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  Date: 17 June, 2008 From : Rich Punter Master Analyst and Strategist
A lot of questions have been thrown to me from punters around the world about how and can it be possible to be making a full time income from soccer betting.

It set me laughing every time someone ask me this question.

The answer is YES! and I am the living proof! $2215 in a day!! See below for the screen shot that I took from one of my betting account.

 It is possible and I am going to let you in this little secret on how I  easily make money from the bookies in awhile.

If you are one of those skeptic or critique that thinks I am talking crap, feel free to close the browser and get out from this site. This is definitely not for you.

If you have been losing your hard earned money week in week out to your bookmaker and seriously would like to find out the most efficient ways to make back all your losses plus getting in good profit along the way, then you have just stumble on a GOLDMINE.


Discover The Bet In Play Signals Your Bookmakers Don't Want You To Know


The Next Soccer Betting WAVE that's going to hit the Bookmaker right in the eyes.

4 "Sure To Hang Your Bookie By Their Ball" Bet In Play Signals Exposed.

Step by Step Guide (with live screenshot), even a 70 year old grandpa can identify within minutes.

Obscene Profit Earning Potential (You tell me after you try it but keep the drooling to yourself)

Full version (Only 200 Copies) will be released.

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Bookmakers nightmare is about to be revealed....


I am sure you are always looking for ways to beat the bookmaker. If you by any chance end up here and now reading this, you must be among one of those millions of punters out there who are just contributing your hard earned money week in week out to the bookmakers.

Well, to tell you the truth, I'm not a little bit shock to hear that. Anyway, there are many of those punters like you.

Back then, before turning full time on my soccer betting, I was having the same fate like you, just contributing my hard earned money to my bookie but not anymore now.

I am so comfortable now that I can even afford not to work anymore and put all my time into football betting as my main source of income.

Sounds crap to you? Well, I don't blame you if you are 110% not believing any of the words I said as there's hundreds or thousands of websites out there promising you the smell of heaven but deliver you rotten piece of shit at the end of the day.

Anyway, you have to always remember this........ anything you do - to believe me or not, I will still be the one laughing at the end of the day because I am the one making good fortune from my bookies and not you.


Hi Rich Punter,

You have just given me a new life in soccer betting. As Asian Handicap is just gaining popularity in UK, most of us don't know what Asian Handicap betting is, let alone to make money from it.

Now I fully understand Asian Handicap and the strategy for in running bet is stupendous. It's so easy for me to make profit and I could even be placing my bet in the 80th minutes!

The signals you revealed are easy to understand and all I have to do is to follow it closely and it's as good as home run.

I hope Betfair will not be closing my account when they kept seeing me withdrawing pounds from my account yeah.

Thanks mate. You are a genius.
Matt Baines Sheffield, UK    

Hi Rich Punter,

Your bet in play signals is cruel! and I like it. Been raking in thousands of dollars using it. The best part is, I don't even need to monitor the odds days before it started.

You made it looks so easy to make money from the bookmaker and I guessed they must have hated you for it. But not to worry because all of us punters love you for the strategy that you revealed in your book.

Everyday now is like Sunday and I can't remember when was the last time I pay my bookmaker. It feels so bloody good and all thanks to you Rich.
Joshua Wong Hong Kong    


The most unique Soccer Betting System ever created. You can never find any other Bet in Play system anywhere in the world as this is the only system that will teach you how to make money fast betting in live matches.



I am revealing to you one of the best and fastest method to making good profit in football betting.

With the strategy that is revealed, you will learn the easiest way to make a huge killing from betting in Bet In Play.

There will be signals compiled for you to look out for and apply. I am giving you the easiest way to win your football bets through bet in play.

If you are looking for a surest way to make money from your bookmaker, follow one of my way of betting that is betting in Bet in Play or some might call it In - Running bets.

You will be shock to know how easy and profitable betting in play can be after reading this book.

If you seriously need to find out the best way to make good profit from your football method, there's very little I can do to help if you never lay your hands on this guide that can perhaps turn your life forever. After all, you are getting this information from me, a full time punter that has been making good profit from the bookmakers for the past five over years.

It's no skin of my back if you choose to be one of those skeptic because like I have mentioned earlier, I am still be the one laughing at the end of the day because I am still making good money form my football betting using the bet in play signals that I have revealed in this book.



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Bet in Play Goldmine


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