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StreetWise Spanish


"Ex - 'Gringo' Reveals How You Can Easily And Confidently Speak
Vibrant StreetWise Spanish
In Just One Week And Enjoy A Fabulous
Buzz Over And Over Again As Native Spanish Speakers Admire, Respect
And Compliment YOU For The Excellence And Realism Of Your Spoken



Hi there, my name is Peter Christian and in the next few minutes,
I'll show you how you can easily make your spoken Spanish burst into
life by speaking the rich, vibrant streetwise Spanish you won't find
in formal language courses. You'll speak the genuine day-to-day
Spanish spoken throughout the Hispanic world most Spanish language
students never know - and the locals will just love you for it!

And you can be speaking Streetwise Spanish in just one week by using
my unique step-by-step digital course created from my own presonal
experiences living here in the beautiful Spanish city of Barcelona!
I'm revealing the real-life Streetwise Spanish spoken on the streets
so you can quickly win the respect of the locals, make new friends and
best of all, enjoy receiving rewards and perks very few non-speakers
ever receive! And you'll get them because like me...

You Will Wow Native Spanish Speakers With Your
Vibrant, Authentic Spoken Spanish Time and Time Again!

OK, I'm sure like me, you know what it's like. You invest so much
time and effort into studying Spanish but when you visit an Hispanic
country and chat with the locals it's as if they're speaking double
Dutch! And when you do speak, they smile politely and respectfully but
let's be honest, they're hardly bowled over!

And then there's those embarrassing howlers causing hoots of
derision or even unintentional, awkward offence and possibly earn you
a humiliating rebuke. All of these happen regularly mainly because
formal language study doesn't teach you the day-to-day language
leaving you in the dark about those little things that can mean so
much in Hispanic culture. Little things but they make a HUGE

Like you I know all too well how this feels - I live in Barcelona
and I soon found out that much of the Spanish the locals were speaking
simply wasn't being taught in any of my three courses! It really is so
frustrating isn't it? So much so you lose all of your enthusiasm and
end up speaking basic enough-to-get-by Spanish and even then, only
when you absolutely have to.

All this does is to greatly irritate and annoy the very people who
you want to impress and who you really need on your side - the locals!
They have very little patience - and even less respect - for visitors
who don't speak their language and you know what? They're right to be
so dismissive and abrupt with such people - it's their culture after

You're Going To Leave Native Speakers Stunned
In Admiration When They Hear You Speak Spanish...

But I have some really great news for you: You're going to win the
respect of the locals and get them on your side right from the off
because your spoken Spanish will bowl them over! You'll confidently
speak vibrant, genuine Streetwise Spanish and enjoy a terrific buzz
when you receive glowing compliments from impressed native speakers!

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And not only will this colorful, charming and sometimes
side-splittingly witty streetwise language make your spoken Spanish
burst into life, you'll also gain a valuable, practical insight into
Hispanic culture. You'll be able to easily and confidently plug-into
the way of life, you'll charm the locals with your spoken Spanish and
you'll win their respect and many new friends too!

You're going to add depth and realism to your Spanish and give it
an authentic, polished edge. And combined with a good understanding
and appreciation of Hispanic culture, you'll enchant native speakers
and your confidence will soar!

I'm sure you want to know more about how you can achieve all of
this so just take a good look at the brief details below to discover
how you can add color, vitality and flair to your spoken Spanish...

Here's How You Can Make Your Spoken
Spanish Burst Into Life...


How to charm the locals and instantly win their respect by making a
beguiling, all-important first impression


Ask this one simple, streetwise question to show your appreciation
of Hispanic culture and receive bucket-loads of admiration in return


Two cracking, simple little phrases to add big sparkle and authentic
Hispanic passion to your spoken Spanish


A super-smart canny tip to help you book a table in the busiest
restaurants, secure places for your kids in good schools, quickly find
employment and obtain tickets for sell-out events revealed on page 48


A surprisingly simple but super-effective technique will enable you
to understand more Spanish than you may think


How to secure bargains galore whilst having a bundle of fun - save
a small fortune with the essential but simple streetwise Spanish on
page 87


Two brilliant, little-known super-tips to ensure you get the very
best service in restaurants...


...and a common howler to avoid as it will have you looking at your
watch wondering if your meal will ever show up


Regularly dine like royalty and enjoy a delectable 3 course meal all
washed down with a bottle of good quality wine without paying anything
like a King's ransom - if you enjoy good food you'll just love Chapter


A very common, highly-embarrassing guiri howler so easily done yet
causes great offence, red faces and stern rebukes you're bound to
commit - unless you read my step-by-step explanation of how to avoid
it on page 136


How declining an offer or an invitation can earn you even more
respect by showing you possess a deep appreciation of Hispanic culture


Keep you and your loved ones safe and sound wherever you travel with
my streetwise safety and security guide. Frustrate the thieves and
acquire essential Spanish to help you confidently deal with any
emergency all included in Chapter 2


How to enjoy an exciting, fun night out on the town and gain a
valuable insight into Hispanic culture so you win even more admiration
and respect revealed on page 118


And much, much more!

