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Stop the Pain and Anxiety, You Can Have The Marriage You Always Wanted and Avoid Divorce... Even If You Think It's Too Late!

It's Happening Right Now

In every city across America, every day of the week, someone decides to throw in the towel and give up on their marriage.  What follows usually is a blood bath of legal battles, arguments, hard feelings and heartache on both sides.


It Gets Worse

After all that battle and going through all that heartache, the overwhelming majority will get remarried and find that they have married the "same person again"!  No, I'm not saying they actually marry the same person, that would be really weird, but the "same type of person".  In fact they realize they are in the same relationship again that they went through all that hell to get out of.


It's Even Worse Than That!

Guess what comes next?  If you guessed the next divorce you're right.  Isn't that an exciting future to look forward to?  Yikes, it makes you think you may as well stay married.  Well, yes and no.  Yes you may as well stay married, but not in the current relationship that you're in right now.  You need to create that relationship you always have wanted and get through what's blocking you in marriage right now.

You Don't Know My Spouse!

Marriage is different today than it was twenty years ago. In today's society, more than 50% of all marriages fail for one reason or another. Just thinking about that makes "commitment" seem scary. It seems that when relationships are faced with challenges, people quit trying. Dating is more like a marathon, trying to date as many people as possible, instead of taking time to get to know someone at a deeper level. For married couples, divorce is not biased. Whether married for thirty years or eight months, the outcome can be the same.


Let's Face The Facts

The fact is that relationships, whether dating or married, are hard. Things do not always go perfectly, fighting does occur, and it takes a 100% commitment from both parties to make it a success. Often when people break off a relationship, they feel as though something is missing. The "spark" has gone, leaving one or both people feeling inadequate and unfulfilled.

However, even though the odds are not very good, healthy and long-lasting relationships are definitely possible and proven by many people. Look at Paul Newman and Joanne Woodard, Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman, or Nancy and Ronald Regan. What secrets do they possess? The answer is that they all work at their relationship. They made a decision of choosing to love their mate rather than relying on the "warm and fuzzy" feelings, which everyone knows will fade. By making love a choice you are making a decision that even in the bad times, you stick it out.


A Story That's Scary

Tony and Becky met when they were nineteen and were completely tied at the hip from day one.  They both knew they had met their soul mates and knew they were going to spend the rest of their lives together.  They got married and had two children and bought a house.  From the outside looking in, it appeared that everything was going great.  What happened next was a shocker!

Tony filed for divorce, he said he couldn't stand another day with Becky and wished he never had married her.  Becky fought back and the two were at each other's throat all the way through divorce court.  At the end of it all it was the typical 50/50 split, the lawyers got 50% and Tony and Becky got the rest, mostly the bills left over.

Both Tony and Becky had to start over and build a new life on their own.  Tony got remarried right away and it looked like he had really met "Mrs. Right" this time.  All his friends were excited for him that he was finally happy. 

It seemed that everyone had moved on and found their path, until that dreaded night when Tony knocked on his friend's door and asked if he could stay the night there.  He said that he was definitely going to get divorced, he thought his new wife was different, but she was acting just like his ex-wife Becky.  He couldn't believe this was happening again. 

Guess what, this is not the exception it is the norm.  In fact your odds of getting divorced from your second marriage are significantly higher than your first.  I know you don't want to hear that, but these are the facts.  There is about a 40% higher probability of a second marriage ending in divorce than the first!


There is a Way

Yes there is a way, even though it may seem hopeless, to save your marriage and actually have that marriage that you always wanted.  It doesn't matter what you're dealing with or how bad it is.  I'm not going to say there's still hope, because hope is like wishing and it leaves you powerless and waiting for something to happen.  So even though there may not be hope, the good news is there is a proven system that can restore your marriage and make it better than it's ever been.

It Works Even When There's Been:

●  Low to No Communication

●  No Sex or Almost No Sex

●  Addictions

●  Abuse

●  Separation

●  Infidelity

●  Broken Trust

●  Silent Treatment

●  Failed Counseling/Therapy

●  No Affection

●  Emotional Abuse or Neglect

●  Lack of Respect


How Could I Ever Love Them Again?

If you're thinking I could never possibly love my spouse again, you're not alone.  Many people have gotten to that point and thought there was no return.  Well think back and there was a time when you thought you could never be without them again.  Not to throw salt in a wound, but things can change, however; you need a new approach and a new system to have new results.  If you already knew how to save your marriage and make it amazing, you would have already done it. 

It's not your fault though.  You are not to blame for your marriage not working!  You were setup to fail at this!  Yes, setup to fail.  It wasn't purposefully, but just like the vast majority of us you were never taught proven strategies for keeping your marriage like new.  It's not that you can't have that amazing marriage that you desire, it's just that you have never been shown how.  In fact you were more than likely shown how not to have the marriage you want and that's why just changing spouses won't work.  You need to learn a system, that is simple, but powerful for having the marriage you love.


What Will You Learn?

You're going to learn exactly how to immediately stop the fighting in your marriage and turn on those magical feelings you had when you were first together.  You're never going to be powerless in your marriage again thinking that your happiness relies on them changing the way they are, in fact those thoughts will actually disappear.  You're actually going to be 100% clear on exactly how you can create the marriage of your dreams and know with absolute certainty that you can and will.  The Divorce Solution System

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