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Breaking News:

"DL Guard is now not only a download page protector, but NOW you can also use it as a full sales and customer management system to help protect, streamline, and grow your online businesses with a new, revolutionary membership site script that's just been added"

And in just minutes from now, you're going to learn exactly how to use it to your advantage, because…..

"Here's your access to 17 cash-generating, step-
by-step videos on how to create a membership
site using DL Guard….."


You don't have to have technical skills to profit from it

It doesn't matter if you don't know the first thing about setting up a membership site

It doesn't matter if you're new to Internet marketing or if you're a marketing guru…..These powerful videos were specifically designed with the Internet marketer in mind, so you'll be shown:
"How to create member groups" "How to customize your graphics using GIMP & Photoshop" "How to create additional levels of membership" "How to customizing your site using PHP" "How to add email autoresponders & site content"
And everything else in between!  
        With these breakthrough videos...........
Creating the ultimate membership site &
protecting your content from Internet thieves
will be as easy as 1-2-3 for you

There's no secret that membership sites are one of the fastest ways to create a huge residual income for yourself.

And right now, if you're like most people…..You have the content, you have the products, you know exactly what you want to offer your members, but the problem is creating and managing it all-----Not to mention, protecting it from Internet thieves.

But you don't have to worry about any of that, because in these unique videos, you'll learn how to use DL Guard to create, manage, protect your content, and profit-----All at the same time.

If you're not a technical geek and have problems installing scripts and software-Don't worry---We have a video to help you with that If your web design skills are lacking and you don't have the cash to pay a top-dollar designer-No problem---We have a video to help you with that If you don't know the ins and outs of using free HTML editors, don't worry-We have a video that will show you how If after creating your membership site, you want to test it before it goes live, but don't know how to do so, don't worry-We have a video for that too!
And once you say yes to these 17 powerful DL Guard membership script videos, you'll establish your own cash-cow member site without:

Complicated and expensive software scripts that can cost up to $30,000 Unusual or complicated web server requirements Knowing tons of technical information to get started User forums that need to be moderated 24/7/365 days a year Wasting 40 hours a week creating content and information
But these videos:
If you're not a technical geek and have problems installing scripts and software-Don't worry---We have a video to help you with that If your web design skills are lacking and you don't have the cash to pay a top-dollar designer-No problem---We have a video to help you with that If you don't know the ins and outs of using free HTML editors, don't worry-We have a video that will show you how If after creating your membership site, you want to test it before it goes live, but don't know how to do so, don't worry-We have a video for that too!
You'll experience and learn all of this and more once you say yes to the………….

Master DL Guard Videos

Master DL Guard Videos are unique. These powerful videos take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step on how to create your very own profit-producing membership site using DL Guard, one of the Internet's most widely used and trusted software programs for download protection and now membership site protection.
These easy to follow and understand videos provide you with answers to everything you'll ever need to create a profitable membership site, so whether you're a newbie or veteran marketer, there's something for everyone in these breakthrough videos.


Broken down in plain and simple language that ordinary people like you can understand
Inexpensive & are affordable for all budgets

A refreshing alternative to having to pour through hundreds of pages of jargon in e-books

In fact,

Here's a sneak-peak at what you'll get in the 17 DL Guard Membership Site videos

Video 1 - Purchase And Install -

In this mind-blowing video, you'll be shown where to purchase this powerful multi-use software and how to install it.

Video 2 - Install And Setup -

In video two, you will be walked through the steps of finalizing the installation of this powerful script. Remember that DL Guard was primarily created years ago as an ultra uber security feature for your digital download products. Only recently has it been tweaked to work seamlessly for membership sites. So what it lacks in "Bells & Whistles" it makes up for in security. We're sure in time the bells and whistles will show up. My point is that IN ADDITION TO membership sites, this script will protect ALL your other digital downloads - just a reminder!

Video 3 - Multi-Install Explanation (License) -

This video will explain the Multi-Install License Agreement that comes with DL Guard. In your agreement, you're entitled to two installations of the script. However, you can create as many membership sites as you want. Confused? We know…..And that's exactly why we've made this video to clear it all up for you. And once you watch this video, you'll see your confusion melt away.

