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Bodybuilding Revealed, build muscle naturally with Will Brink

Muscle Building Myths Exposed..

5 Facts You Must Understand If You Are
Ever Going to Build Muscle & Get In Shape.

When it comes to building muscle, there are a lot of myths that masquerade as “facts.” Problem is, these myths can hold you back, and keep you from making the progress you should. Let’s expose the 5 biggest myths and reveal the facts you MUST KNOW to build muscle.

Myth 1: The Latest, Greatest Supplement is the Key to Building Muscle Mass

Fact : There are a few, specialized supplements that can help, but the reality is that 98% of your gains will come from the basics. When you see terms like, “super engineered,” “top secret,” “mega anabolic,” “cryogenically modified,” “devastatingly powerful,” “pharmacologically engineered,” “nutrient signaling,” etc.—trust me, it means they spent more time on the marketing spiel than they did on the supplement itself.

In truth, most of these products are good for only an extra pound or two per year— and in most cases they don't work at all.

Magazines and supplement companies try their best to convince you that you’ll never achieve your goals—unless you use their product. It’s an old marketing trick. I'll explain exactly which supplements work and which ones are hype

Myth 2: The Longer and Harder You Train, the Bigger (and Faster) You Grow

Fact: If you can make some gains lifting 3 days a week, then you should be able to gain even more by lifting 5, 6 or even 7 days a week, with dozens more sets ...right? Wrong—that, my friend, is a path to burning out.

Only those with freak genetics or those using drugs can gain muscle training intensely 6-7 times a week. Forget about training like a pro. This is beyond the recuperative abilities of your average person. A professional’s workout would put you in the ground without helping you gain a single pound of muscle. You'll just end up overtrained and exhausted.

More is not better when it comes to building muscle mass. In fact, spending too many days in the gym is counterproductive. It actually results in LESS strength and muscle. I'll reveal exactly how you should train to gain…and NOT hit plateaus.

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Myth 3: Aerobics is Superior to Weight Training for Losing Fat

Fact: Your diet will determine whether you’re lean and muscular vs. fat and muscular (i.e., with a lot of muscle underneath a layer of fat). Don’t believe that sitting on a stationary bike for hours is the best exercise for burning body fat.

Rather, intense weight training beats traditional cardio for fat loss…and creates a firm, sexy, muscular body in the process.
Strength training is the only exercise that can help you add lean body mass. And more mass = a higher metabolism = more energy used to fuel your body—even at rest. Bottom line, lifting weights is king, when it comes to losing fat and transforming your body.

Myth 4 : You Need To Eat 7 Times a Day Taking In Thousands of Extra Calories to Build Muscle Mass.

Fact: If you can’t gain any more muscle, then you need to eat 7 times a day shoveling in thousands of extra calories-right ? Wrong, while total calories consumed plays an important role in building muscle, the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat for YOUR specific body-type is equally important. Just shoveling in calories will make you “big” alright, but most of the pounds will end up around your waist line.

I’ll explain how the right food, eaten at the right times and in the right amounts for YOUR bodytype, will trigger your bodies natural anabolic hormones to stimulate muscle growth. This is the real "secret" to muscle growth not stuffing your face until your sick of the sight of food.

Myth 5: You have to be Young, have Great Genetics, or take Steroids to build an impressive physique.

Fact: On the next page, I’ll show you people from all walks of life—old or young, male or female, fat or skinny—who have built amazing bodies. And they did it without drugs or even a lot of supplements. The one thing they had in common was a strong mental “I can do it” attitude and the knowledge I provided. Anyone, and I do mean ANYONE, over time — can create a head-turning, impressive physique by following my advice.

Now, you know what Doesn't work.

On the Next Page I'll show you what DOES WORK.



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