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Habit Busting Secrets:

"Learn how to break ANY habit -- in 21 days (or less) guaranteed!"

Do you have a BAD HABIT that's causing you pain... ruining your health... hurting your loved ones... damaging your career... costing you money... or just plain old wasting your time?

Then keep reading!

Because on the following page, I will show how to quickly and painlessly overcome even the worst habits like:
* Overeating or stress eating * Being a pushover * Neglecting yourself * Spending too much money * Stressing out * Being a workaholic * Procrastinating * Being chronically late * Being a "yes" person * Negative thinking * Losing your temper * Neglecting your health * Neglecting your family * Blaming others for your problems * Smoking * Nail biting * Watching too much TV * Computer addictions * Compulsive shopping * Lying
... Using a proven SYSTEM that 'real people' -- just like you -- have used to break the cycle of deeply entrenched, lifelong habits -- forever.

Keep reading to learn the secret...

From the desk of Mark Yarrobino
Monday, 2:51 p.m.

Dear Friend,

Think for a moment... What have your bad habits cost you -- in money, health, career advancement, and relationships?

You know the habits I'm talking about...
Smoking Stress eating Wasting your time Mismanaging your money Watching too much TV Working too hard Not taking care of your body... PLUS MANY MORE...
Bad habits chip away at the life you COULD be living, right now.

They stifle your potential to make the money you deserve... They hold you back from enjoying rewarding personal relationships... And they prevent you from looking and feeling GREAT!

Can you even put a PRICE on the opportunities and potential your bad habits are holding you back from -- right now?

Of course not! Because your goals and dreams are priceless!

Life is NOT a dress rehearsal -- it's a live show! You owe it to yourself to put in your best possible performance. And to do this, you need to lose the bad habits. Period.

Boot them... bust them... banish them forever!

The common MYTH that's
holding you back from success!

The idea that you can control your bad habits is a myth.

Bad habits are impulses... so instead of controlling them, you often end up repeating them.

Even though you recognize the stress they cause in your life... and even though you make promises to change your ways... again and again, you repeat the same tired patterns!

That's because a habit, by definition, is an acquired pattern of behavior that has become almost involuntary as a result of frequent repetition.

For those of you who prefer a more visual definition, read this story:

A teacher takes a bit of lightweight thread and wraps it one time around a student's wrists.

He tells the class, "This string represents the power of doing something one time. Can you break the string?"

The student easily breaks the thread with a small flick of his wrists. The teacher then wraps the string around the student's wrists many times and repeats the challenge to break it.

Despite repeated efforts, the lightweight thread is too strong to break.

His teacher says, "Now you see the power of repeated actions

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