Video 4 - Creating Members Group -

In video four, you'll learn how to setup your members group. This is where you establish your fees, download options and many more of the options in your members group initial setup.

Video 5 - Customize Your Site Graphics Using Gimp -

In this unique video, we'll show you how to personalize and edit a PhotoShop or PSD Header Template Image using The Gimp 2.4. And if you don't have PSD Header Templates---It's not a problem, we'll tell you exactly where you can get them for free. And if you don't have PhotoShop or the Gimp, don't worry, the Gimp is a FREE alternative to PhotoShop and it can be downloaded for free on the Internet---We'll show you where you can get it.

Video 6 - Customize Your Site Graphics Using PhotoShop -

You'll learn how simple it is to edit a PSD, also known as a PhotoShop image using your PhotoShop Program............Yes, PhotoShop Software will be required to benefit from this video. But if you do not have PhotoShop, there is an additional video in this series on how to do this editing using an open source (FREE) program called Gimp 2.4. Either way, you'll be on your way to having professional looking graphics for your membership site that you created yourself.

Video 7 - Web Page Design Preparation -

This one-of-a-kind video will get you on the fast track to designing your web site pages. You will create a test client to be able to check your site as you create different modules - BEFORE you go live. You will also be setting up a basic folder structure to keep your pages organized as you proceed.

Video 8 - Your Site Design Using A FREE HTML Editor -

This amazing video is the "Meat & Potatoes" of this entire series on How To Create A Membership Site Using DL Guard. In this truly unique video, you'll learn how to use the FREE html editor to create the basic structure of your web page. After watching this video, you will have your web pages created with graphics and everything else in between. You will even tackle some PHP coding just like a web page wizard!

Video 9 - Coding Your Pages Part 1 -

Coding pages part 1 will show you how and where to get the PHP codes needed to lock down each of your membership pages and require passwords to view them. Plus you'll learn how to test to make sure that everything works perfect. And if you've never worked with PHP codes before, don't worry...After watching this video, you'll feel like an old pro.
Here Is A Brief Sample Of The Video Quality

The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires JavaScript to be enabled and the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player. If you are you using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by [downloading here](http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer).

Video 10 - How To Customize Your Web Pages -

In this video, we will show you a variety of example pages that DL Guard has included in the package that we will allow you to personalize your membership site's web pages. Plus, you'll learn a few more tips and tricks to ensure that your membership site is a complete success.

Video 11 - More Web Page Customization with PHP -

This powerful video empowers you with knowledge on having an index page outside as well as inside the members' folder. This outside index page will contain SEO content to attract free traffic. And in this video, you'll learn how to create the link on this index page to join as well as login to the members (folder) pages. You will also learn about Cascading Style Sheets (css), which can save you loads of time when updating your site, now & in the future. In addition, you will see first-hand how to use bits & pieces of the DL Guard sample pages to enhance your membership website by customizing your welcome page.

Video 12-Finishing Up Your Web Page Customization -

We'll go into more detail on CSS for your page layout. You'll learn how to add pages to your PHP and include a navigational bar. Plus you'll continue customizing them with the PHP codes from the DL Guard sample pages. After watching this video, your site will be looking great and ready to start adding content goodies.

Video 13 - Adding An Email Auto Responder (Aweber) -

You'll learn how to create and integrate an email capture form into your web site. We will show you how to use the basic functions of Aweber, which can be applied to most any email auto responder software. You'll also learn how to use affiliate programs to boost your overall profits for your site

Video 14 - How To Create Additional Levels Of Membership

In this powerful video, you'll be shown, step-by-step, how to create additional levels to your membership site. By doing this, you can offer additional choices to your members by providing extra content and be able to charge more money for each level of membership - all from the same membership site. For example, you can have a Bronze Level for $10 a month, a Silver Level for $15 a month, and a Gold Level for $17 a month.......This video alone can take you from earning a part-time income online, to telling your boss you're out the door!

