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Law of Attraction Ebook | Inspired Attraction

Finally, you'll make your wishes come true...

"Who Else Wants To Attract A Brand New Home, A Luxury Car, A Dream
Job, Or Anything Else You Can
Possibly Imagine...

If You've Ever Thought About Why Some People Are Successful In Life
And Others Live Out Their Lives In Failure. If You've Ever Wanted
To Be One Of Those People Who Lives Their Dreams,
The Answer Is At Hand

Thirteen Law Of Attraction Experts Reveal You How They Went From
Poverty To Prosperity By Using These Proven Step-By-Step Secrets
That Have Earned Them Millions Of Dollars

From The E-Desk Of Colin Joss
August 25, 2007

Dear Friend,

In a run-down roadhouse at the edge of a small Texas town, Pat
O'Bryan steps down from the stage. For the last two hours he's played
and sung the blues to a handful of rowdy cowboys.

As he drains the dregs of a cheap bottle of beer, he shakes his
head in disgust. In one night, he's earned only $30.

Less than three years later...

In a historic inn in Taos, New Mexico, Pat O'Bryan relaxes in a
steaming hot-tub, sipping a glass of Australian Shiraz.

For the last hour, he's run his portable empire from his laptop -
reading emails and totalling up his sales.

He shakes his head in amazement. In the past month, he's earned over

What took Pat O'Bryan from struggling musician to Internet marketing
legend and best-selling author in three short years?

In Pat's own words, "I owe it all to the power of attraction."

Discover The Most Simple, Elegant Techniques To Live
The Life You Desire

You can't visit a bookstore, go online, or switch on the TV without
hearing about the law of attraction...

Joe Vitale's book, The Attractor Factor, is an international

The inspirational movie, The Secret, is a world-wide phenomenon.

Larry King hosted two powerful one-hour specials on the law of

Oprah hosts a special on The Secret and credits the law of
attraction for her success in life

Why the sudden interest?

What ancient mystics have known for thousands of years - that
everything is energy - has now been scientifically proven by quantum

Your thoughts are energy, attracting into your life everything that
vibrates in alignment with your thoughts. Think about what you want
and you attract it into your life. Think about what you don't want and
you attract that too.

Whether you like it or not you are a living magnet.

What You Discover Here Will Change
Your Life Forever

Just imagine...

It's six months from today. What have attracted into your life using
the law of attraction? Perhaps you're...

Sitting at home watching money flow effortlessly into your internet
business. No more commute. No more office politics. No more asshole

Dressed in an Armani suit, flying first-class to New York to close a
multi-million dollar deal. A sleek limousine meets you at JFK. It
takes you in style to your suite at The Plaza.

Powering along Pacific Coast Highway in your brand new Mercedes
S-Class. Below you, waves crash against the rocky shore. You're
heading for your beach house in Malibu.

Vacationing with your family in Walt Disney World, staying at one of
the luxurious resort hotels. You're close to tears as you see the
wonder in your children's eyes as they meet Mickey Mouse.

Sadly, it's more more likely you'll be six months older but little
else will have changed.

But what if you had the chance to sit and learn from a master of
attraction - someone who effortlessly attracts whatever they desire.

You'd jump at the chance, wouldn't you?

Never Before Has It Been This Simple
To Achieve Your Every Dream

Well, now you can.

In Inspired Attraction, thirteen outrageously successful people -
including Dr Joe Vitale and Dr John F Demartini - two stars of The
Secret - reveal their sure-fire strategies and inspirational stories
for attracting anything you desire... effortlessly.

Here's a hint at the secrets these masters of attraction will

How the law of attraction works both spiritually and
scientifically. Just like your car the more you know about how it
works the better performance you'll get.

How to dream big dreams. Dreaming big dreams and achieving them
with the law of attraction is just as easy as dreaming small dreams.

How to use a five-step process to attract anything you want. Simply
follow the five-steps and at the end you'll be attracting instantly!
And there's even a two-step process once you've mastered this one.

How to use the law of attraction in your business. With the law of
attraction on your side, you'll be fighting off customers!

How to ask the right questions and spark the law of attraction.

How to easily attract money for anything. With the law of
attraction it doesn't matter what your credit rating is.

How to use the law attraction with your family. Whether you want to
spend more time with the family, raise your kids self-esteem or raise
their test scores, you can do it with the law of attraction.

And much, much more...

Here's What Others Have To Say...

