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Training for Rock Climbing, By Ryan Coisson

"New! How You Can Quickly and Easily Become a Better and Stronger
Rock Climber with the Secrets of Climbing's Pros...100% Guaranteed"

Dear Fellow Climber,

Let me ask you a few questions... from one climber to another.
Think about these questions CAREFULLY and HONESTLY...

* Do you ever feel that some climbers are just "naturally" good at
climbing... and you're just NOT... and there's virtually_ nothing_ you
can do about it?

* Do you ever feel frustrated that you just can't climb your latest

* Do you have to constantly buy new shoes because your footwork is
so bad you keep blowing out the toe boxes?

* Do you feel like you lack the resources and KNOWLEDGE to really
improve your climbing?

* Do you ever feel like you're just TOO OLD to climb strong anymore?

* Do you sometimes get upset that you can't figure out how do
certain moves or techniques that other climbers make look easy?

* Do you ever worry that better climbers are talking about you
BEHIND YOUR BACK... and making fun of you because you aren't "climbing
like them"?

* Do you ever barn door while climbing or are your feet always
coming off the holds?

* Do you WANT to be stronger, but DON'T WANT to take it "too far"
and train 8 days a week?

* Do you find yourself spending HOURS training to become better...
_slaving_ away... only to feel dissatisfied and _frustrated_ with your

* Do you get sick and tired of not being able to progress and climb

* Do you wonder why you always get "PUMPED"... even on boulder

* Do you ever feel afraid that you might fall and hold yourself back
because of that FEAR?

* Do you ever feel like you just don't have good "TECHNIQUE" and

* Do you ever feel like you don't have any mental toughness because
you are always only giving it a part of your effort, out of "FEAR"?
* Do you feel like you _could_ be a better and stronger climber...
if you just had the TIME needed to train and climb more?

* Do you ever think that if I was just taller I could be a better

* Do you ever get scared on a route or boulder problem and
completely lose your FOCUS and end up falling or having to take as a

* Do you ever feel angry or bitter when you see a another climber do
routes you want to be able to climb?

* Do you ever feel like you just can't hold those holds on the
harder routes...and even if you could, you probably couldn't finish
the route anyway?

* Do you ever go out climbing and just get shut down by everything
you try and then you can't even climb routes and boulder problems you
have dialed?

* Do you ever watch OTHER climbers make V10 look like V0... while
you just stand there and wish that YOU could do that?

* Do you ever feel like you would be a better climber if you were
only taller or could just lose a little weight?
* Do you feel like the climbers who are "naturally" talented will
always have an unfair advantage over you... and you'll just never be
able to climb like them?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then I have
something VERY important to share with you...

That something is this: _I know exactly how you feel._

I've experienced these same fears, frustrations, and anxieties in
my not-too-distant past. I've been there.

Over 5 years ago when I first started climbing I was FRUSTRATED. I
thought I would be a natural at climbing, I was always an 'athlete'
and 'naturally good at sports'. I didn't understand WHY I sucked so
much at rock climbing. I mean I had horrible technique, I would get
pumped after one or two routes, and I just felt like I couldn't hold
on to those stupid small holds.

And I would go to the rock gym and climb all the time, everyone kept
telling me Ryan just climb more and you'll get better. Have you heard
this crap before? Just keep climbing you'll get better. Well I felt
like I was hitting my head against the wall, it wasn't working.

I _internally resented_ any climber who was stronger and better
(the way I WANTED to be)-- _especially_ the climbers who made it look
so easy.

I thought to myself, "If only I had the _knowledge_..." "If only I
had the _time_..." "If only I would have started climbing at a younger

I felt like, "If only I had what _those_ climbers have, then I
would surely show THEM."

I went on and on like this... never happy with my performance and
getting more and more frustrated.... and worse, never truly_
admitting_ to myself that if I wanted to be better I NEEDED to
seriously do something about it.

Until finally... one day, something inside me just SNAPPED.

I decided enough was enough. I was sick and tired of not being as
good as I knew I could be. _I just couldn't stand the thought of
climbing year after year and just not progressing._ The Discovery That
Changed My Life

I became determined to transform my climbing and climb my best.
Determined to show the climbing world what I was made of. Determined
to be a strong and confident rock climber.

I went on a PERSONAL MISSION. I read every rock climbing book,
magazine, and resource I could get my hands on. I experimented with
all the training techniques, plans, devices, supplements...

