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Looking for information on Marketing Strategies?

What is the ONE Principle Which Business Owners MUST Understand in Order to be Successful?

And Why Do 95% of Small Businesses Do This WRONG Every Day?

Are You Making This Mistake Too? You Are Only Two Clicks Away from the Answers!


From the Desk of Craig Mecham


Welcome Business Owner,

In more than 20 years of advising businesses of all types, I've seen just about every mistake possible. From products that fall apart . . . to brochures printed without contact information . . . to one business owner who actually flashed a gun when customers touched his merchandise (I'm not kidding--but I'll save that story for another time)!

I thought that nothing would surprise me anymore.
I was about to prove myself wrong!

Most of the client relationships I've had over the years have been wonderful. But there have been a few that really had me frustrated.

As I thought about them, I came to a shocking realization.

Almost without exception, those businesses have struggled to understand or take advantage of the exact same core issue!

It's so SIMPLE, yet so POWERFUL, but most businesses just don't get it!

Here's an example from just the other day . . .

I was meeting with a very bright young man who was in his first year of a business for which he had great passion and enthusiasm. He had done some things very well.
He had a slightly better than average website He was doing some of the right things to drive traffic to it He had considerable expertise in his field He had the appropriate certifications he needed to perform his service He had invested in the equipment he needed to conduct his business He had secured an excellent location He had good margins He was well capitalized (Daddy is a multi-millionaire)
Sounds pretty good doesn't it? But when I asked him about the one success principle he needed to apply, he had no idea how to respond.

"Well, we're going to . . . um . . . It's going to be like . . . Most people in this business are doing . . . Don't you think people will understand what we mean?"

Huh? I couldn't even understand him and I was sitting right across the table! How is a customer supposed to understand? (It was a good thing I was buying his lunch that day, because his competition was about to eat his!)

I'm sure it seemed so simple to him that he wasn't even going to worry about it, yet, in reality--for many businesses--it's the difference between success and failure. Even for someone doing as many things right as he was doing--if he continued to ignore this core marketing element, he was destined to struggle.

But he's in good company. Without exception, in the past 20 years . . .

EVERY business I've worked with that has refused to understand OR apply this marketing principle has either struggled just to barely survive or failed completely!

So, if you're interested in Marketing Strategies , then this could be the answer for you too!

In fact, the problem is so widespread that even major corporations that spend gazillions of dollars on their marketing personnel and campaigns do this wrong more often than they do it right! You heard me . . .

Even huge corporations do this WRONG every day--and then wonder why it doesn't work!

One evening, I sat in front of the television for a couple of hours (an extremely rare event for me--unless there's football on!) and counted TV spots for companies who had failed to implement this marketing principle. There's about 22 minutes of commercials in the average hour of evening television. That means--with network promos and public service type announcements, there will be about 15-20 different advertisers each hour--both local and national.

How many companies did I find that evening who had successfully implemented this principle?

Nope. Guess again . . . Still wrong. . .Give up?

Three! Yes, only three companies had successfully understood and executed this important principle in their marketing.

Ever thought you'd have a significant advantage over a huge corporation? Well you're about to get one. If you learn and apply this principle in your business you'll have an unfair advantage! It's almost like a license to print money.

So, here's the bottom line. I'm going to give you everything you need to know in order to apply this foundational marketing principle to your business. Not only am I going to explain it to you in simple, easy to understand terms, but I'm going to give you some criteria to evaluate your application of the principle, so you'll know if you're doing it right--and know how to avoid making mistakes.

If you follow the instructions properly, you'll never have to worry about your competition eating your lunch again.

Let me illustrate further with this story . . .

The Queen Elizabeth luxury liner was in trouble. The huge engines were not running. Trips were cancelled. Fares were refunded. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were lost each day.

The vessel's owners brought in all their on-staff engineers to fix it, but none of them could get the engines running.