_There is nothing more powerful than living a life of inspiration
and mastering the art of manifesting through the law of attraction.
Now _ Inspired Attraction__ can empower you to fulfil both inspiring

Dr. John F. Demartini
Bestselling author of
The Breakthrough Experience -
A Revolutionary New Approach to Personal Transformation


I just finished my first read of Inspired Attraction and Wow! I
don't know how you could have stuffed more powerful information into
one product.

You've got it all! Credible, expert sources, step-by-step
instructions, deep meaning and revelation, delivered with stories to
engage the imagination, and your readers actually begin the process of
attracting WHILE reading! I could feel the energy in my office

...one of those books you don't just read a few times, but read
over and over and over, and give to people that you care about. The
life-changing potential for those just introduced to "The Secret" and
those, like myself, who were looking for the connections and practical
applications for manifesting their desires, is just tremendous.

Susan Denham

Inspired Attraction is more than just uplifting and motivational --
it provides practical keys for implementing Law of Attraction

Let's face it - if you're not mastering the Law of Attraction,
you're not steering your own ship. If you want results, you deserve to
have this book.

Amy Scott Grant


Inspired Attraction is a book to inspire, behold and get you out of
the rut of 'scarcity thinking'.

I stumbled my way onto the path of the law of attraction principle
a few months ago, and Inspired Attraction_ _has further cemented my
enthusiasm for such a wonderful concept. That we _can _ have it all.
That there are plenty of good things and wishes for everyone. That the
Universe is so generous!

What is so wonderful about Inspired Attraction_ _is that it has
pulled together a variety of different takes on the law of attraction,
so that no matter where you are coming from, it all makes perfect
sense. This book is an easy and utterly enjoyable read.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to pick it up, use it to
let go of the past, to heal the present and to create a better future
- for yourself as well as everyone and everything in this universe of

An important and truly inspiring volume, Inspired Attraction
together with the law of attraction will be the salvation of the

Tracey 'Inspired' Dooley



Aine Belton, Miracle Mind


WOW!! I can't believe how many times I said that out loud as I read
these stories!

What a powerful combination of information as well as inspiration
to create the lives we want! Not only do you offer clear and specific
"how tos" (some of which I heard for the first time here), but also
real life miracles of what it looks like in action. You hit a homerun
with this collection!

Even implementing just ONE of the many great ideas in "Inspiring
Attraction" will transform a person's life. This is a definite keeper!

Jeannette Maw

As someone that is still relatively new to Law of Attraction, I
found Inspired Attraction to be very helpful in my education and my
ongoing efforts to manifest my dreams.

Gary Glasscock

How Harnessing The Law of Attraction
Changes Your Life

With Inspired Attraction, you'll be inspired by...


Aine Belton, creator of the Miracle Mind Manifesting Program,
reveals the big picture behind the law of attraction. After reading
this, you'll understand both the science and spirituality of

Rebecca Hanson, founder of the Law of Attraction Training Center,
asks 'What's wrong with big dreams?' And she shows why you need to
build strong foundations under your dreams.

Dr. Joe Vitale, best-selling author of The Attractor Factor and
star of The Secret, reveals a simple two-step process for attracting
success in business. You'll discover how to get angels to hand out
your business cards.

Yanik Silver, internet marketing and copywriting superstar, reveals
his three secrets of internet success. You'll find that behind his
practical approach is the magic of attraction.

Dr. John F Demartini, best-selling author of How to Make One Hell
of a Profit and Still Get to Heaven and star of The Secret, reveals
the secret of asking high quality questions. You'll learn how asking
the right question sparks the law of attraction.

Pat O'Bryan, Director of the Milagro Research Institute, tells the
story of how the law of attraction transformed his life from
struggling blues guitar player, earning $40 a night to internet
marketing guru earning over $100,000 a month. You'll be inspired by
his amazing story.

Amy Scott Grant, author of The Success Method, unlocks the law of
attraction with her three keys. With these keys, you'll find there is
an easier way to everything.

Bill Hibbler, internet marketer and co-author of Meet and Grow
Rich, tells how he bought his dream car and home within a few short
weeks. You'll discover how he used the law of attraction to almost
effortlessly earn the money to pay for them. And how you can do the

Jeannette Maw, founder of Good Vibe Coaching, tells how she turned
her life around by her 'crazy talk'. You'll realize that your 'crazy
talk' can change your life.

Lori Brower, wife of Lee Brower - star of The Secret, inspired her
family by sitting them down to watch The Secret. You'll learn that
some secrets should be shared.

Marina Woods, founder of iMarketingPR, tells how discovering The
Secret finally brought her abundance in life. You'll see how simple
the law of attraction can be.

