and leader to the fish type and the current.


 Use Subtle Techniques Tailored to the Situation, and Increase Your catch.


 Learn which Fly Fishing knots to use and how to tie them correctly. Never lose a fish, or expensive equipment because of poorly tied Knots.


 Start Using Insider Secrets which will Catapult You to Pro’ Level. Learn little known techniques that the pro's like to keep to themselves, and increase your catch overnight.













This Could Be You!

Three Weeks From Now You’re on a Fishing Trip.
You pull a nice big Rainbow Trout out of the water on your first cast, Then you reel in another beauty. Your buddies look on in amazement as you fight with a third, then you skilfully reel that one in as well.

You Think That’s Unlikely?

Well, Think Again!

The Fact Is:

The Fish are In There. The Fish Are Hungry.
Convince them to take your fly, and they’re yours.
This book will show you how to do that, and much more. Download it Now,


Learn how to Fly Fish like the Experts!


Did You Know that 10% of Fly Fishermen catch 90% of the fish,

and  the other 90% of Fly Fishermen catch only 10%.


This package will put you in the top 10% of Fly Fishermen!


I Personally Guarantee That there are Tips, Strategies
and Little known Secrets in this book that you
won’t find anywhere else.

Techniques that will catapult you to Pro’ Level!

Catch Bigger fish than you ever thought possible. Every Time!

With this Fly fishing Success Kit.

This is what you'll get...


"Flyfishing Unleashed"



Here it is. The  instantly downloadable, Fly Fishing Pro' Training manual that will  fast  track you to Fly  Fishing Success. The book that promises to massively improve your Fly Fishing in the shortest possible time. To  get you out there,    Fly  fishing with the best, and beating them at their own game.

        Not Available Anywhere Else!



Instant Download!




Claim Your Copy Today And Get The Following Bonuses for FREE...




Free Bonus 1.

"Flyfishing Knots Made Easy"

Value$23.75.   Yours Free.



Full of illustrations and easy to follow

step by step instructions to help you.

Reel to Backing.    

Backing to Fly-line.

Fly-line to Leader.

Leader to Tippet.

Tippet to Fly.

Loop Knots.

Non-Slip Knots.

Did you know fly fishermen lose thousands of dollars worth of expensive equipment every single day due to poorly tied knots. Don't let it happen to you. A loose, or poorly tied knot can ruin a days fishing. This book contains all the knots you'll ever need, and it will show you how to tie them properly, with Easy Step by step Instructions and Illustrations. Print them all off. Practice them. Never lose another fish through poorly tied knots.


Free Bonus 2.

"Nymphing. From Novice To Expert"

Value$29.95.   Yours Free.

Discover the ultimate fly fishing technique, Nymphing. Take your fly down to where the fish are feeding, and where they feel safe. Learn How to Fly Fish with Nymphs

Easy to follow, step by step instructions that will get you catching fish with nymphs....Fast.

Find out the challenges facing Nymph Fishermen, and learn how to easily overcome them.

Learn the basic Nymph Fishing  tips and strategies to get you started, right through to the advanced nymphing techniques that will soon have you catching fish like the pro's.

There are little known techniques the experts use to give them an edge. Learn the secrets they don't want you to know.

Discover three important Nymph fishing methods to match with different water conditions, and maximize your catch.

Learn special tips and tricks to use in shallow, and in deep water. Learn how to catch big fish when your neighbors are catching nothing.


Wait... There's even More to come!

O.K. You've got this huge amount of Top Grade Fly Fishing Info at your fingertips. So what kind of fish are you going to go for? Don't worry, I'm going to help you out with that as well.

Different types of Fish require Different Tactics.

Different Skills and Different Strategies.


Everything you need to know, is in these

 Extra, Brand New, Bonus eBooks.

 Free! When You Order Today!


Free Bonus 3.

"Better Flyfishing for Bass"


Value$23.95.   Yours Free.


The  book to teach you everything you need to know about catching Smallmouth and Largemouth bass!

With separate sections for each type of Bass, this book is packed  with information on the many different tactics needed, to catch these similar, but in some ways, very different types of fish.

Learn just where to find them and when. Discover how to recognize a Bass hiding spot when others can't, and maximise your chances of catching one of these big thrashing beauties.

You will also learn the best rod, line, leader, tippet and fly combination to use for both kinds of Bass.

