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    If this sounds like something that you've either thought or heard from your partner then you're not alone. It seems like now more than ever couples that have been either married or in a long term relationship are feeling unfulfilled and deciding to separate.
My wife and I were no exception, we'd been together since we were at school and had experienced a great life together. The stresses of life and bringing up kids caused us to grow apart and begin moving in different directions until one day my wife said that she wanted some space to 'find herself'.

Once I'd recovered from the initial shock we started to talk about how we were both feeling and realised that we both pretty much felt the same.

Most couples put off separating more out of fear of what's on the other side than because they actually feel that the relationship can still work.

The good news is that, if you follow some simple guidelines, separating can be a lot less stressful than most people think.

My wife and I managed to split without the usual shouting matches and court battles that so many couples seem to get tied up in. Our kids have adapted well to their new lives and yours can too if you understand how to include them in the process.

Learn from first hand experiences how to separate from a long term relationship with respect and love for your partner.

Because of the success we have had with our separation I thought I would share my experiences in the hope that others can free themselves from their partner in a loving and respectful way whilst maintaining their long built up friendship.

Here are just some of the things that you'll learn from this e book:

    Why does everyone seem to be separating?   Should you stay or should you go?   Tips on how to tell your partner.   Communication and why it's so important.   How to share your kids and keep them happy.   Dating tips -  how to find your ideal partner.   Who's friend are they? - How to share your friends.  
Whether you have decided that you want to go your separate ways or are just thinking about it this book will provide you with some real life experiences to help you make the right decision.

When we decided to separate I realised how few books there were that provided practical guidance on the best way to go about it. Having now gone through the process with a minimal amount of stress and no legal fees I've decided to document our experiences so that you can benefit.

The amount of stress that this book can help you avoid is priceless not to mention the thousands of dollars that you'll be saving on legal fees!

So often when you read self help books the amount of actual relevant information is covered in around about 20% of the actual content. With this book I've tried to minimise the 'fluff' and give you all the details that you are going to need.

Although I have no professional qualifications or expertise in relationship management I do have real, first hand experience which, I believe, is more valuable and relevant than learning from someone fresh out of university.

Avoid costly and emotional mistakes, separate with a shared understanding and avoid all the pain.

If you're after a 'manuscript' that covers in detail every single thing to do with separation then don't buy this book. If, however, you want to know real life facts about how one couple have managed to survive a break up and maintain a healthy friendship then this book's for you.

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