Colin Joss, founder of Back Roads Marketing, tells the story of how
he taught the law of attraction to his six-year old daughter. Now
she's a master of attraction. You'll find a simple technique to use
with your own children.

Craig Perrine, author, speaker, and entrepreneur, asks the question
whether you truly attract everything in your life. You'll learn that
what you expect is what you attract.

Life Doesn't Come With Second Chances

Remember when I asked you...

"What if you had the chance to sit and learn from a master of
attraction - someone who effortlessly attracts whatever they desire.
You'd jump at the chance, wouldn't you?"

Well now's your chance.

You're only a couple of clicks away from sitting down and learning
from the masters of attraction.

You're only a couple of clicks away from turning your life around
and attracting everything you dream off.

You're only a couple of clicks away from Inspired Attraction.

Astonishing Bonuses Worth $262.95 - Free!

But that's not all. Not only will you get the life-changing book
Inspired Attraction, you'll get these fantastic bonuses to
turbo-charge your powers of attraction...

Joe Vitale's Spiritual Marketing (Value $39)

Spiritual Marketing is the original ebook that became Joe's
best-seller The Attractor Factor. In Spiritual Marketing you'll learn
Joe's five-step system for creating miracles.

Joe Vitale's Advanced Spiritual Marketing (Value $19.95)

Interviewed by Dan Klatt, Joe reveals more secrets about his
five-step system for creating miracles.

Barry Goss's The Manifesting Mindset (Value $87)

Inside this remarkable ebook, you'll find incredible wisdom
distilled from metaphysical authors, life coaches, energy healers, and
spiritual mentors who have a thing or two to share about tapping into
the great laws of the universe.

Jeannette Maw's Change Your Money Vibe (Value $39)

In this five step process, you'll learn a method to straighten out
your money vibe and allow a more prosperous and abundant relationship
with money. You'll learn how to determine what your money vibe is,
what it needs to be in order to allow you the experience with money
that you want, and how to change it immediately and permanently.

Aine Belton's The Vibrational Manifesting Guide (Value $39)

The Vibrational Manifesting Guide is one part of the eight-part
Miracle Mind Manifesting Program, designed to align you consciously
and unconsciously to your visions, dreams, and goals. The Vibrational
Manifesting Guide explores 10 steps to raise your vibration on
physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels to enhance your
manifesting success and assist you in engaging the law of attraction
in your favor.

Amy Grant's 1-hour Teleclass: Success and the Law of Attraction
(Value $39)

In this information-packed teleclass, you'll find yourself racing
to keep up as Amy Grant and Michael Losier reveal their secrets for
creating success through the Law of Attraction.

Jorj R.Elprehzleinn's Winning

Winning is a chapter from the Life Transformation System Z ebook
and workbook. Life Transformation System Z is a method of applying
the Law of Attraction that was developed over a period of about thirty
years. Following this concise, easy program you'll acquire a method
that works to transform your life with tangible results.

No-Risk, You-Can't-Lose, 100%, No-Questions-Asked, Iron-Clad
Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason, you aren't thrilled and satisfied with your
purchase, just contact me directly within 8 weeks and I'll refund 100%
of your purchase price.

Try it out for 8 weeks - risk free.

If it doesn't deliver sure-fire strategies for mastering the law of
attraction, if it doesn't give you inspirational stories, if it
doesn't transform you're life then I don't want your money...and I'll
gladly give it all back.

You have nothing to lose!

Breaking News - BBC Uses Inspired Attraction
In Their Research

The BBC's The Money Programme is filming a special report on the
law of attraction and big business. As I'm the author of the
best-selling law of attraction book, Inspired Attraction, the producer
of this prestigious programme called to interview me.

To celebrate I'm offering a $10 discount.

Get your hands on the ebook the BBC - the most respected
broadcasting company in the world - is using in its research now!

I'll Make This Easy For You...

Let me make this a no-brainer for you...

Invest today and you can have Inspired Attraction - and all of the
bonuses - that's $262.95 worth of bonuses - for only $29.

That's right.

Only $29.

But you must order right now.


Remember, this is the Internet. I can come back and change this
website and this special low price any day, in only minutes.

Why take a chance?

Besides, the sooner you learn this, the sooner you can begin
attracting whatever you desire.


Colin Joss

P.S. Remember, your investment includes Inspired Attraction and
seven bonuses worth $262.95. If you can learn to attract anything you
desire, for only $29, wouldn't you want it? Here's your chance. And
your satisfaction, of course, is fully guaranteed. The choice is

Colin Joss - Back Roads Marketing
16 Gateside Avenue, Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland
Email: colin AT colinjoss.com
Website: www.colinjoss.com


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