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Make a complete analysis
of your core values
in four areas of your life

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Product description:       

The Values analysis pack provides you with the tools to do a comprehensive analysis of your core values in four areas of your life.

The pack includes:       

Values summary

Values analysis overview

Instructions for completing the values analysis tool

Values analysis tool

Core values commitment chart

Values summary

Your core values are the basis on which you operate. 

By being true to your core values, you live your life with integrity, true to yourself. 

Your core values are not your beliefs or ideas, as these will change with time and circumstances. 

Though often called values, your beliefs and ideas are gathered from your life experiences and the opinions of other people. 
When you consciously recognise and commit to your core values, you have a uniquely personal set of priorities that enable you to make the right choices for your life. 

Your beliefs and ideas will change, your life will become full of purpose, and you will find the inner peace and happiness you crave. 

Values analysis overview

The values analysis tool consists of two parts. 

It is important to take the time to complete the values analysis tool as instructed,
as it will help you to recognise or confirm, and validate your core values.

Part A

Part A lists 500 values.   Complete Part A quickly, so you don’t start thinking about what someone else tells you is important.  It may not really be important to you personally, and this is your personal values analysis.   If a value is personally important to you, you will know, without having to think about it.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t tick a lot of the values on the list.  Usually, people have a short but powerful list of core values.
Part B

While Part A is intuitive, Part B is reflective.

To complete Part B, you need to think seriously about what is of core importance to you and what you can live without in four areas of your life. 

The four areas of life included in the values analysis are included to help you recognise that your values can vary between different types of relationships.
Personal values are the values you have in your relationship with yourself. 

Family values are the values you have in your close family relationships and close friendships. 

Work values are the values you have in your career and workplace relationships, including roles in volunteer organisations. 

Community values are the values you have in your social relationships outside your close family relationships and friendships. 

Core values commitment chart

Once you complete the values analysis tool, you will transfer the list to your
core values commitment chart, and sign and date the chart.  This represents
your commitment to use your core values as selection criteria for your life. 

Write the values on this chart as neatly as you can, laminate it, and keep it
where you can see it, as a constant reminder of what is truly important to you.


lower = better; 1 = best

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