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If You Want To Confidently Speak Spanish With
Authenticity And Flair Then Streetwise Spanish Is For You!

Streetwise Spanish will add vibrance, punch and flair to your
Spanish because you'll break out of the formal Spanish taught in
schools and courses and speak like a local! Step-by-step, your spoken
Spanish will have a realism guaranteed to bowl-over the locals and
you'll enjoy their respect and experience a rewarding sense of
achievement too!

Very few non-native Spanish speakers have this kind of realism in
their language. Streetwise Spanish will not only add this realism, it
will give you a clear insight into the culture and how language and
culture relate. And you won't make the common holwers that cause
unintentional offence and mark you out as a typical run-of-the-mill

Take poor old Dave, a good friend of mine for one typical example.
He learned Spanish at a school here. One evening, he walked into a bar
and greeted the barmaid in what he thought was a polite, courteous
manner. Unfortunately, he offended her so much she gave him a severe
rebuke and he stood there stunned, his face crimson-red in
embarrassment saying: "What's wrong, what have I said?"

He's only one such example, there's so many others and you'll
discover them - including how a horse and a codfish caused me to
almost die of embarrassment! - in Streetwise Spanish so you'll never
inadvertently offend a local and be on the end of an embarrassing
dressing down that's for sure!


Just imagine confidently chatting with native Spanish speakers,
casually throwing in one or two streetwise phrases and seeing their
eyes light up as they say to you:


Best of all, how will you feel when you get an approving look of
respect delivered with a nod of acknowledgement and a knowing smile
clearly saying:


It's a sensational feeling and you'll enjoy a terrific buzz when
you get it! You'll be glowing with pride, you'll feel a deep sense of
achievement and you'll be absolutely thrilled to bits every time this
happens - and I speak from experience because it happens to me
virtually every day here in beautiful Barcelona! I promise you, this
is one regular buzz you'll never tire of!

Streetwise Spanish is the ideal addition to your formal Spanish
language studies and it's also a step-by-step, invaluable and
informative guide to Hispanic culture with a very generous sprinkling
of streetwise Spanish suitable for all levels of Spanish speakers. And
if you enjoy travelling to Hispanic countries, if you live in an
Hispanic country or you simply have a passion for the Hispanic
culture, you'll love Streetwise Spanish!

Of course it's important to acquire formal grammar skills so please
don't think this is a replacement for formal study. Better, Streetwise
Spanish is about enhancing your language skills by adding the informal
language used in daily life so it will give your spoken Spanish
realism and vibrancy.

You'll also discover insights into daily life and Hispanic culture
life from someone who immerses himself in it every day and who
absolutely loves his life here in beautiful Barcelona! Everything I
use to make my life here easy and comfortable - and make many new
freinds - is included in Streetwise Spanish and it will enable you to
do the same wherever you are in the Hispanic world!

Streetwise Spanish is specifically designed for relaxed, easy-reading
so you can go at your own pace. There's no rigid format, no boring
drills and no complicated tests to perform. You're going to improve
your command of one of the world's great romantic languages and have a
lot of fun at the same time!

No Waiting! Get Instant Access -
Download Streetwise Spanish To Your Computer And Begin Speaking
Authentic Streetwise Spanish In Minutes

Best of all, you don't have to waste any time waiting to get
started! Streetwise Spanish is available as a digital download via the
Internet so you can be speaking vibrant Spanish in just a matter of
minutes all in the privacy and comfort of your own home!

Most courses in this area sell for between $40 - $100. But thanks to
the miracle of the internet I can pass on huge savings to you because
there's no printing, packaging and postage costs. You can enjoy
instant access and there's also a great special offer: if you act
today, you'll get a reduced price so don't miss out on this great
investment. You'll have a practical, working knowledge of Spanish that
will command enormous respect and you'll reap some very pleasant
rewards as waiters, bartenders and even hoteliers will actually offer
spontaneous discounts - it's part of their culture and a mark of
respect. This means that Streetwise Spanish will pay for itself right
from the first time you use it!

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it is convenient for you - even if it's 02:35 in the morning! Just
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Just one week from now you'll be speaking Spanish with a real
flourish and you'll have a great understanding about Hispanic life and
culture and you'll be aching to speak with native Spanish speakers!
And when you do, you're going to be thrilled when you see them
open-jawed in admiration and they give you THAT look that says so very

Make sure you write me and tell me about it!


lower = better; 1 = best

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