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Stop Your Breast Cancer Quick & Natural

Get the information you need to reverse your breast cancer

       You Do Everything From Home

No Surgery

No Radiation

No Chemotherapy

This information has never been offered to the public

     UNTIL NOW!      

Through years of research, studying thousands of documents and of those with cancer, we came up with astounding, factual information to help you stop your cancer. Information mostly consisting of non-classified documents produced by doctors and scientist' having been mysteriously buried through the years.

We found that as early as the 1930's in documented laboratory tests that cancer cells could be killed in a natural controlled environment. Our bodies were made to ward off diseases'. Sadly enough, our lifestyles that include stress, lack of sleep, little exercise, and diet have played a major role in tearing down our body's defense system to dangerous levels.

Information contained in the Breast Cancer Guide are secured by medical documentation that is also provided in the guide. 

Everyone that gets cancer quickly realizes that they are at the mercy of a conventional medical system where the odds are against them for recovery. You may say at this point, "I see on TV that these big beautiful hospitals are now using the most current treatments available." My answer to that is that if they introduced an anti-cancer pill the industry would suffer massive revenue loses causing a gigantic collapse in their stocks.

Most of our clients contact us immediately after they are diagnosed. It gets scary when one waits until the latter stages.

You see, the fact is that if your insurance stops paying, the hospitals and treatment center's must move you out and replace you with a fresh paying customer, regardless of your condition! It is a business that must have revenue.

Having been in the alternative medicine industry for 8 years, I have come aware of the objectives of the top people in the cancer arena. These professionals have a goal in life as myself - that is to get this information out to the public.

The information contained in the Breast Cancer Guide is packed with good information you can put to use immediately to start removing your cancer.

---------- Life Changing Information ----------

Be assured that this information we are going to share with you will be life changing


There's An Urgency - Right Now - To Stop Your Cancer

Which one are you going to choose?


A Better, Natural Way
To Reverse Your Cancer

Conventional Treatment Method Radiation, Chemotherapy, Surgery Dangerous Drugs.

Immune System and Cancer

Accepted medical belief is that one's immune system is critical to maintain cancer  ‘in check”.

Scientists know the immune system is vitally important in that it recognizes and eliminates malignant tumors.

"Animal studies have conclusively shown that the immune system can recognize and eliminate malignant tumors in vivo (in the body)." ~ Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 14th Edition, Biologic Therapy, page 535


Scientists also know that the immune system is imperative to fight infections, bacteria, virus, etc.  A strong immune system lessens the negative effects of therapies such as chemotherapy. For example, chemo can weaken the immune system so much that it can no longer provide routine immune functions for the body.

Again in the authoritative text, Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 14th Edition, Infections in Patients with Cancer, page 537, we see the following:

"Autopsy studies show that most deaths from acute leukemia and half of deaths from lymphoma are caused directly by infection. With more intensive chemotherapy, patients with solid tumors have become more likely to die of infection rather than underlying disease."

This is scary! Do you understand what this medical textbook is saying? If their patients are taking intensive chemotherapy, they are more likely to die of an infection because of their ‘destroyed’ immune system than to die of the cancer.

Obviously conventional, mainstream medicine knows the importance of the immune system in controlling cancer. In fact, cancer immunotherapy aims at boosting the naturally occurring immune response to keep the cancer cells from escaping immune attack.

You Call The Shots Using The Most Complete Cancer Guide Ever Created
Why Choose Natural: Why should you choose to address your cancer using the natural instead of conventional method? There are many good answers here. One that always tops the chart is that when the "Five Natural Step" method is used properly, we have found that you will generally have a much, much greater chance of recovery and experience long term health. In other words, It Works and Keeps On Working!

No Hospital Stay: No need for hospital stay. The "Five Natural Steps" are designed to be performed at home.

No Daily Doctor Visits: It will be necessary to visit your doctor when it is time to check on the status of your recovery and to get a picture of the results. Note: This information is not to evaluate or attempt to discredit any doctor or the medical community. You should visit your doctor any time you feel it is needed.

All The Information Needed: Based on your personal statistics, the program tells you what you will need, where to get it, and how to use it with the easy to follow protocol, while saving you money.

No Hype or Misleading Information: The information contained in the Breast Cancer Guide is derived from laboratory testing and case studies by accredited scientists and doctors.