_But it wasn't enough_...

So I went to the PROS. I started making friends with the men and
women in the climbing industry.

And that's when I made _this important discovery_...


In just a few short months, I learned FAR MORE from these Climbing
Professionals than I had learned during the previous years of
struggling on my own. Not only that, but these climbing secrets

My climbing changed _dramatically_... my strength, technique,
mental toughness, footwork, confidence, everything. And the best part
was, this "new world of climbing" was the EXACT breakthrough I

No longer was I that weak, average climber that no one knew... now
I was the strong, elite climber who _confidently_ climbed-- and had a
blast doing it.

_And here's what's REALLY interesting:_

The climbing secrets I learned from the Pros were fast... easy...
and required working smart not hard (no training 7 days a week)

And there's more good news...

Here's How You Can Immediately
Become a Better Climber...

After I found and used these amazing rock climbing secrets, I felt
the need to share this information with other climbers... like you.
Because in my opinion, _every_ climber should have the opportunity to
climb thier best.

So I decided to write a book. (But _not_ just ANY book... as you'll
see in a moment.)

First, I took the time to write down everything I've learned in
plain, easy-to-understand language. Every tip, trick, and technique is
included... in a simple, step-by-step format that any climber can use.

But then-- because of how important experts were for my own
personal climbing breakthrough-- I made sure to include everything
that they have taught me about training for climbing and climbing your

I'm talking about experts who are out there putting up the hard
routes and boulder problems, those climbers that are in the
magazines... whose sponsorships _depend_ on them being the BEST IN THE

My finished book is called "TRAINING FOR ROCK CLIMBING: INSIDER

It's filled with _countless _climbing tips, training tricks, and
insider secrets that will make you a stronger and better climber.

I decided to publish the guide as an eBook-- that you can
immediately download to your computer.

But _before_ I show you the Climbing secrets, let me tell you more
about these amazing experts...

Here Are Some Of The Climbing
Secrets You'll Discover...

Here's just a small sample what you'll get with your private copy
of "Training For Rock Climbing":

* Discover the 3 most important and effective rock climbing training

* How to use some simple strategies to climb stronger almost

* Discover the characteristics that you need to have to be a great
rock climber. Don't worry if you don't have them already I'll teach
you how to get them

* Ever notice how good climbers I mean really good climbers make
every thing look so easy? That's because they climb smart, learn how
to climb smart and effectively so you can be the one making things
look easy

* How to eat and nourish your body for optimal climbing performance
(Even though pizza and beer is your typical climbers diet this
technique will always keep you ONE STEP AHEAD of the crowd...)

* How to design a complete training program for your favorite style
of climbing that is fun and will get you RESULTS!

* How to become more flexible without comprimising your joints to

* Discover the most important cross training exercises for rock
climbers and how they can make you a better climber

* The key to increasing your pull strength by 10-30 percent FAST the
comrade way. Don't share this with anyone or the Russians might come
after me

* Proven ways to overcome your fears and mental obstacles. 87% of
climbers don't climb to their potential because of their fears and
mental obstacles

* How to become a master of goal setting so that you can start
climbing much better than you ever thought possible

* Exactly how to turn on a laser focus so that while your on the
rock you stay climbing your best

* The amazing step-by-step process for keeping yourself injury free
all climbing season long

* Learn the two schools of thought on rock climbing training and
which one is better

* A simple process to make you more confident on the rock. There is
probably nothing more important than being confident in yourself, your
gear, and your partner while you climb

* A proven way to harness _positive energy_ into your climbing...
giving you more motivation, confidence, and belief

* 3 key principles to planning any training program and why without
them your bound to fail and be frustrated.

* How to choose a climbing partner that is going to make you a
better climber not drag you down

* __Discover the SAID principle and how it effects your climbing

* The number one most common mistake climbers make when trying to
get better that actually holds them back from getting better...

* Surefire techniques to "spice up" your climbing-- so that people
think of you as a climber that loves to have fun

* A simple 15-minute process to perform before and after you climb
to keep you injury free!

* How to finally not get so pumped all the time and what to do when
you start getting pumped on a route

* The SECRET to getting dominating ab strength... (You MUST start
doing this one specific exercise.)

* The secret to long-lasting improvement that will keep you
_completely_ off those dreaded plateaus and climbing your best
* And much, much more...

I could go on forever about how many great climbing tips and
step-by-step training and technique secrets you'll learn... but don't
just take my word for it.