Video 15 - How To Keep Track Of The Different Membership Levels -

There's no secret that with different levels of membership, things can get a bit confusing, so in this video, you'll learn how to keep track of the additional levels to your membership site that you learned to create in the previous video. And once you learn how to keep track of things, you'll be able to offer different products to the different membership levels and keep offering the membership upgrade to the members that have not done so yet, without bugging those who already have.

Video 16 - Adding Your Content -

When you get to this video, you'll be in the last lap, getting ready to cross the finish line with getting your new membership site up, running and making you money. And in this video, you'll start adding content to your site. You'll learn different ways to add streaming video as well as different products. After watching this video and applying what you've learned, you will never have to worry about someone stealing your download links ever again.

Video 17 - Testing Your Site Before Going Live -

In this unique video, you'll learn how to test everything on your site before going live. You'll want to do this because it's better to detect a problem before one of your newly paid members brings it to your attention in an angry manner. So after this video on testing, you'll be ready to rock and roll with your new membership site.

  But wait, that's not all…………..  
Once you say yes to Master DL Guard, you'll also receive these…………..
4 FREE Bonuses

Bonus #1:

"Discover The Internet's Single Most Powerful Profit Generator As Used By Online Marketing TOP GUNs From Around The World!"

Attention: If you want to join the ranks of the
Internet Marketing Superstars today...

If You Sincerely Want To Make A Decent 4-5 Figure Income Every Single Month From Information Marketing, Then This Is Your Chance To Learn How YOU Can Create Your Own Wealth-Building System As Used By TOP Internet Marketing Leaders!

Inside, you will discover:
How most of the Internet Marketing leaders and gurus make their massive wealth online through this one particularly special business model (and how YOU can do the same)!

4 super good reasons why YOU - or any Infopreneur - should start their own membership site!

Why selling information can be anybody's game! (You'll be shocked when you see the statistics of people paying for information online today!)

How to create your own wealth-generating power house from scratch - even if you don't know nuts about programming or running a membership site!
AND much, much more!

Bonus #2:

How to Create a Membership Site from Scratch"

"Introducing a video series..."

In this video series, you will continue where you left off.  You'll be taken step by step to learn how to setup a membership site from the eyes of a membership owner.  You'll know how to plan ahead so you can save time and money in the long run, and so much much.

Here is what you'll gain access to:

1) What you need to know and what tools you need before you get started.
2) How to plan your membership site out.
3) How to setup and organize your download and welcome page.
4) How to setup a Small Machines Forum
5) How to Install a membership script
6) How to Create products and protect your files with the script
7) Testing your membership site to make sure it works

Bonus #3:

Instant Niche Riches:

The Step By Step System For Finding, Exploiting & Cashing In On Little Known Niches!
Are you ready to discover a simple way to generate profits online in little know niche markets? Would you like to cash in on markets that no one else cares about? Maybe you just want to stay "under the radar" and quietly bank a small fortune.

Chapter 1 - What Is A Niche? 
Chapter 2 - Brainstorming & Coming Up With Niche Ideas
Chapter 3 - Keyword Research
Chapter 4 - Profit Formulas
Chapter 5 - Deciding On A Profit Model
Chapter 6 - The Niche Content Site Model
Chapter 7 - The Paid Product Model - Creating A eBook
Chapter 8 - The Paid Product Model - Creating A Sales Letter
Chapter 9 - Getting Traffic
Chapter 10 - Creating More Profits

Bonus #4:

Launch Your Membership Site To Millions Of Hungry Customers Through The Power Of Joint Ventures...

Full start to finish tried and tested joint venture guide. Proven methods of the successful joint venture.

From your introduction and getting noticed, to your follow-up and securing your future and everything in between.

Here's just some of what you'll discover:

How To Find Real JV Prospects.
An Almost Endless Supply of Prospects
12 Mistakes Of The Joint Venture Newbie.
How to know before approaching anyone whether or not they're going to accept your offer.
How to build and use a powerful information network.
5 ways to increase your acceptance rates by 85%
and much much more...

