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Start Your Own eBay Business with this $5 Online Class!

Do you want to make a WHOLE lot of eBay money?

What if you could do it by running a business from your home or apartment with no inventory?

Are you:
Starting an eBay business? Running a business that needs to make more money? Just selling a few items to make some extra money on the weekends? Interested in buying at the lowest price on eBay?
You must know the secrets, the secrets of how eBay really works if you want to be successful on eBay.

98% of eBay buyers and sellers are losing money because they do not know how eBay really works. Common mistakes cause buyers to overpay and sellers to receive fewer bids.

Do you know the answers to these questions?
What common mistake made by eBay sellers drives 75% of experienced bidders away from their auction? What common mistake by buyers causes them to pay 10% to 200% more than they have to?
Which listing upgrade can increase your sale price by 50%? Which listing upgrades decrease your final sales price, even cause you to receive zero bids? Why should a buyer never pay extra for insurance? Why should a seller always give the buyer an option to pay extra?
What is the one thing sellers do to build confidence which actually destroys buyer confidence and drives potential bidders away? What is one of the phrases that can get you banned from eBay and PayPal if you use it in a private message?
How can a seller maintain 100% positive feedback forever?
What is the most common reason people who start eBay businesses fail?

If you can not answer these questions then you are not ready to trade on eBay. I can show you the answers to these questions and many more that can turn you into an eBay Master.

Are you driving away experienced bidders and only receiving bids from bargain-hunters and inexperienced buyers?
Are your auction photos Costing You Money?
Are You New To eBay and Want To Get Started The Right Way?

Do You Want To Take Your eBay Business To The Next Level And Make More Money With Less Effort?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can show you how to make it happen.

Don't confuse experience with skill.

Many eBay sellers, including the one's with 10,000 and 100,000 feedback are making major mistakes that are costing them thousands, even Millions of dollars a year. They believe that because they sell a lot of items, or that because their auctions close with a high-bidder, they are successful. WRONG! Simply selling stuff does not make a seller successful.

If a seller buys items wholesale for $5 and sells 500 a week on eBay for $10 is he successful making $2500.00 a week? No, he is wasting his time. This seller thinks that he is doubling his money but he is actually doing a lot of work for very little money. He has to pack and ship every item which takes time, or he has to hire someone to pack for him which cuts into his profit.Five hundred items is 100 items per day to pack, address, and ship. He has to pay shipping costs to receive the original wholesale lots plus transaction fees and listing fees and what happens if a customer wants to return a product? Now he has to take time to deal with that which is not worth $5 of his time. All of this will quickly eat up a $5 profit and if only a few customers a week have problems he spends a disproportionate amount of time dealing with them.

Another seller sells the same item but with some small tweaks to his auction and his offer but he gets $25 per sale while selling only 200 units which makes him $4000 per week. Now which seller would you rather be, the one spending all of his time packing 500 items for $2500 or the one only packing 200 items a week and making $4000. Remember, they are selling the SAME product but the second seller made some changes to his offer and his auction.

By the way, this second seller was me! That is how I started on eBay. I sold a computer cable that cost me $1 wholesale and added a software CD-ROM that cost a $0.25 each. That combo was sold for $25. There were other sellers on eBay selling the same cable alone and they were happy to make $5 per sale while I was raking in money at $25 per sale plus my shipping charge covered the actual cost of shipping, the listing and my material costs so the $25 was all profit.

Self proclaimed 'experienced sellers' are wasting thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours a month without realizing it.

You must understand how eBay works and how to gain the most from it. These sellers are making mistakes that drive away bidders which result in lower final bid prices. They offer the same products everyone else is selling which lumps them into an unprofitable group. They have to cut prices to compete which means they are making almost nothing on each sale. They fail to use proper marketing techniques, things as simple as a single follow-up thank-you email can increase their profits by many times if they know what to say. They believe eBay is the place to make money. It is actually the place to find customers. Once you have the customer, then you make the real money.

Simply selling a lot of 'stuff' on eBay does not make anyone a good seller, it just means they are busy. Smart sellers sell fewer items and make much more money from each customer.

If you are a smart seller, you will continue to improve your eBay skills.

