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✓ You’ve tried every sleeping aid out there

✓ You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on drugs, audio tapes, weird
lights and other New Age psychobabble

So simple and natural that you’re likely to say, “This can’t
work!” But it does. And it’s so much easier and cheaper than going
to the drug store and buying the latest rip-off sleeping pill or going
to a Doctor so you can pay big bucks for a prescription item that
doesn’t even work – and I ought to know because I’m a Doctor.

Dr. Simon Marmier

You don’t have to go on suffering and struggling through
countless nights from sleep deprivation…When there’s a solution
that works.

So I’m telling you NOW -- drop what you're doing, take 3 minutes
and read every word in this article to discover how to _finally_
eliminate insomnia - drug free – RIGHT NOW!

From: Dr. Simon Marmier

Re: The Only Real Cure For Insomnia

Dear Sleep Sufferer,

Let me ask you a question...Do you lie awake at night for no reason
at all? Watching TV, reading, surfing the NET – every night?
You’ve counted sheep so many times that even _they_ fall asleep
before you do?

Don’t tell me -- You’ve tried milk, prescription sleep aids,
natural sleep aids, hypnosis, exercise, yoga… and here you are
again…and that’s the GOOD NEWS – to be able to do things while
everyone sleeps.

The Bad News Is…

During the day you are constantly feeling tired, unfocused, and lack
energy because you rarely get a good night's sleep. These are signs of
sleep deprivation. If you have them you are like so many of my
patients before they started using my incredible method that you’re
about to learn.

No doubt about it, if you’re here you’ve been making some very
common mistakes that are literally draining the life out of you and
tapping your energy level every single day. Worse yet, these mistakes
are hazardous to your health.

• Memory problems
• Chronic pain
• Attention problems
• Poor motor responses to stimuli
• Difficulty controlling emotions, mood swings
• Increased risk of motor vehicle accident
• Increased risks of certain diseases
• Depression
• Irritability
• Increased risk of work related accidents
• Decreased work performance
• Social problems, marital problems
• Lowered immune system

You see, a sleep disorder will have tremendous health consequences,
it lowers your immune system, which in turn makes you more prone to
having diseases. Not only that, but during a particular stage of sleep
called Deep Sleep, your body produces Growth Hormone, which allows
your tissues to regenerate and your body to rebuilt itself.

“If You’re Reading This You Know That The Pills And Drugs Don’t
Give You The Sleep Your Body Craves”

If you don't enter Deep Sleep, you do not produce enough Growth
Hormone, and your body, instead of rebuilding itself will actually
breakdown faster! Did any of your treatments help your sleeping
problem? Did any of them work at all?

If you’ve had sleep deprivation symptoms, you know that the pills
and drugs don’t give you the sleep your body craves, because they
tend to leave you feeling groggy all day.

To make matters worse, regular use can lead to rebound insomnia. This
occurs when a person quits taking sleeping pills and his or her
insomnia comes back. What about the expensive sleep therapists – did
they help you?

What Is Insomnia?

_Insomnia is the body's way of telling you that something isn't
right._ These things could include stress, caffeine, depression,
changes in work shifts, and pain from medical problems.

Many people have insomnia. They desperately seek sleep disorder
treatment. Some, may not be able to fall asleep; others wake up during
the night and are not able to fall back asleep, or they may wake up
too early in the morning. These are only a few of the many sleep
deprivation effects.

By now you see that the warm dairy drinks and the pills aren’t much
more help than the meditation tapes, the magic pillow, or the magic
number sleep mattress – you might as well turn out that purple
circadian light too – it’s useless!

Sleep problems are often mistreated and potentially dangerous
disorders that affect the lives of millions of people each year.
That's the bad news. The GOOD NEWS is that you may not have to
continue suffering! Keep reading to find out the well-hidden truth you
won't find anywhere else!

You don't have to spend the rest of your life like that, you don't
have to wake up tired, because there are a few, very simple and easy
to apply natural methods to repair your sleep, that will restore a
powerful and balanced sleep mechanism so you have the sleep and the
life you deserve.

“Over The Years I have Gathered An Incredible Amount Of Information
On Sleep”

Hi, I’m Doctor Simon Marmier, it really bothers me to see all of
these people come to my office complaining about insomnia, some with a
problem of dropping off to sleep, but there are others desperate for
just a few hours of sleep any time they could get it, night or day.

So I started to investigate. I already knew the physiology and the
mechanics of insomnia, but there was more to it than that. Why were
these people suffering?

