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Market your property online with a unique web page and web address and give potential buyers DIRECT ACCESS to your listing!
ORDER TODAY and set up your page instantly! All you need is your web browser no software to buy!

A "By Owner Web Page" is a great addition to your current FSBO marketing. Easily upload up to 20 high resolution images of your property, fill out your listing's information and have your web page ready in just a few minutes.

An amazing on-line property brochure

A property-for-sale web page is the best tool for anyone who advertises their home in a newspaper, magazine, website or even just a "FOR SALE" sign in their front yard and want to enhance their advertisement.

Most FSBO classified web sites shrink your high resolution images and only allow a few pictures. As a home seller you want to show as many detailed images as possible to catch the potential buyer's attention. In addition, newspaper classifieds don't give you room to include images and magazine adds can get very expensive. With a property-for-sale web page, you can easily include a link in any advertisement sending potential buyers directly to your page.

Byownerpage.com is not a classified adds site and every page is displayed individually without links to other FSBOs.

What You Get

NO MONTHLY FEES!! Page runs until sold up to 12 months
Display of up to 20 HIGH RESOLUTION images
A Unique Web Address at www.byownerpage.com
Automatic submission to major search engines
Contact form to keep email address private
Professional looking web page
Unlimited updates
Full description without text limitations
And more...


"Our property for sale web page solution is easy to use. Simply fill out each section on the administrative area, upload your images and you are set to go!"


ClickBank sells our products - they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products. You will receive instant access to your account. Publishing your On-Line property brochure is just a few clicks away. There is no need to wait for activation, verification, or anything else. All you need is a web browser....ORDER NOW!

You can create you By Owner Page in under 15 Minutes.

How to contact us. support@byownerpage.com or call 1.800.905.5886 EXT 3 How long does the page stay up? Until sold up to 12 months How easy is it to use? Our system is extremely user friendly, just fill in the blanks. What happens when I sell? Simply login to your account and delete your listing. How long does it take to get the page up? Your account is activated instantly and the page is up as soon as you fill out your property's information. Is my email address public? No. Your property's page will have a contact form where visitors can send you emails as long as your page is active but your email address is never visible. What will my property's web address be? When you create a listing, a unique listing id is created and you will see your property's web address on your account. It will look something like http://www.byownerpage.com/112. Can I use a custom domain name? Yes. You can register your own domain name with any registrar or you may contact us for more information.

Hatten Design LLC and byownerpage.com is not directly involved in the listing or selling of real estate. We do not represent the buyer or seller and do not receive a commission on the sale of any property. We do not provide legal advice. Legal counsel should be obtained in processing real estate transactions. Hatten Design LLC and qwkfsbo.com is a provider of web pages and web placement. All information listed from owners/sellers and individuals with wants or needs is provided by those persons. Hatten Design LLC and byownerpage.com makes no guarantee for the accuracy of the information listed and cannot be held liable for information that is not true or correct. In keeping with the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1988 as amended, we will not knowingly promote anything that makes any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, se x , religion, color, national origin, age, ancestry, se x ual orientation, familial status, or disability, or an intention to make such preference, limitation or discrimination.
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