Do you constantly make improvements in your auctions or do you just keep relisting the same auction over and over again, the same way without thinking about it? Do you know how to test and see which auctions work and which do not, which auctions make the most profit? That is a fundamental skill that every seller needs to know in order to maximize profits.

Are you looking for a Wholesaler or Drop Shipper?

Class members can receive two eBay-friendly Wholesale/DropShipperr Lists plus my personal recommendations and notes.

Are you planning to buy items at Flea Markets or Yard Sales?

Your eBay business will fail just like every other business that tried this approach. This is a common myth and it does not work. Buying items at Flea Markets or Garage sales is a hobby, not a business and you will never make serious money doing this on eBay. I can show you why and show you the right way to do it.

These and other pitfalls await the uneducated eBay seller. You must know how eBay really works before you can hope to start a successful business.

Don't waste your time on dead end ideas that others have tried and failed at for years. Save yourself time, money, and frustration by starting out with a plan.

I tried for two years to buy antiques at local garage sales to resell on ebay and never could make any money. I finally realized after reading in your program why I was wasting my time. Now I have a new product using your formula and it is doing great.

Mary S, Phoenix Az

Learn from the mistakes others have made and jump ahead to make immediate profits on eBay.

The Don't Bid On It system shows you the most effective ways to sell items on eBay.

Online Video Training

Do you want to learn the ins and outs of successful eBay selling? These short, and very easy to understand videos can help you do just that.

This video series walks you through the

Here is what you'll learn from these twenty videos in detail, all of which are included in this Business Course:

Video 1 - How to start a bidding frenzy - 2:23 Video 2 - How to Prevent eBay Business from taking over your life - 2:25 Video 3 - Learn the Basics that every Seller MUST know before selling the first item- 2:42 Video 4 - Learn the Ropes in Forums to gain the most leverage for your sales- 2:32 Video 5 - Why You Need Good Feedback and how to get it- 2:29 Video 6 - What Price Should You Start - 2:15 Video 7 - How to Make Your Headline Standout and generate more sales- 2:38 Video 8 - Tips for Outsourcing Your eBay business, let other people do the work- 2:38 Video 9 - Tips for Selling Multiple Items, it ain' t as simple as posting multiple auctions- 2:39 Video 10- What to do When Your eBay Buyer Has A Complaint - 2:28 Video 11- How to Find a Supplier - 2:46 Video 12- How to Ship Products The Best Way - 2:44 Video 13- How to Write Winning Ad Copy that actually makes buyers Want to buy from you.- 2:34 Video 14- Big Mistakes You Don't Want to Make, Ever!- 2:44 Video 15- Could You Turn Your eBay Hobby into a Business? I did!- 2:14 Video 16- How to Copy the Tricks of PowerSellers - 2:40 Video 17- How to Find Out What eBay Consumers Are Buying - 2:31 Video 18- How to Run an eBay Business Professionally - 2:31 Video 19- Laws About Selling Home Made Goods - 2:42 Video 20- Where to Find Drop shippers and How to Avoid Scammers - 2:46

[Click Here to Start Your Online Class in the next 2 minutes](http://1.em5781.pay.clickbank.net)


Our advanced course also includes these topics:

Advanced Selling - Find out what common mistakes are costing Power Sellers millions of dollars a year and how you can take away their business.

Safe Selling - Learn how eBay scams work, how they affect you as a buyer or seller and how you can avoid them almost 100% of the time.

Starting at the Beginning - For those new to eBay who need a real from the ground-up beginner's video walk through.

I thought I was an experienced seller and knew about everything there was to know about selling. I mean I was making $400 a week on eBay so I thought I was doing something really right. Then I listened to the Don't Bid On It audio set and found out that I had been making major mistakes in my auction.

I immediately changed them and now I am making $800 a week. I am sick when I think about all the auctions that I lost money on which I could have made with some simple changes. I was giving money away and I did not realize it. Oh, well, now I learned the right way to post auctions and I am ready to move to the next level.

Mike R New York

Where is the Real information?

Do you look for your eBay tips on message boards or in eBay's help system? I hope not. Many message board posts are posted by scammers and dishonest companies trying to trick people into going to their site and paying signup fees for fake Wholesale or Drop Shipping companies or other services. Many are posted anonymously by people who have zero feedback ratings or even negative feedback ratings on eBay. These people have no experience and they are trying to give sales advice to other people? What nerve!

