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At Last - A SureFire Way to Secure Football Betting Profits With Minimal Risk.
Learn the exact Secrets I use to win more than £100,000 Tax Free Every Year betting on Fixed Odds Football.

John Dixon - Football Odds Analyst and Professional Gambler

Dear Friend,

Before I even start I am not going to promise you millions of pounds instantly as that is total bull and any system that does make that sort of promise is a lie. What I will give you is a surefire way to profit from football betting and steadily increase your bank week after week.

With Football Cash Builder you will double your betting bank every few weeks

I started the Football Cashbuilder plan 3 years ago and since that day I have made in excess of £200,000 profit and continue to increase that profit every year whilst flying under the bookmakers radar.

What is unique about my system is there is minimal risk to my betting bank and I let the bookmakers do the work for me. This system is so simple even if you have never placed a bet before you could operate Football Cashbuilder for a few minutes a week every week even from the comfort of your home.
I know you will have seen promises like above and that you will have been scammed before, I assure you this is no scam and the system is covered by a 100% money back guarantee. No one else is using this system or selling it is totally unique. It is not Lay the Draw or Over & Under it is a simple betting concept taking advantage of fixed odds price errors.

Ok John - Why should we believe you and why are you selling the system?

I am selling the system for two reasons

I was a problem gambler with debts and on every mailing list going. Having developed this system I want to help people like me secure an income which will continue to grow over time.

I worked for a bookmaker and was sick of the rip off odds that would be set out every week, by operating Football Cashbuilder you can strike back and no matter what level you bet at the system will build your bank in a unique way that ultimately will lead to a tax free income running into thousands of pounds every year.

Football betting has changed dramatically over the last few years with more televised football, the advent of Betfair and increased competition amongst bookmakers. It was not too long ago that the only football coupons you could get were from the big bookmakers William Hill, Corals, Ladbrokes and Tote who ran it like a cartel and used to dictate the bets you could have, a singles bet was not allowed and accumulators were set as minimum fivefolds on home games.
The cash builder system would not even have been allowed back in those bad  old days but now with all the competition almost any bet can be placed on football across many different bookmakers and the Football Cashbuilder System has flourished and is an unstoppable way to make your Football Betting Pay
"Football Cashbuilder is the easiest and safest system I have ever used. It makes me money, tells me how much to bet and the selection process could not be simpler. I will operate this for life as an additional tax free income" Terry D - London

"The first system I have found on Football that does not involve huge liability and provides constant consistent winnings - if you haven't got this you are mad" - Phil Pierce- Kent.

"I have bet on football for years hoping for that big win, now I realise it is about consistent profits. Thank you John  your Cashbuilder has given me a new life and I look forward to my football " Ken W- Halifax
You can join the people building a steady income stream from Football and enjoy the life you want. The system is so easy it is incredible and you can utilise it anytime that football is on. But the greatest asset of the system is the unique staking system which means you can never run into big trouble by having huge liabilities or a couple of losing bets that wipe out all your previous profits and mean you tread water or worse still give all your money and more back to the bookmakers.
What FootballCashBuilder is not!

A system reliant on Betting and Laying using a Betting Exchange - no use of Betfair is required

Arbitrage System

Progressive Betting

Any other stupid gimmick that is currently being touted about

A high risk staking system that wipes out your winnings with one or two losing bets

A system reliant on IN-BETTING - Just place your bets 2 or 3 times a week and watch your cash build - For Life!!!

What Football CashBuilder is!!

An easy system to operate with no knowledge of football or betting

Low risk staking that progressively builds your bank over time and all bets are self calculating

A system you can operate with just a few minutes a day

A system where you can place bets at a bookmaker or online

A system that works on any football league in the world

There is no more else to say you can grab this opportunity and I know once you read the manual and implement the system you will see the ease. All my results can be verified. Or you can continue browsing the net for scam systems. I sent my system to a leading football betting professional and within 24 hours he confirmed that it works - The rest is up to you.

You can download the manual instantly for just $199, $147. No the manuals will sell for just $97. JUST $82 until April 26th

Yes just $97 $82 will get you a sure fire system, not instant wealth but a system that grows the more you use it and that you can use for life.

Click the button below to start using Football Cashbuilder Today. Your Payment is 110% secure.

[ ](http://1.footballcb.pay.clickbank.net)

Your payment is backed up by a 100% 8 week guarantee.

You can operate Cashbuilder from anywhere in the world

Your bank is guaranteed to build, just think what you would do with that extra money

No knowledge of Football or betting is required.

I am on hand to answer your queries at [ dixon@footballcashbuilder.com](mailto:dixon@footballcashbuilder.com)

I know for certain you have bought rubbish and scams before as I have. I shall do no more to convince you, if you close your browser now I assure you are missing out on the simplest money earning possibility of your life. Just shoot up to the results table and take another look, the facts are there for themselves. I do not like rip off merchants as much as the next man.
[ ](http://1.footballcb.pay.clickbank.net)


Read what other football bettors are saying about Football Cashbuilder

Bet Number Stake Result Returns Running Profit 1 £50 W 165 115 2 £55 W 169 229 3 £60 L 0 169 4 £90 W 297 376 5 £60 W 188 504 6 £65 W 224 663 7 £70 L 0 593 8 £95 W 328 826 9 £70 W 253 1009 10 £75 L 0 934 11 £105 L 0 829 12 £155 W 552 1226 13 £75 W 235 1386 14 £80 W 272 1578 15 £85 W 303 1796 16 £90 W 232 1938 17 £95 L 0 1893 18 £135 L 0 1758 19 £190 L 0 1568 20 £95 W 323 1796 21 £100 W 321 2071 22 £105 W 322 2293 23 £110 W 361 2544 24 £115 L 0 2429 25 £165 W 565 2829 26 £115 W 387 3101 27 £120 W 360 3341 28 £125 W 501 3717 29 £130 L 0 3537 30 £190 L 0 3397 31 £250 W 891 4038 32 £130 W 418 4326 33 £135 W 425 4626 34 £140 L 0 4486 35 £200 W 644 4930 36 £140 W 476 5266

With 3-4 potential bets every week the results above show how fast you can build your cash.

36 bets - 25 winning bets, 11 losing bets - £5266 profit

As your profit builds you use it to take Football Cashbuilder to the next level

With over 7000  UK bookmakers shops and numerous internet bookmakers placing your bets is simple and as your stakes increase I will show you how to keep your bets under the bookmakers radar. You can operate this system via the internet from anywhere in the world

This system cannot possibly be stopped - STRONG WORDS I KNOW but absolute fact!!!
[ ](http://1.footballcb.pay.clickbank.net)
Now I am not a web salesman so I am not at this point going to offer loads of silly bonuses that are meaningless. The above is a rock solid system that will enable you to grind out consistent profits from Football Betting 365 days a year forever. It is priceless information.
 Those Debts become a Thing of the Past
Those Dreams become Reality
The pressures of work and time are removed, your life is yours!!
What could you do with an extra £5000, £10,000 or even £50,000?


lower = better; 1 = best

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