What was different about these people? What could I do? I really
needed to understand and find a way to change their situation. I was
truly tired of _them_ being tired…

I took all of their reasons why they couldn’t sleep, physical,
psychological – case history after case history – and the data as
you can imagine was enormous. I was shocked.

"A Lot Of Them Didn’t Want To Do It. “ Are You Crazy?” They

Over the years I have gathered an incredible amount of information on
sleep, some, closely held secrets that I wanted to pass on. The
problem was that I had such a busy practice that I couldn't afford to
spend hours with each individual patient.

I locked myself in my room and read, researched, explored and
experienced everything and anything related to insomnia, natural sleep
aids, sleep deprivation treatments and sleep disorder symptoms. Not
only did I listen to my clients, I went to my friends and colleagues
and talked and researched the topic with them as well.

_A lot of them didn’t want to do it_. “Are you crazy?” they
said, “I’ve got more important illnesses to attend to.” You’d
be surprised how little doctors know about insomnia -- or care. But I
cajoled and finally wheedled it out of the ones who did know.

Keep reading to discover the _little-known_ strategies that will
soon make your sleep-loss seem like a distant, bad dream...

“I Finally Got A Delicious Cake”

I went over this data thousands of times, researching, reading, on
and off the Net – working with my patients -- over the course of
several years until I finally felt confident and satisfied with the

Then I implemented each particular mechanism of a natural sleep, one
at a time, refining and improving it. Over time I gathered more simple
but effective tools to do the same thing...until it became like a cake

_A cake recipe takes no imagination or thinking_. You add the
ingredients in the exact quantity called for, set the thermostat for
the exact amount of degrees for the specified time and you get a
delicious cake each and every time.

“Soon, They Did It For Themselves With Less Work And Less Stress,
Naturally, The Very First Time They Tried It”

And it wasn’t long before I got a delicious cake. I not only helped
my own patients across the board, but oftentimes I was doing it with
only one or two strategies. My patients found their own _natural,_
internal sleep patterns overnight.

And what was sweet for me was: Soon, they did it for themselves with
less work and less stress, naturally, the very first time they tried

“There Is No way That You Will Ever Need To Use ALL Of These Proven

For the first time I had unleashed a professional program custom made
for people suffering from insomnia that provided them with education,
coaching, and guidance on building a successful internal sleep system,
with simple, step by step techniques. “Thank you, so much,
Doctor,” they said, almost without exception.

Using a single one of these techniques before bedtime will instantly
lull you to sleep. NOTE: There is no way that you will ever need to
use ALL of these proven methodologies.

So I decided to put it all in writing and create a book, or a sleep
manual, if you will. That way I could just give the book to the
patient, they could read it on their own and it would be just like
having me next to them teaching them about sleep and how to go about
transforming their insomnia into a deep restorative sleep. That way
everybody could benefit from it and I wouldn't be limited by time.

Well, now you know how this internal sleep system became the genesis
for _"How To Get A Better And Healthier Sleep Starting Tonight"_ _that
has helped thousands of people suffering from sleep deprivation_.

“These People Went On To Experience Normal, healthy, DEEP Sleep
From That Point On”

It is interesting to note here that these people went on to
experience normal, healthy, deep sleep from that point on. _There
truly is not a better natural method that adjusts the internal sleep
system for people who have lost it than_ _"How To Get A Better And
Healthier Sleep Starting Tonight."_ This bears repeating:

_“There truly is not a better natural method that adjusts the
internal sleep system for people who have lost it than "How To Get A
Better And Healthier Sleep Starting Tonight."_

Yes, a small, limited number of lucky, sleep-deprived people – one
of whom could be YOU – are going to get the most powerful sleep
restoration program ever invented for sleep deprived individuals,
_especially_ FOR YOU.

This system is connect-the-dots easy. And there are no outrageous
promises here except that it actually works.

But What Is Most Unique About These Strategies Is...

_ANYONE could put them into action within minutes of a click of a
mouse._ Within minutes you can put to rest all of your sleep
problems…Click here [4]

And because this book is an instant download 24/7 any time of the
night or day, you can be using these instant change techniques to
begin changing your life TONIGHT. Simply follow my step by step
instructions and you will get incredibly powerful results.

Who is Dr. Simon Marmier?

Simon Marmier is a successful author, businessman and Doctor who is
a recognized authority on insomnia.