Discover how and where to cast, and what to do if the "hit" doesn't occur immediately, to attract the Bass to your fly.

Learn the best patterns to use depending on the water conditions.

and much, much more!

Learn how to fly fish for bass!

Put just a few of the little known tips and tricks that this book will teach you into practice and you will soon be taking on, catching, and reeling in what is probably the  hardest fighting freshwater fish you'll ever come up against.



Free Bonus 4.

"Better Flyfishing for Panfish"

Value$23.95.   Yours Free.

Pan Fish are second only to Bass in fly fishing popularity. There are loads of different kinds and they need different strategies to catch them.

This book is crammed with all the info you need to guarantee success. Every little trick you can use to catch these fish is in there. You will learn how to reel them in on every cast.


Learn how to fly fish for pan fish!

Discover which fish to go for, and when. It may be Crappie... Perch... Bluegill...Pumpkinseed... Learn everything you need to know, about these, and many others. Find out about their feeding habits, their strengths and their weaknesses. Use the info in this book to find little known spots where there are hungry Pan fish just waiting for your fly to land in front of them.  Learn the techniques that I personally use, to easily catch, any of these very popular fish. Learn how to get them just begging to take your fly.
Again, this is just a small sample, of the mass of info to be found in this book. All the advice you need, to get you fly fishing for Pan fish - and catching them - Every Time!



Free Bonus 5.


"Better Flyfishing for Trout"

Value$23.95.   Yours Free.

The definitive, and only Trout, Fly Fishing Book worth having. Learn how to catch Steelhead, Rainbow, Cutthroat, Brook, and Lake Trout.

Learn how to build the basic but solid foundation you will need to regularly catch all kinds of trout.

Discover how to find where the trout are feeding and learn what to look for, to locate shoals of hungry trout just waiting to take your fly.

Learn how to target the trout holding areas and use little known techniques to trigger a strike.

Take advantage of my many years I have personally spent studying these fish and benefit from the secrets I have discovered. Use it, to make every trout fishing trip a huge success.

Learn fifteen things to look for, to find really good trout feeding areas, as well as several little known signals to make sure you find the best fishing spots.

Discover what to do when surrounded by other trout fishermen, to maximize your catch and wipe the floor with the opposition.

And more. Loads more, in this book of trout mastery for your immediate download. Use it to catch big trout. Next time, and every time.

I guarantee that the secrets, the techniques and strategies that are revealed for you in this complete fly fishing package, will massively improve your results in the fastest possible time, and then, will take you to the very top in this exiting sport.

There's no doubt that you would have to pay a professional Fly Fishing Instructor Hundreds of Dollars to teach you, just a fraction of what you are about to uncover in this Limited Edition, Pro' training  manual…

So please read on to see how you can get all of this for less than the cost of a day's fishing trip.

So I think you are going to be surprised at the very low cost of this massive package.

Let's just recap on what you are getting.


1.  Flyfishing Unleashed. The Fly Fishing Pro' Training manual that will  fast  track you to Fly  Fishing Success. The book that promises to massively improve your Fly Fishing in the shortest possible time. You will learn the basics of fly fishing, right  through to advanced and secret techniques that will show you exactly how to get those fish fighting for your fly, right from day one!

2.  Flyfishing Knots Made Easy. Simple step by step instructions with plenty of illustrations to help you get those knots right, and tight. Fly fishing knots that won't let you down.

Value$23.75.   Yours Free.


3. Nymphing. From Novice to Expert. Discover how to use little known Nymphing techniques to catch those fish feeding underwater. Follow these simple and effective instructions to really get ahead of the game. 

Value$29.95.   Yours Free.


4. Better Flyfishing for Bass.  Learn everything you need to know about catching Smallmouth and Largemouth bass. Study this book before you even think of going Bass fishing. Then amaze your friends as you start reeling them in.

Value$23.95.   Yours Free.


5. Better Flyfishing for Panfish. Crammed with all the info you need to guarantee pan fishing success. Every little trick you can use to catch these fish is in there. You will be reeling them in on every cast.


Value$23.95.   Yours Free.


5. Better Flyfishing for Trout. The only Trout, Fly Fishing Book you'll ever need. And it's free.  Learn how to catch Steelhead, Rainbow, Cutthroat, Brook, and Lake Trout. Discover  how to accurately pinpoint their holding areas. Target their hiding places. Find out where they are and how to catch them.