Finally, they brought in an expert who had been fixing ships all his life. The old expert hauled in his bag of tools and looked around a bit.

He crawled all over that engine room, looking, touching, thinking.

Finally, he went to his bag, pulled out a small hammer and tapped a few times on a valve.

The engine roared to life!

A week later, the owners of the ship received a bill for ten thousand dollars. The owners were outraged. After all, the man had only tapped on a valve with a hammer!

They immediately demanded he send them an itemized bill explaining his charges. He sent them a bill that read:

Tapping with a hammer.....................$2
Knowing where to tap.................$9,998
Once you read this special report,

you'll know exactly where to "tap" your business engine!

Like the old man in the story, I would normally charge a client $5,000 to go through this process with them in detail and teach them what I'm going to teach you in this special report. I would spend several hours researching, interviewing and then spend an entire day or more with the client. It's an intensive process.

But, I'm going to make things much easier (and cheaper) for you!

I'm not only going to give you a special report that explains the principle in detail, I'm going to give you 30-minutes of one-on-one consultation ($150 value) to help you implement this critical principle in your business . . .

. . . and I'll even pay for the phone call!

Of course you could take this information and teach it to others and charge them huge amounts of money . . . . and you're certainly free to do that.

But, I think you'll get more out of it if you apply it to your own business.

One thing I've also learned in 20 years is that the chance of someone implementing advice they have received free is almost nil. If it costs you something--even something small--you'll place more value in it and you'll be more likely to actually use it and make it work for you.

So what's the cost?

• Not $10,000 (even though the strategies are worth that and more).

• Not $1,000 (even though clients pay much more than that).

• Not even $100 (even though you'll probably make that in the first few minutes of implementing this principle).

It's only $47! Less than a fancy dinner and a movie with your sweetheart--and this will continue to generate value to your business long after your dinner has . . . well . . . passed.

The Business Success Principle That (Almost) Everyone Gets Wrong!

How You Can Avoid Costly Mistakes

Here's what you'll learn in this special report:

• How 9 out of 10 businesses are completely missing the boat when it comes to their marketing messages

• Why lowering your price may not always be the best competitive move for you

• Four hidden places where you can look to find market dominating strategies

• How to find out how much a customer is worth to you and why that's important

• How one simple change can mean the difference between continual struggle and massive success

• What are the second and third most common business mistakes--are you making them right now?

• Find out what the Whack-a-Mole theory is and why you're probably in violation of it and don't even know.

Plus, you'll get a 30-minute telephone consultation (US and Canadian customers only please!) in which I can answer all your questions about the report and help you get started implementing this powerful principle in your business right away. Most clients pay at least $150 for this type of consultation--but you'll be getting it absolutely FREE!

I'll schedule your 30-minute consultation after you've had a chance to thoroughly absorb the materials in the special report, so you'll be ready to make the most of our time together. I'll even record the phone call and send you the MP3 file, so you can refer to our conversation over and over again!

--Why am I doing this?--

Am I crazy? Some people have told me that I am. Especially people who are familiar with the techniques in the report. I think they just want to keep it to themselves because, quite frankly they are charging HUGE FEES to help businesses through this process. But--

• I'm just tired of seeing this concept done WRONG, OVER AND OVER AND OVER again!

• Plus, I would like to track your success and use your case study in my next book and promotion.

Of course you're not obligated to share your case study with me--just like you're not obligated to implement the principle successfully.

But, I think you'll be excited about your success and you'll want to share the story! I'm counting on it.

So, this report is yours, along with the one-on-one consultation. And I hope you kick some major butt when you implment this powerful principle.

So, here's what you get . . .

Special PDF report The One Business Success Principle That Almost Everyone Gets Wrong--synthesizing 20 years of business intelligence into a few simple pages outlining the critical core success principle.

