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Do you like games? Have you ever wanted to create your own game? Do
you want to learn how to? If you answered "yes" to these questions,
you've come to the right place!

In the age of the Internet, we have a wonderful platform for game
creation. This platform is called FLASH. With Flash, we can create
everything from simple animations to complex websites. We can also

Flash game creation is more than just a simple hobby. It directly
contributes to the casual games market. Not only can you create a game
that can be played by thousands of people, but you might even be able
to MAKE SOME MONEY off of it!

The biggest hurdle to this success is a lack of knowledge. If you
don't know how to program, how can you possibly create a video game?

Fortunately, learning how to program is a lot like learning how to
write. With writing, once you know a few words and how they go
together, you can write anything you'd like. Similarly, with
programming, once you know a few lines of code and how they go
together with other lines of code, you can program anything you'd

Here at READHTML.COM, we're offering a step-by-step game creation
tutorial. The game itself is simple: Ping-Pong. But the concepts you
will learn in this tutorial can be applied to any game you can think
of! And once you know them, the only limit is your imagination.

With our tutorial, you will learn how to:

* create reusable symbols
* process basic keyboard input
* utilize conditional statements
* move things around on the screen
* program for collision detection
* create and use variables and functions
* program a computer opponent
* keep track of and display the score

Our tutorial comes as a SWF file, and is presented in a slideshow
format, with over 40 instructional slides containing diagrams, sample
code, and explanations. We believe so strongly in the effectiveness of
our tutorial, we want you to try out the first 20 slides FOR FREE!

When you're done, you can decide whether or not our product is right
for you. And if it is, you can purchase the full tutorial (which
includes a bonus review lesson at the end) for ONLY $49.99! This
tutorial will then be made available for download immediately through
our website.

Click here to try our free sample tutorial! [4]

Click here to get Flash from the Adobe website! [5]

Click here to purchase the full version for only $49.99! [6]

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