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How To Run Faster - Developing Killer Speed

Amazing new training manual reveals how you can...

"Decrease Your Forty Yard Dash By .2 Seconds In 8 Weeks!"

"Using training methods taken from World-Class athletes and coaches, one easy-to-follow program has been developed that guarantees you will be running faster!"

Mark Strasser, MS, CSCS
North Bergen, NJ

Dear Friend and Athlete:

Speed is the difference between an average athlete and a great athlete. By developing speed, an average athlete can become good, and a good athlete can become great. That is why speed, for any athlete in any sport, is a good investment. If you put in the time, sweat, and hard work you will see the results.

There is a common misconception that people are born with speed. But speed is like intelligence; it is invisible until developed. Speed is a developed skill. One of the challenges of athletes is to recognize that speed is a physical attribute and can be enhanced through proper preparation in any athlete at any age.

Traditional speed training focused on increasing an athlete's muscle and power. The assumption was the stronger the athlete the faster the athlete. On those premises it is part of the truth. If you have ever been to a track meet, you can notice the difference between sprinters and distance runners. The difference between the athletes are strength, power, and lean muscle mass. This is not the determining factor of speed though. Contemporary speed training programs now incorporate a number of components in developing and maximizing an athlete's speed potential.

Have you ever been caught on the field of play by someone chasing you?

Have you ever been run past on the track? Have you been thrown out trying to steal a base? Have you sat on the bench because someone is faster than you? If you are interested in gaining speed and training with a World-class strength and conditioning coach, then this is the most exciting message you'll ever read!

Here's why:

There is an amazing new book called Developing Killer Speed. As a strength and conditioning coach I have molded athletes from the high school level to the professional level. Athletes who have run a 5.1 in the forty-yard dash have improved their time to a 4.7 in just two weeks!

How did the athlete do it? A simple formula that anyone can easily use to increase your speed and decrease your times. This new ebook reveals it all.

This book is amazing. Here's a sample of how it can benefit you:

A simple warm-up routine that will help improve your running form in two weeks
The most important tips on sprinting technique used by World-class sprinters
How to perform speed drills that are guaranteed to increase your speed by developing perfect running mechanics
Pictures and Descriptions of common mistakes that can save you valuable time
The greatest workout routines used for developing massive strength gains
Secrets of medicine-ball training used by professional European track athletes
Killer core training routines-including Ab workouts for beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes

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