Easy To Use: The newest of technology will instantly be at your fingertips. We combine this information in an easy to understand, step by step cancer guide that you can start implementing immediately to reverse the cancer process.

No Product Searching: No searching for special, hard to find products, buying one here and there to come up with the regimen you need. We've done all the work for you. When you contact our preferred source they will provide all of the special natural products you need to complete your regimen.

Five Star Rated Product Company: We have been monitoring and doing business with this and other natural alternative sources for years. There is one company that carries a 5 star rating with us. So I feel confident that you will have an enjoyable experience with them. 

Wholesale Prices: The natural product company you choose to obtain your natural products from is 100% your choice. However, when you use our preferred natural alternative source, you will receive your orders at real wholesale prices that are exclusive only for our clients. They offer a 100 % product satisfaction guarantee.


---------- Download The Guide Now ----------

Guide Links

The guide links will be activated on Friday, 4/25 at 4:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time

Chapter one of the guide will show you the power that the "Five Natural Step" program provides. Look through the program index to see what you receive when you upgrade to the full version, you will learn exactly what is needed to stop your breast cancer, stop it from coming back, and feel healthy again. No other source offers this information.

When you upgrade the guide you also receive the following FREE bonuses.


We want to make sure that each step of the cancer process is understood and that the protocol has been calculated properly. The screening telephone Interview will cover this area with one of the top cancer coach's in the Alternative Industry. Everyone else has to pay $79.00 for this service.

Nutrition & Diet - A Guide to a healthier you. Follow these proven techniques for maximum effectiveness; good & bad carbs, protein, good and bad fat, Glycemic index,  and much more.    

Lifestyle - A  health guide that covers area like exercise, stress, sleep, lifestyle recommendations, and more.


Our preferred natural alternative source will provide all your products recommended by your protocol at real wholesale. This will save you at least $150 for one month packaged protocol against retail. And you are guaranteed the same discounts on additional purchases in the future as long as your account remains in good standing. Great Value!

---------- Let's Summarize ----------

 What's Included?

Breast Cancer Guide

Bonus 1, Telephone Interview & Coach Screening Program

Bonus 2, Nutrition & Diet Guide

Bonus 3, Lifestyle Health Guide

Our One Source Wholesale Supplier For All of Your Products

8 week satisfaction guarantee on the Breast Cancer Guide

100% product satisfaction guarantee from our preferred natural alternative source 

You Can Do It Too!

Your Savings


Coach Screening Program


Guide - Nutrition & Diet. This guide has not yet been released for marketing. You receive a pre-released copy.


Guide - Lifestyle. This guide has not yet been released for marketing. You receive a pre-released copy.


Savings on your natural alternative products for one month packaged protocol against retail prices.


Total Immediate Savings.

---------- Promise and Guarantee ----------

Try our cancer guide for 8 weeks. Read it, study it, use it to save a lot of money while reversing your cancer. During this time if you decide the guide did not help you, simply cancel and you will be refunded. And we'll part as friends with best wishes. Of course, we don't plan on losing you because the guide has such high value built in. I have kept the cost low because I wanted to make sure that everyone with cancer that we meet up with could afford it

Dear Cancer Friend:

Thank you for taking time to read this. By now, you should understand why we developed this guide and were willing to dedicate ourselves to such a time consuming project over the years. We believe this is a huge advance for public information and the hope that many with all forms of cancer have been looking for.

The first thing I recommend you do now is download the guide. Don't put it off by procrastinating. This is important! Take a look. I know you'll like what you see.  

I want to see you free of cancer and back to health again SOON!

Better Health and God Bless You,

 Robert Ingham

Robert Ingham
President & Founder

P.S. -  You will save many times over just from our natural alternative source to pay for the Answer To Breast Cancer Guide. And it is so easy to work your way through the five natural steps.

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---------- Author's Notes ----------

This website is dedicated to a great friend, my brother Don. Someone that I will never forget in my mind and especially my heart. One that placed himself beside many during time of their need. I know he's in a better place now. All the many long hours that was necessary to develop this end result was worth every minute because this is what he wanted to do - save lives. We miss him!

Credits: Thanks to all the ones here that helped and made this guide possible. You are special!

Don - My Brother

Glenda - My Wife

Adina - My Daughter

Dennis - Good Friend

Many other friends and co-workers that gave their time to help make this dream come true. 

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