Value$23.95.   Yours Free.


Just look at the Total Value of this package:

Flyfishing Unleashed:                             $47.95

Flyfishing Knots Made Easy:                  $23.75

Nymphing From Novice To Expert:       $29.95


Better Flyfishing for Bass:                      $23.95


Better Flyfishing for Panfish:                 $23.95


Better Flyfishing for Trout:                     $23.95


                            Total Value                   $173.50



Now I know you're too smart to waste your money on expensive fly fishing lessons that won't teach you, even a fraction of what you will learn from this Ultimate Pro' Training Manual.


I Guarantee that once you start putting into practice, the secrets and techniques that I've revealed in Flyfishing Unleashed, you'll be well on your way to the very top in this exiting sport.

And I'm sure you've seen the rubbish that's plastered all over the web. The same old stuff, over and over again.  Come on... you're smarter than that.


 This package is unique and you won't find it anywhere else!

You're here now and that's the best thing you could have done. Because... you're not even going to pay anything close to the $173.50 value of this program.


No one else has a package like this, ANYWHERE, at any price. I have spent months putting it all together, and I shall continue to add to it.



As I add even more to the package, with extra ebooks, with video's, with new techniques and strategies...  The price will go up,  but ......


All the updates will be available free to my Fly Fishing Unleashed customers. And not for  a month, or even a year,

But for as long as You want them!


This is how it works.

As a Flyfishing Unleashed customer you will be automatically be enrolled into the Flyfishing Unleashed Club. There is no cost to you and you can cancel your membership at any time. But as a member you will qualify for all the updates, extra ebooks and videos that I add to the site absolutely free.


You will not only learn how to fly fish, but:


I will share with you every tip, trick, technique and strategy I have ever used, to get you up there with the best! 




This is a genuine introductory price which cannot last. All I ask is that once you have seen for yourself the true value of this package, and watched your fly fishing skills sky-rocket, you send me some more genuine testimonials to add to the ones already on this site, so that others can benefit from your experiences.


Claim your copy today and you can have this whole package at the introductory price of only $27.95. Completely Risk Free! Try out this package for a whole

60 days, in line with Clickbank's refund policy, and if at any time in that period you feel this is not for you, just let me know and I will give you a full refund.


"Everything you have been looking for to fast-track

your fly fishing is less than 5 minutes away."

None of these books are available anywhere else!________________________________________

Secure No-Risk Acceptance Form


William, I am ready to take my Fly Fishing skills to another level, and to start learning techniques, tactics and fly fishing secrets that I won't find anywhere else, or I will get my money back. Guaranteed!



I understand that I'm getting instant download access to…



          Flyfishing Unleashed. The definitive guide

                to fly fishing that will fast track you to

                expert level in the shortest time possible

                Sells for:  $47.95




             Flyfishing Knots made Easy.

                 All the knots you’ll ever need with step

                 by step instructions and illustrations.

                 Valued at:  $23.75 







           Nymphing. From Novice to Expert.

               Learn Nymphing techniques and discover

               how to hook those trophy fish

               from right where they’re hiding.

               Valued at:  $29.95







           Better Flyfishing For Bass.

               Learn everything you need to

               know about Largemouth and

               Smallmouth bass and how to

               catch them every time.

               Valued at:  $23.95







           Better Flyfishing For Panfish

               All the tips tricks and techniques

               to guarantee Pan fishing success

               Little known strategies to give you

               the edge.               

               Valued at:  $23.95








           Better Flyfishing For Trout

               Learn Trout Fly Fishing

               techniques and discover

               how to hook those big Steelhead,           

               Rainbow, cutthroat and more.

               Valued at:  $23.95






Total $173.50

Download this whole package now  for only  $27.95.

(Including all the free updates)

 And Remember:

You can take a full 60 days to try out and practice  these new techniques, and if you don’t see a Massive Improvement, or if for any reason you just feel that this book is not for you, I will be happy to give you a full refund.



[ ](http://1.bly001.pay.clickbank.net)  


This Product is backed by ClickBank's guarantee of quality customer service and ClickBank will be happy to help if there is any problem with your purchase.


Best Regards, and happy fishing,

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