His journey began when his patients came to him complaining about
sleeplessness even though they had used ‘tried and tested’
prescription drugs.

Over a period of time he came to employ a series of successful
methods. Right now his fondest dream for you is to show you how to
teach you how you can take charge of your sleep patterns so that you
can begin changing your life.

“My Method Will teach You How To Enhance Your Internal Sleep
System Based On What Your Mind And Body Naturally Need”

Isn’t it about time you discovered the TRUTH? _It’ll take you
just 10 minutes to learn!_ Once you understand this system, you'll
soon be doing it naturally too! And best of all it's a very easy to
follow step-by-step solution.

When you allow me to teach you how you can take charge of your
internal sleep system, you'll be controlling your sleep patterns!

My method will teach you how to enhance your internal sleep system
based on what your mind and body naturally need. What is absolutely
vital that you understand is the fact that this internal sleep system
controls your ability to fall asleep as well as the quality of your
sleep as well!

_Don’t kid yourself, restful sleep isn’t a matter of genetics at
all_...it’s completely natural for all of us.

Lack of sleep night after night is simply due to a severely disturbed
sleep system. It is interesting to note, that the ones who discovered
this system are the very same people who come across as larger than
life, enthusiastic, dynamic people -- they've just inadvertently
tapped into the body's internal sleep system.

Now you too can derive more energy from your sleep time.

Don’t misunderstand me, the simple truth is some people do not
disrupt their natural organic mechanisms, so that they tap into this
system naturally. They go through their entire lives not even knowing
just how lucky they are. Then again, there are millions of other
people like you and me that actually have to learn and use this

Do you think insomnia is not TORTURE? For centuries, no matter what
part of the world, the military have been depriving prisoners of sleep
to extract information and confessions.

Yes, It’s Time To BANISH Sleepless Nights From Your Life Once And
For All – Without Dangerous Drugs!

✓ For once you will actually _look forward_ to going to bed for a
restful sleep -- _without_ anxiety. Restlessness is a thing of the
past…a distant dream you can’t remember.

✓ For once power through your entire day - refreshed, happy and
_energized_... You will be able to easily finish all your daily tasks.
And, after that, you will still have enough energy for all the things
you want to do.

✓ Imagine waking up refreshed and full of energy.

✓ Your ability to concentrate and your mental capacity will

✓ Imagine getting up easily in the morning…upon awakening you
_feel completely refreshed_ and ready to start a new day.

Well, You Don’t Have To Use Your Imagination Any Longer...

Try this unique, _natural_ approach with _"How To Get A Better And
Healthier Sleep Starting Tonight,"_ even once -- and tonight you’ll
be fast asleep...but…

Exactly How Does it Work?

The _"How To Get A Better And Healthier Sleep Starting Tonight,"_
technique is one that very few people know about - and it is simply
unbeatable, but I’ll let you be the judge...

Basically, it's a series of jealously guarded natural remedies,
strategies and techniques, finally revealed for your use.

As I said before, taken in any order, these remedies -- frequently it
will take only one or two – will rapidly "reset" the body's normal
sleep patterns -- with absolutely NO dangerous side-effects.

Make no mistake: This is a detailed blueprint complete with the tools
to build a cocoon of deep, deep sleep, from the inside out, to conquer
insomnia for good.

It is a step by step, 100% practical guide that takes you by the hand
and teaches you everything you need to know to improve your sleep.
This would be like having me as your personal sleep trainer by your
side, only I'd have to charge you for many hours of consultation fees.

Here Is Just A Taste Of The Magic…

✓ The amazing secret that you absolutely must know in order to
improve your sleep… No other sleep program talks about this.

✓ The little-known secret to using a crucial part of the sleep

✓ The correct way to wake up – fail this and you’re back to
square one.

✓ An easy cure using light to your advantage.

✓ Why sleeping more hours is NOT a good sleep deprivation

✓ Here it is: What they won’t tell you about sleeping pills (OTC
and prescription).

✓ Here’s a closely held mind trick that you and a handful of
mentalist know about relaxation and sleep.

✓ This natural supplement alone can alter your internal sleep
pattern to induce a deep natural sleep. This is almost the only one I
recommend to my patients with nearly 100% improvement (and it's not
the one you're thinking about).

✓ 5 more powerful natural supplements to help cure your insomnia in
case the first one fails to help you (Backup plans are always
necessary!). Most people don't even know that 2 of these can solve
sleep problems.

✓ How to relax every single muscle group of your body in a matter
of seconds and feel the tension melt away.