Check out why climbers _everywhere_ are RAVING about "Training for
Rock Climbing" and its incredible results...

Real Success Stories From Climbers Like You

"All I can say is THANK YOU! This info is priceless... In less than
1 week after learning about your training and climbing system, I
improved my climbing and strength! I'm so surprised (I mean shocked!)
at how unbelievably easy this is and I can't wait to try out the other
techniques and training ideas. Now I wonder why didn't someone tell me
about this sooner?"


"I have found your 'training for climbing program' extremely useful.
Thank you very much for your information, I am going to continue to
work on all of your recommendations. You've changed my whole climbing
training and strategy!"

- Joseph L

"The system is amazing! Not only do I now have confidence but my
climbing strength has increased by more than 50%! This has seriously
changed my life."

- Crystal M

"Hey Ryan thank you so much for all the advice that you have
provided in the training course. I am already climbing stronger and it
has only been 3 weeks. Thanks

- Adam O

"I am a total newbie to climbing. I am also 61 years old, so while I
have started to incorporate you ideas and techniques it is a little
more slowly since I am not in my 20's anymore. I have been a runner
most of my life and took up indoor rock climbing to get some upper
body strength and am now hooked on it. I am starting to climbing
outside (bouldering) and love it too. I plan to use all of your
techniques to maximize my climbing."

Thank you!

- Mike

"First of all I would like to thank you for all of the information
in your course. I haven't climb much recently because of work but you
have been a great help to me.

- Leo R

""Just a beginner here, your course is very good. Sound advice and
well put together. All in all... Great job and good information.""

_- _Brad T

It's Time For You To Get Ahead...

As you can tell from the comments above, climbers everywhere are
experiencing the FANTASTIC BENEFITS of the 'Training for Rock
Climbing' system.

And let's face it: It couldn't have come at a better time.

These days, climbing is becoming more and more popular. It seems
like every new great climber is 16 years old and has been climbing
since they were 4. Just look at who competed for the US in the recent
World Cup Bouldering Championships most of the American competitors
are under 21.

Plus, climbing is now starting to get all over the television and
media. As it becomes more and more popular do you want to continue
struggling or do you want to be on top of your game.

There's literally no excuse to not improve your climbing... to
become a stronger, better and more technical climber. Because now
there are _proven, step-by-step shortcuts_ to becoming better...

And that is PRECISELY why the Training for Rock Climbing system is
so powerful. You won't have to worry about OTHER climbers getting
ahead of you. YOU will be the one with the advantage.

Training for Rock Climbing has nothing to do with just climbing
more to become a better climber. We don't want you train your butt off
and be training 7 days a week. I tried all that and I didn't get
results, I got frustrated.

Instead, your results will be FAST, EASY, and long-term. Not only
will this help you become a better climber quickly but it will also
help you constantly develop your skills to always be progressing and
becoming a stronger, better, more efficent climber.

Unfortunately, there are still countless climbers who spend
countless hours training to end up frustrated in an attempt to be a
better climber. Because they don't know about these secrets... and not
only that, they don't know these amazing climbing secrets EVEN EXIST.

Here's why...

Why You Won't Hear About These
Breakthrough Climbing Secrets
Anywhere Else...

Training for Rock Climbing is perhaps the FIRST book ever written
for REAL CLIMBERS with REAL STRATEGIES for becoming a better and
stronger climber. Most information on the market is published by
magazine companies or outdoor industry brands-- with the objective to
sell more products.

Training for Rock Climbing is different. This guide was created by
the REAL EXPERTS... the ones who DON'T write books or share their
strategies, because they're too busy climbing grades all over the
world that you can only dream about right now!

Now just imagine: What if you had YOUR OWN personal climbing
professional-- there to instantly help you train and critique you
while you climb... anytime you wanted? How would that feel?

BUM TO CLIMB YOUR BEST. What you need is the KNOWLEDGE and
INFORMATION. You need to know step-by-step exactly how the pros do
it... and then you can use the SAME tricks and techniques for

Every climber has a unique ability that's all their own, and it's
your turn to make sure yours is being used. Right away you'll being
climbing better and smarter when you put these fabulous secrets into

So let me ask you: What's this guide worth to you?

Consider this: To hire ANY of the Professional Climbers or Coaches,
you'd have to pay between $80.00 and $350.00 per hour... EACH... and
sometimes even more.