The people with real experience do not spend time posting tips and techniques on message boards. They spend their time making money, not giving away the secrets they worked so hard and so long to find. You will never find a golden tip that can make you a lot of money on any message board.

EBay is never going to tell you how their system really works. They want you as a seller to load up on all the options and features possible because they get paid for those listing upgrades even if your item does not sell.

EBay wants you as a buyer to bid again and again, to run up the prices because they make a percentage of the final sale price and they love to see items selling for more than their value. EBay is never going to tell you how you should really bid to pay the least amount.

EBay will never tell you that you are driving away bidders when you use a Reserve price because they make their money up-front in an extra reserve price fee from the seller. EBay will never tell you that as a buyer you are getting scammed when you pay extra for insurance or that you could have purchased the same item for half the price if you had just known one special place to look before placing your bid.

EBay will not tell you the best way to use their system, it is not in their interest to help sellers save money or to help bidders pay less.

EBay is not out to help you.

One of may favorite examples is of a person who posts a non-working arcade game that is worth only $25-$50 in an auction. They set an opening bid of $600 and obviously no one buys this over priced item but the seller pays a lot more than they had to in listing fees because of their high opening bid. The item did not sell and they continued to list it week after week. I figured it up and they paid almost $50 in listing fees on an item that was worth less than $50 and still have not sold it. This person continues to post the game on eBay about once a month now while dreaming that some moron will come along and pay 20 times what it is worth. He did not know how eBay really worked and as a result, he paid more in listing fees than he could ever hope to recover from selling his item.

You can avoid costly mistakes like this.

My Auction Business Class explains how to research prices, how to minimize listing fees, and what you should do if an item does not sell the first time to make sure it sells the second.

More Listings = More Failure

Many eBay sellers think that they can make more money by selling more stuff. You can't. That is simply not going to work. eBay has a fixed number of people looking for a fixed number of items every day. If you sell 10 of the same item a day, posting 100 auctions will not increase your sales but it will cost you more money in listing fees.

If you begin looking for a new item to sell, you may find you are on a long and endless quest to find a perfect product to increase your sales and even if you find it, you need another and another and soon you have a warehouse of stuff that is only selling a few items a day. More items or more auctions does not make you more money on eBay. Now you are spending 16 hours a day managing a monstrous inventory. No, this will not work. You must learn how to maximize every sale and how to turn a one time buyer into a long term customer who will spend more with you after the eBay sale than they will ever spend on eBay.

Ongoing Education

The class videos are not the end of this education. This online class is part of an ongoing information program where you will receive additional resources and information plus reviews and pointers to useful websites. The business of making money money is always changing. Once you join the class, you can receive a list of Wholesale companies plus additional information that no one else will or can tell you about Wholesale companies, how they work, who to trust, and whether or not you even need a wholesale company. You might be able to make more money without them depending on what you sell.

Beyond eBay, that is where the real money is found

EBay does not want anyone to know this, but the real money is made outside of eBay. EBay is where you find customers. What you do with them next is how you build a business that is not dependent on eBay. You setup an automatic system that transforms each eBay sale into an ongoing relationship that makes you money on demand.

EBay does not want you to do this. EBay wants you to use their site and send all of your customers to them. They want you to setup a store on eBay so your customers never leave and they get a cut of every one of your sales.

Your real business is building customers THROUGH eBay. That is what makes the real money. When you find or make a new item to sell, would you rather post a few auctions on eBay and hope it sells or would you rather offer it to your customers, customers you know are already interested in your items, customers who already trust you and are willing to buy from you without searching eBay for the best price. You have the choice between selling a few items on eBay or selling potentially thousands to your past customers. Which would you prefer?

That is why I no longer sell on eBay. My business grew large enough outside of eBay, that I no longer needed eBay. This is why I am willing to open my black book and share my secrets.

If you want to build your own loyal customer base which you can sell to anytime you must know how to do it while not breaking any eBay rules.

Here's a secret........

Success on eBay depends on you knowing how the bidding and selling process works and using that to your advantage. If you don't understand what is going on invisibly, behind the auction and in the mind of bidders, then you will be one of the 98% of people throwing up listings and hoping they sell, then finding disappointment or even worse, selling a lot of items and months later realizing you are making no money at it.

What should you sell on eBay?

