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Profit Maximization and Money Management Tool

for Sports Betting Chase Systems


Maximize profits and protect bankroll in a few easy steps!


Introducing the new Betting System Maximizer, the tool that allows you to:

Manage series-risk based on personal risk tolerance level Calculate optimized "to win" and "to risk"  amounts based off of actual game odds Maximize series profit by adjusting Bet B or Bet C based on improved odds Calculate Return on Investment (ROI)

...And do it all in less than 60 seconds!



A few months ago I discovered the Sports Betting Champ system by John Morrison. It was not long before I was a true believer in John's system.  With over 97% accuracy the long-term return on this system is tremendous. 


Soon I was sharing my experience with others through my money making blog. I offered to coach a few individuals who purchased the system through my blog link.


The theory behind the system was simple and easily digested. The structure of a 3-game chase system means that you choose a series based on a certain scenario and bet on each game until you win. The winning bet covers any subsequent losses and makes a profit. The first individual read the manual and placed the first $100 bet just as the manual instructed. What he failed to realize is that a $100 Bet at -220 odds would mean a risk of $220 on Bet A, $704 on Bet B, and $2,253 on Bet C. This particular person opened a $1,000 account - barely enough to cover Bet A and B and leave them no funds to make the all-important Bet C. Odds vary with each game and dictate the amount you will risk to cover your subsequent losses. 


I realized that the missing ingredient of this extraordinary system is a solid money management system. A money management system that would limit your risk. I set out to create this system for the benefit of myself and my new friends. While developing the system I stumbled upon an equally valuable concept - profit maximization! Say your Bet A is based off of -220 odds, limiting your risk to a 1/3 of your account. Now say the first game is a loss and Bet B has odds of -200. If you use John's system you will calculate Bet B to cover your Bet A loss and make your initial profit target. However, because of the improved odds you can actually increase your profit target and keep the same total risk. By adjusting your bet to coincide with the odds you have the potential to double or even triple your profit while still maintaining a limited risk.



Buyers are praising the value of the Betting System Maximizer:

"Your Betting System Maximizer "BSM" has streamlined my survival criteria and progress while using John Morrison's Sports Betting Champ. I was on the bubble with each game series attempting to make a wager large enough to make a good profit only to find the risk to win would leave me with a marginal balance to continue to the next wager should I not win the first game or second in the series. With the Betting System Maximizer, I quickly place the balance, the amount I wish to win, the tolerance level I wish to chance, and the odds and quickly know what my maximum Series Risk will be. How simple you have made this system. I know with one click of the key what the Maximum Risk Allowance will be in order not to be in the RED per game in a series. With the BSM, I understand what dollar effort and expense, even for marginal profit revenue I can expect and still be assured funds for the next series. The BSM will pay for itself in the first series. I recommend EVERYONE wagering take a look at your Betting Maximizer. I have no doubts that they too, will be writing to say "THANKS, Craig"!"

Cameron from Florida



Don't spend another dollar on a quality sports betting chase system without pairing it with the Betting System Maximizer!!


Protect your bankroll and double or even triple the results of quality systems like Sports Betting Champ.


Fully compatible with Sports Betting Champ and many other 3-game chase systems.



What would you pay for a product that has the potential to pay for itself on the very first use? Easily $100?


.....now for a limited time only $49.95!


Since this product is brand new I'm selling a limited number of copies at this discounted price.  The price is set to double once I reach the first 300 sales. Order your copy today, don't wait!


Here's what you get:
Unlimited access to the Betting System Maximizer members area Instant download of Betting System Maximimzer in Microsoft Excel© format Instant download of Instruction Manual in PDF format Free updates to Betting System Mazimizer Access to product support via email


And it gets even better...


Because I am so confident in the value of this product I am offering a 56-day iron-clad, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.  That's right, if for any reason you are not satisfied with this product return it for a full refund within 56 days.


You can't lose with my 56-day money-back guarantee so order now!


[Click here ](http://1.CWP1979.pay.clickbank.net)for instant access to this powerful system.  Once your credit card is approved, you will be taken to a special download page.



[Click here» BUY NOW «Click here](http://1.CWP1979.pay.clickbank.net)


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Betting System Maximizer


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