The "Training for Rock Climbing" system includes the best
strategies and most closely-guarded secrets from the top climbers--
that would cost THOUSANDS of dollars and possibly YEARS to learn on
your own -- plus the countless climbing tricks I've included from my
own experience.

My friends and other climbers suggested I sell this course for at
least $147.00... since it contains so many helpful tips and
techniques. But since I want ANY CLIMBER to be able to benefit from
this-- regardless of their budget-- I've decided to sell the entire
Training for Rock Climbing course on this website for _the one-time
affordable price of just $39.95 $19.95._

I'm sure you know a bargain when you see one... and the rock-bottom
price of just $39.95 $19.95 is DEFINITELY a bargain.


You'll Also Get These Three FREE Gifts!

When you buy "Training for Rock Climbing" right now, you'll also
get these three FREE gifts... that contain must-read information that
is not available anywhere else, at any price.

1. FREE Membership to Training for Rock Climbing Newsletter I am
always meeting new world class climbers, doing more and more research,
reading books, paying coaches to teach me about climbing, etc. Why?
because we can always get better and learn more. Plus I want to be
able to share this information with other climbers just like YOU.

That is why in my Training for Rock Climbing Newsletter I give you
updates on climbing philosophy, training breakthroughs, climbing
injury prevention tips, recent books and dvds, and new interviews I've

Everyone else used to pay $19.95 per month for this service, but
when you buy the Training for Rock Climbing course...


2. Get ACCESS To My Personal Training Program For Life

I am going to give you my exact training program that I am currently
using to train. You'll get an inside look at what I am doing and can
steal all of my ideas.

You'll Learn...

* How often I train and when I rest
* What types of cross training exercises I do to make sure I am in
excellent shape
* Find out what I do in each climbing session and what it is meant
to do

* Discover the one secret that was the hardest for me to learn, but
had a dramatic impact on my climbing

Not only that but you can then customize all of this information to
create your own training program if you like. Plus everytime I change
my program you'll get a copy of it FREE sent to your inbox.

4. One Time Complimentary Training Call

I know that you will probably have a lot of questions and will be
wondering where to look for answers. That is why I will personally do
a complimentary training session. I simply refuse to let you get
behind or feel overwhelmed because you don't quite understand
something in my course or have a question that you're not sure who to

Therefore, when you order my course in the next 24 hours you'll
receive a one-time personal one-on-one quick start call to help you.
The value and, more importantly, the impact of such personal support
far exceeds the investment in "Training for Rock Climbing" in my

During your one-time complimentary quick start call you can ask me
anything that you would like to about training for climbing or
improving your performance. As of right now these complimentary
training sessions are only available to those in the United States.

Remember, these four valuable bonuses are completely FREE when you
order "Training for Rock Climbing" today!

Not only that, but...

Your Purchase Is Backed By My Personal
60 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

"Training for Rock Climbing" comes with a 60 Day 100% money-back
guarantee. Read it beginning to end, and the bonuses. Try the
strategies completely risk FREE-- you don't have to decide now.

If the strategies and the information in the book aren't helpful to
you, or if you're not satisfied for ANY reason at all, simply reply to
the email confirmation you'll receive and let us know. I'll personally
guarantee you a COMPLETE refund of your purchase price. No questions

And not only that, but I'll let you _KEEP_ the book and the bonus
materials... just for your trouble. The next time you return a book to
your local bookstore for a refund, ask them if you can keep the book
too. I think you'll realize this is the best guarantee you'll ever

How can I afford to be so generous?

Easy-- so far, every single person I know of who has experienced
this amazing new training and climbing system has been using it ever
since with results that (as you saw in the success stories above) are
nothing less than INCREDIBLE. So I'm extremely confident that you'll
be _thrilled_ by the results YOU achieve.

Look, I'm a CLIMBER, just like you-- and I honestly want to share
these fabulous secrets with you, and I don't want you to have to worry
about getting "ripped off". After all, it's hard to find someone you
can trust, especially on the Internet. And that's why I'm being so

Here's A Recap Of Everything You Get When
You Download "Training For Rock Climbing" Today


* "Training for Rock Climbing: Insider Secrets From Climbing's Top

* "FREE Lifetime Access to My Training Newsletter"

* "My Exact Climbing Training Program - Plus Lifetime Updates if it
* "A Free Phone Consultation With Me to Answer Your Training and
Climbing Questions and to Get You Started Right Away- U.S. only"



Don't Decide Now
Read "Training for Rock Climbing"
FREE For 7 Days

This is quite possibly the most important investment you'll ever
make for your rock climbing and your climbing training.