✓ A breathing exercise that only a handful of people know and
practice on a regular basis that can put you to sleep in a matter of

✓ What you should know about naps – now you and NASA share the

✓ The no-lose way to recognize when and where you need to sleep.

✓ How to avoid these 2 mistakes every day that are the causes of
sleep deprivation.

✓ How to optimize your bedroom to create a sleep inducing

✓ 6 quick and easy steps that will positively shut down your brain
at night so you can finally go to sleep.

✓ And so much more!

If You Don't Get A Hold Of This Thing QUICKLY, "Feeling Tired" and
Perhaps Even Losing Your Job Will Be Nothing In Comparison To The
Serious Health Problems That You Face - And Much Faster Than You Might

"Finally, a method that works...no matter what!"

"Dr. Marmier’s step-by-step guide is so simple a first grader could
follow it...priceless!"

"If you are sincere and want to get a good night’s sleep...you need
this information!"

"If you have trouble sleeping, and have been searching for an easy
way to get a good night’s sleep...this is it!"

"You Can't Afford Not To Try This Method"

Want to hear something funny? Almost without exception the people
who come to me say, literally, “Doctor, I’d give anything for a
good night’s sleep,” and believe me, I _believe_ them.

Naturally, after a couple of nights of deep, restful sleep their
attitude changes…

In many ways this is the most important story that you will ever
read. This is a story of how your body works. This is the story of
_your_ health.

If you don’t make lifestyle changes _now_ – and I know this
because after many years of taking care of people's health in my
practice – chances are you’ll suffer the consequences.

The consequences of sleep deprivation are disastrous: you can't think
straight, solve the simplest problem or do your simple every-day
tasks. You become irritable and disoriented – you are a serious
hazard to yourself as well as everybody else…and if you’re
driving? Well, let’s not even go there.

Stop spending money on products that don't work. Our program does!
And I guarantee it…don’t believe me? Keep reading.

Okay, So What’s The Cost For This Incredible System?

How much would you spend on a personal coach or a sleep therapist?
Perhaps $3,000, $4000, $5000 for a year of work? Add to that price
any materials you may have to buy. Perhaps you would spend $200 or
$300 on books, tapes, CDs and other material. I know people who have
spent thousands of dollars on books, tapes, lights, doctors, drugs
etcetera, searching for material that would help them.

_Well, you’re not going to pay anything near that._ The _"How To
Get A Better And Healthier Sleep Starting Tonight"_ book usually sells
for $79. But I wanted this system priced so that ANYONE CAN AFFORD IT:
ONLY $29.99.

The First 1,000 People Get THESE Flaming-Hot EXTRA Bonuses...


You get a Guided Progressive Muscular Relaxation Audio (mp3 file
downloadable): A time-proven underground technique that relaxes every
muscle group in your body and allows the body to fall asleep. (VALUE:

Don’t underestimate this audio technology, it is among the most
powerful relaxation tools you can acquire.

Guided Body Awareness Audio (mp3 file downloadable): A breakthrough
breathing technique to synch your brain with your body, allow optimal
nervous system function, gain energy, and de-stress even people who
are chronically stressed(VALUE $19.99)


Yes, Count Me In!
I want To Start Sleeping Better Tonight.
Let Me Have That Book Now.

So What’s It Gonna Be? Another Night of Sleepless Anxiety,
Exhaustion ">

Sleeping Like a Baby Tonight, And Every Single Night For The Rest Of
Your Life…

_Your mind plays tricks on you_ — that’s right — it deceives
you. It convinces you that if you don’t take that next pill it will
be impossible for you to fall asleep naturally — even if you know
this is NOT true.

_"How To Get A Better And Healthier Sleep Starting Tonight"_

shows you how to take control of your mind so that it starts working
FOR you — immediately! In just a few minutes you can discover the
peace and enjoyment of a full night’s sleep the way nature intended.


Dr. Simon Marmier
Dr. Simon Marmier

_"How To Get A Better And Healthier Sleep Starting Tonight"_

P.S. Look, there’s no risk in ordering this program. You have 2
full months to test-drive this program. In fact, if _"How To Get A
Better And Healthier Sleep Starting Tonight"_ doesn’t SUPERCHARGE
your life, I want you to return it to me. What could be fairer?

P.P.S. Hey, this is Dr. Simon again, remember, this is a real life
program that has helped not only me but thousands of others as well.
I take personal interest in your success.


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