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Knowledge Is Power!
This Knowledge Can Save You Hundreds,
possibly even Thousands on your next vehicle purchase!

Every day across the U.S. hundreds of vehicles are repossessed.
Unfortunately, most of the blame lays squarely on the auto business
itself. A person or couple goes into a dealership looking for a $300 /
month payment and end up with a $600 / month payment and they don't
even know what happened. Before long they end up at my desk hoping I
can help them trade down to a payment they can afford.The biggest
problem is they are so far 'upside down' there is nothing I can do to

If you are new to the car buying process this information is a must!
However, even if you are a car buying veteran, you will find
information here to save you money on your next vehicle purchase. Some
of the information may cause you to raise your eyebrows. Some of it
may even make you angry. Too many car salesmen and dealerships are not
trusted, and unfortunately, it's an earned reputation.

This e-book is available to you
Your purchase will be handled through ClickBank [1]
for a one-time charge of only $29.95
You will need Microsoft Word or equivalent to access.


* learn how to find out exactly what your trade-in is worth.
* learn how to get top dollar for your trade-in.
* learn how to get past all the fancy footwork to what is really
* receive tips and illustrations on negotiating the purchase price.
* find out about things like documentation fees and addendum
stickers, what you should pay and what you shouldn't.
* learn the 'big trick' you should not fall for.
* learn how to calculate your own payment with any hand-held
calculator. (This one thing is worth the 'price of admission' alone.)
* learn much, much more to enable you to confidently negotiate a
car deal and know that you got a good deal.

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