I assure you that you'll be able to use this guide to become a
stronger, more efficient, more confident and effective climber in ways
you never even dreamed possible.

"Training for Rock Climbing" may have the one piece of advice you
need, but I want you to be absolutely sure about it. That's why I'M
NOT GOING TO ASK YOU TO PAY FOR IT until you've had a chance to read
it and see for yourself-- with your own eyes-- exactly what it can do
for you.

When you click on the button below, you'll be taken to a secure
order page where you can download the book for FREE right now (just
use a valid credit card for your order... you won't be charged for a
full 7 days).

Read the guide and you'll find strategies you can use RIGHT AWAY to
become a stronger and better rock climber. I promise.

You can take up to 7 days to read the book and start applying the
techniques you learn.

If, after you've read the book, it's not for you... or you didn't
find any useful information in it for your situation, simply reply to
the email confirmation you'll receive when you download your copy of
the book, write "cancel" in your message, and we won't charge your
credit card at all.

If you'd like to keep the book, you don't need to do anything
further. Your credit card will automatically be billed-- but not
before you've had a FULL 7 DAYS to use the materials.

I truly want to help you become a better rock climber. Every rock
climber has a unique and dynamic climbing style, and I want to help
you make the most of yours.

I get emails every day from climbers who are using these materials
to take charge of their training for climbing to climb their best. Now
it's your turn.

Click this button to download "Training for Rock Climbing" for your
7-day free trial:

[1] Download Your Free Trial [2] NOTE: (The 7-day free trial offer
is available only for eBook orders online.)

Let me ask you this: What if this knowledge gives you just ONE great
idea or technique for becoming a better rock climber? Just ONE. What
would that be worth to you?

Now ask yourself: What if there's even a chance that this book can
actually teach you how to become stronger, more confident, more
effective, efficient and just an all around better rock climber?

What if you really can learn how to stand out from the crowd, climb
strong with ease, and be climbing those routes and boulder problems

How much would that be worth to you? A thousand dollars? More? For
most climbers I know, it would be priceless.

Just the POSSIBILITY of achieving these goals would be worth the
investment. That's why I personally invested over six months and
thousands of dollars to interview top rock climbing professionals..

I WISH that I would have been able to buy this knowledge, insight,
and experience for $39.95 $19.95 when I started. And I know that
you'll be_ thrilled_ you made the investment in yourself once you read

This much is for sure: For the rest of your climbing life you're
going to be conscious of how you climb.

The question is, are you going to be equipped with the KNOWLEDGE of
how to become better? Or are you going to let your climbing life pass
by without ever truly climbing your BEST?

It's Easy to Get Started...

Here's how it works:

Click the order button below, and you'll go to our secure order
page for your credit or debit card or online check information. Once
your order has been approved, you can download the book immediately in
Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

If you're at work right now, or if you need to download "Training
for Rock Climbing" to another computer, that's perfectly fine. Just
submit your order now and then retrieve your download link from the
confirmation email we send you.

This ebook and bonuses are compatible with all types of computers.
If you prefer, you can also print out any parts of the guide. The
whole process is VERY simple-- you'll be reading your book in less
than 5 minutes.

Your transaction is 100% secure. Your information is transmitted
using the latest SSL encryption technology (the same kind used by
online banks and financial institutions) to ensure TOTAL privacy and

Remember-- "Training for Rock Climbing" has been developed by rock
climbing pros with YOU in mind. You'll use these amazing secrets to
_instantly_ transform your climbing, gain strength and confidence,
climb harder routes and boulder problems, impress your climbing
partners, and avoid those plateaus from now on ...

Don't miss out on this fantastic, limited-time opportunity...
_Order now:_

Download Your FREE Trial [3]


Ryan Coisson, Climber

P.S. "Training For Rock Climbing" shows you step-by-step the
closely-guarded climbing secrets of Climbing's experts that most
climbers will NEVER know. You'll instantly climb stronger, more
efficient, and with more confidence.

Your purchase is backed by my 60 Day 100% money-back guarantee. And
when you order now, you'll get three FREE gifts. All this for just the
low price of $29.95 $19.95. This offer is truly too good to refuse...
doesn't it make sense to give it a fair try?


lower = better; 1 = best

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