Three distinct criteria for evaluating your success at developing and applying the success principle in your business.
The #2 and #3 most common business mistakes which you are almost guaranteed to be making right now!
A 30-minute one-on-one telephone consultation (value $150) to help you establish this principle of success in your business.
An MP3 audio file of the 30-minute consultation which you can download and refer to over and over again!
Don't forget . . . I'm paying for the phone call! (limited to US and Canadian customers)

Immediate download of the PDF report so you can start applying this success principle now--even if it's 3:00 am!

But (as they say) that's not all . . .

You'll also get this special bonus--

I'm going to give you another special report, absolutely free when you buy. You'll get my latest, revised edition of "Powerful Offline Marketing in the Internet Age"

This popular ebook has been revised and updated for 2008 and contains more than 100 marketing ideas which you can use "offline" in combination with your online marketing efforts--or just use them on their own. They're time-tested and proven effective. Here's just a small sample of what you can expect in this current edition:

• How to GUARANTEE that your prospect reads your sales message--even if he just throws it in the garbage. (pg 7)

• Where you can get radio advertising that would normally sell for $30 per spot (or much more) for mere pennies! (pg 9)

• How $30 and 15 minutes increased response to an offer more than 200% (pg 14)

• Why the difference between "lumpy" and flat can cost you thousands in lost sales revenue. (pg 22)

• How to double or triple your sales force almost overnight--and not spend a dime! (pg 41)

• And Much More!!

This is interesting and everything Craig, but why should I listen to you?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this page, I've counseled with businesses in one capacity or another for almost three decades. I'm not bragging when I say that programs I have devised and implemented for my clients or employers have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. It's just the facts.

Of course you don't have to listen to me, but here are some people who have:

"I have known and worked with Craig Mecham for more than 10 years and believe him to be one of the most insightful and 'out of the box' thinkers I have worked with. As head of a national market research firm I have found that people with Craig's integrity, intellect, and problem solving abilities come along rarely and when discovered should be valued and utilized whenever

--Bill Hockett, Pres. & CEO, Critical Data, Inc.


Following Craig's advice took us on a growing spree of more than 1500% in just a little less than two years. It was amazing!

Linda Long, Director of Sales and Marketing, Blongo Family Fun


Implementing just one of Craig's ideas has resulted in an increase in sales of more than 300% in the past year alone.

Jon Moffet , President, Advanced Forest Equipment


I'll have to admit we were slow to act, but now that we've implemented Craig's plan, I can trace more than $1 million in sales directly to Craig's program. I only wished we had taken action more quickly.

John Shepard, Sales Manager, Bay Shore Systems, Inc.


Don't wait any longer. Act now and breathe new life into your business! Just to re-cap, here's what you will receive:

• Immediate download of this special report (in PDF format) with a complete and detailed explanation of the success principle you'll want to apply right away in your business.

• Everything you'll need to know to apply the principle in your business including how to test your application of the principle to make sure you've got it right!

• A 30-minute one-on-one telephone consultation--on my dime (or quarter or whatever).

• This bonus report is yours for immediate download as a PDF file.

• More than 100 fresh ideas for your marketing, newly revised for 2008

• Use these offline ideas in combination with your online marketing

• Use the offline ideas all by themselves


Plus, here's your exclusive 56-day money back guarantee . . .

No B.S. Iron-Clad, 56-Day, No Risk, Money-Back Guarantee!

You're serious about your business and so are we . . .

If after 56 days, you're not convinced that the information contained in "The One Business Success Principle" has the potential to transform your business and generate massive new revenue, we'll give you your money back! No questions asked.

You've got nothing to lose. Except new sales revenue, more profits and more money in YOUR pocket!

So, here's the link to the special report. Click the button below and secure your report now! (and get your free bonus too)

[Click Here to Get Your Report and Your FREE Bonus Now! ](http://1.cmecham.pay.clickbank.net)


I'm looking forward to spending some time on the phone with you talking about your business and helping you implement this success principle!

Questions? Contact us at sales@marketingplanmiracle.com

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