Simply put………..Once you say yes to Master The DL Guard, combined with these powerful bonuses, there's virtually no way you can fail at creating your very own membership site with DL Guard!

But you don't have to take our word for it………..

"Membership Master" video tutorials is AWESOME! Excellent program! I WILL be telling everyone who is interested in creating their own membership site about this program and let them know that it is topnotch training package and best of all it can be done very cheaply so it's within reach of most people :-)

David Gale

Now that you've heard the testimonials, you should be convinced. But if you're like most people, then you're probably still a little skeptical, so that's why we're going to provide you with a…………

60 day, 100% money back guarantee

That's right… We're so sure that these 17 videos are everything that you need to create a profit-producing membership quickly and easily using DL Guard that we're going to back it up for a full 60 days.
In fact, we're going to give it to you straight - This isn't some crazy, ridiculous or confusing guarantee. We've made it simple, just like the videos we're going to provide you with.

If you aren't 100% satisfied with any part of Master The DL Guard, then all you have to do is let us know and we'll instantly refund 100% of your money…Even if it's on the 59th day of the guarantee.

There is no fine print or red tape!

The longer you wait to start your own membership site using Master The DL Guard, the likelihood of someone else using it to create one in your niche is more than likely to happen. But you can beat them to the punch by saying yes to these amazing videos today!

You have the opportunity to truly make more money than you ever dreamed possible - quickly and easily, and without having technical skills.

So order today and turn these step-by-step videos into HUGE PROFITS for you!

Click the order button below and in just two short minutes, you'll be on our way to membership site success.

Reviewing The Dl guard Membership Mastery Video Series is easy

You can secure your copy now: [](http://1.dlguard1.pay.clickbank.net?detail=How%20To%20Create%20A%20Membership%20Site%20Using%20DL%20Guard%20)

[Order Right Now](http://1.dlguard1.pay.clickbank.net?detail=How%20To%20Create%20A%20Membership%20Site%20Using%20DL%20) and get started building your own redisdual imcome!

Talk soon.


PS: Once you say yes to Master DL Guard, it's backed by a 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!

PPS: A year from now, you'll be looking back on this as one of the most profitable decisions you've ever made. You will be well on your way to building a market dominating membership site, complete with a sense of purpose, deliberateness, and passion.

"Master DL Guard" gives you everything you need to succeed with ease!

Don't just do nothing-ACT NOW!

Reviewing The Dl guard Membership Mastery Video Series is easy

You can secure your copy now: [](http://1.dlguard1.pay.clickbank.net?detail=How%20To%20Create%20A%20Membership%20Site%20Using%20DL%20Guard%20)

Are You Ready To Get Started?
You can decide that you don't want to discover the secrets of creating your own membership site, that you don't want to be the online success you long to be, and that you would rather waste your money paying over-priced freelancers… and if this is your decision then I wish you the best.

But if you are ready to start your own membership site and make a regular re-curring income.. All through the power of these 17 step-by-step videos... then you need to [order my DLGuard membership Mastery Series](http://1.dlguard1.pay.clickbank.net?detail=How%20To%20Create%20A%20Membership%20Site%20Using%20DL%20) right now.

Click the order button right now and go through the simple 2-minute order process. You can start watching your videos and start creating your own membership site in just a few minutes… Don't wait another second, [order now](http://1.dlguard1.pay.clickbank.net?detail=How%20To%20Create%20A%20Membership%20Site%20Using%20DL%20)……

Hi Craig

WOW!! what can i say this is totally awesome and to say it blew me away is the understatement of the year to think how i struggled time after time to get stuff up on my web pages and then you go and bring this out.

If only i had this when i started out it would have saved me weeks of learning from other software that i had to purchase, the videos are something else so easy to follow, you have a winner here craig good luck.



David Mills

You have everything thing to gain and absolutely nothing to loose!   Heck, I'm are about to spill the beans, and give you that need to start developing your own membership site with ease and much much more... Signup up absolutely FREE right now!

Yes Craig, I want More Informtion On Creating My own membership Site Using These Videos And DL Guard!

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