I used to stand in line at the post office with my hand-cart of packages for the day, ready to ship to eBay buyers. The person next to me would look at my huge stack of packages, maybe 2 or 3 of the large white USPS containers filled with bubble envelopes, and ask if I was on eBay. The next question was always, "I want to make money on eBay but I don't know what I should sell, Please, tell me, what can I sell." Standing in line for only a minute left me with little time to explain how easy it was to create your own unique product or to show them how to properly deal with wholesalers. Even when I told them that if you have no experience, you can repackage products by other people, create products with added value, they would stare blankly at me and nod without understanding. I realized that what was obvious for me was still uncharted territory for them and it is still uncharted for you. These simple tricks can really make you major profits but most people do not know where to start or how the system really works..

The video series answers the question "What should I sell" directly and the List of Wholesale companies gives you a place to find items you want to sell plus I share my own first hand Wholesaler experiences.

Let's wrap this up. . .

The Auction Business Class explains everything you need to start as a business seller on eBay. How to list auctions that succeed, how to find or make your own product, how to test the market, and more. I will also send you regular updates with more information and tips plus examples you can follow to build your own business.

I am not stopping there . . .
You have my 100/100, No Risk Guarantee, Because I will give you a. . .
100% Money Back ANYTIME
"No Questions Asked" Guarantee!

Watch the videos, use what you learn, and if you don't think it was worth the money, I will give you a full refund. There is no time limit, not 10 days, not 30 days, but Forever. If you are not convinced this is everything I promised... then let me know... and I will refund the entire purchase price of the class.

How much would it be worth to you if you could create a business that took a few hours a week and made a thousand dollars a week by just posting auctions to eBay? Would it be worthwhile if you only made a few hundred extra dollars working a couple of hours on the weekend? How much would it be worth to take your current auctions and maximize the profits so that instead of making $10 on each sale, you might make $100 from that customer. What is it worth to gain your own independence and give yourself more free time while at the same time making more than you could in a 9-5 job?

Learn what only the top 2% of eBay sellers know and what they are not willing to share.

This unique kit Includes

What You'll Get:
Valued At:
What YOU Pay:
All Twenty online training videos.

List of Wholesale Sources plus my private recommendations.

Additional Security Software for eBay Users

Yours FREE


Now $5 Special Introductory Price


BONUS #1: The Super Wholesale List - This is a list of companies willing to sell to you at wholesale prices. You can buy items to easily resell on eBay I will also include my private list and recommendations.

BONUS #2: Free updates with even more information sent to you which includes examples that you can use to start or improve your eBay business, ideas and leads, recommended companies, and much more.



WARNING: This is a special introductory price only and it will only go up. Don't miss your chance to join now at this price, $5, it is not a misprint..

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Good Luck with your new eBay life of freedom,

PS. Still think you don't need to improve your eBay selling skills? Ask yourself that question again when your next auction closes at $20 and you wonder if it could have sold at $30 or if you could have added an informational product to it to make it close at $99. When you realize that every customer you ship to is a lost opportunity to make more money, then you can return here and turn your few sales into a real money making business. Every day you wait, is a day you are giving your buyers money they could be giving you.[ Sign up now and discover how you can start your own eBay business. ](register-for-class-now.htm)

PPS .Even if the meager cost of the class is too much for you, sign up for my Free Tip sheet where I share sources and tips that help you start an eBay business. Receive my tip sheet plus the List of Wholesale Suppliers right now.


Comments about Don't Bid On It:  

Exposing the Facts
I just finished DBOI[Don't Bid On It] and I am stunned. I never realized there was so much about eBay I did not know(I am a 2000+ feedback seller)... jklas@****.com

Both informative and entertaining have been interested in eBay for a long time but I was afraid to try it. After reading your book and watching the video[Don't Bid On It] I am about to sign up right now. I understand how it works and I am a lot more confident in myself ... Bob R., Melbourne FL

Learn To Win
Too many books tell people how to bid..your book actually explained how to win. Mary E. Washington DC

Hard Hitting...
I read a couple of other eBay books and after reading your's I see that those others were just feel-good fluff. Your book[Don't Bid On It] really laid down the law when it comes to auctions. I am really glad you shared your inside knowlege...it will help me make a lot of money selling on eBay now
:- )





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