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Get massaging!

I decided to avoid being vague and abstract for fear of offending anyone’s delicate sensibilities and I’ve opted for:
Straight to the point or downright blunt.

Looking and feeling great doesn’t happen by accident. Nobody’s going to wave a magic wand, after which you’ll have beautiful baby soft, taut, youthful alabaster skin, which has the look and feel of a pampered movie star. No, the only way to look and feel great is to massage and exercise, it’s that simple.

The reason we don’t all look and feel great is because massage and exercise take effort. We all want something for nothing, but unless you have deep enough pockets to go for the slice and splice option of surgery, it’s just not going to happen… without some effort.

The good news is that the results of your massage and exercise efforts, are in direct proportion to the amount of effort you put in, and that doesn’t have to be a great deal. Twenty minutes a day is all it takes to see a noticeable difference, but without a doubt the hardest thing is to actually get started.
Once you overcome your initial state of inertia and actually get your blood pumping, you’ll begin to feel and see results almost immediately.

Feeling good about yourself needn’t involve rose tinted spectacles, a magic wand or a plastic surgeon. It just takes effort.

Many people have tried to quantify success, but the definition I read some time ago has become ingrained in my own philosophy.
It stated that: “the difference between people who are successful and those that are not amounts to just 40 Centimeters.
That is the difference between getting off of your backside and taking action, and not”

The time to put the brakes firmly on the aging process is [NOW](http://www.holistic-facial-massage.com).
Decide that you will move your backside the necessary 40 centimeters and push yourself into action.
Start with giant strides or baby steps, but just start. The benefits of massage and [massage therapy](http://www.holistic-facial-massage.com) go way beyond the physical and there are no known drawbacks.

If it’s your opinion that [massage therapy](http://www.holistic-facial-massage.com) is a pampering luxurious treat, a therapeutic relaxing treatment or a rejuvenating, revitalizing pleasure, then you’re absolutely right. Massage therapy is all of those things as well as being a powerful ally in your health and wellbeing armory.

For well over five thousand years, massage and massage therapy has been used to alleviate stress and aid wellbeing. Anything that can last that long as a chosen activity must have some merit.
Go ahead, build your immune system, build your muscles, strengthen your resolve and build your self esteem and do it in the knowledge that your back in control.

To your continued,
outstanding health.

[Massage and Massage Therapy: It’s Time You Had a Plan.](http://www.massagefundamentals.com/massage/massage-and-massage-therapy-it%e2%80%99s-time-you-had-a-plan-3)
October 21, 2007 [Facial Massage](http://www.massagefundamentals.com/category/facial-massage), [Massage](http://www.massagefundamentals.com/category/massage), [Massage therapy](http://www.massagefundamentals.com/category/massage-therapy) [1 Comment](http://www.massagefundamentals.com/massage/massage-and-massage-therapy-it%e2%80%99s-time-you-had-a-plan-3#comments)
Mirror Mirror on the wall…

If you think it’s high time that you reversed that sinking feeling that you experience every time you look in the mirror, then you’re absolutely right.

Welcome aboard!

If you’re not quite there yet, then read on…

Feeling good about yourself needn’t involve rose tinted spectacles, a magic wand or a plastic surgeon.

Feeling good about yourself starts with a decision, plain and simple.

Most of us are incredibly critical about ourselves, which if left unchecked, can very quickly stop any aspirations of self esteem dead in their tracks. Decide that you’re o.k. with or without your so called deficiencies, and you’re halfway there.

The next step is to address what you’re not content with.

Whether it’s your waistline, your double chin, your jowls or any other thing you’re not happy with about yourself, you need a plan of action and a timetable for its completion.

You could do worse than start with what you see.
9 times out of 10 it’s what you see in the mirror that starts the whole cycle of self criticism and low self esteem.
For almost immediate results, start with a Facial Massage.

[Massage and Massage Therapy](http://www.holistic-facial-massage.com) literally breathes life into the parts of the body that are being treated.

Massage involves the manipulation of body tissue by applying varying amounts of pressure, causing movement of soft tissue which improves functioning of the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems and as a bonus, may improve the rate at which the body recovers from injury and illness.

Make no mistake, exercising equals energizing, and that is the mind as well as the body.

What about what you don’t see?

Most of us are completely unaware that our bodies are equipped with little wonder molecules that, when properly ignited, are capable of lifting our spirits in ways we never thought possible. These naturally occurring wonder drugs are called endorphins. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that offer a whole range of health benefits including stress reduction, improved immune systems, and a state of euphoria.

The bottom line is this: Having recognized that you’re not happy with what you see in the mirror, you can take comfort from the fact that the changes you need to make need not be huge and unattainable.

Start with one of the easiest and most accessible therapies available, and see results in a matter of days,

[Massage and Massage Therapy](http://www.holistic-facial-massage.com) will successfully address your concerns about looking in the mirror, but it’s what you get for free that’s the real success story

To your continued,

outstanding health.

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