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September 21, 2007

The Science of Eliminating Body-Fat

“The 7 Easy Steps To Ignite
Your Natural Fat Incinerator”

By Shawn Phillips & Tom Bilella, D.C., M.S., C.C.N.

Despite the continued popularity of diet books, cutting-edge research continues to show that the key to losing weight is not cutting carbs, countingcalories or even superhuman willpower – it's stoking your body's own natural fat-burning furnace...

Allow me to show you why most everything you've ever been told about weight loss is backwards - why strict dieting is not only ineffective but potentially damaging to your metabolism.

Once you know these 7 secrets, you hold the key to shedding body-fat now and keeping it off for-life. Now you’re free to feel the energy of a lean and strong body while enjoying more of everything… more food, more energy, more strength, more confidence.

Simply embracing these 7 simple laws can literally ignite your inner radiance –
a difference you will feel and others will see at a glance.

Here's to the resurgence of someone truly amazing! You.

Shawn Phillips                 [](order.php)

“Destroy Fat Faster, Easier
and With Less Effort
Than Ever Before”

“Why Dieting is the Worst Thing You
Can Do to Lose Weight”

“How to Get Lean and Stay Lean for LIFE”

Dear Friend,

How's your metabolism today?

Not sure… Lift up your shirt and give a pinch. That'll give you a solid clue.

Just this easily / innocently the trouble begins… and you're on a diet!

It could have been the pinch or perhaps simply the season – you find yourself reaching for a diet like you'd reach for a plunger to free a clogged pipe. Seemed like the right tool for the job.

Shawn, AWESOME! I've downloaded it to my ipod and I'm on my 4th time through, enjoying it more every time. Thanx for the great info,
Months from now, you're looking back recounting to a friend, "I never saw it coming… I thought it was the right thing… and then, shazam!"

As usual, you start strong – your willpower impressive for the first few days and good for a few weeks.  You’re resisting temptation, doing mostly the right thing and it all seems to be working. You’re feeling remarkably good for a person who’s legally starving to death. And the scale is your friend…

A few short weeks later it all began to unravel.

You had a few “slips” in your eating… the scale is not cooperating as it once was. You’re simply not feeling “the love” anymore. Doubt creeps in, takes over and you get busy to avoid thinking about the diet for months. Next thing you know it’s swimsuit season!


What happened?

You were “outsmarted” by your metabolism! That’s right. If you’re not controlling it, it’s controlling your weight. It’s a heck of a lot smarter than you or I and it works 'round
the clock…
When it comes to transforming your body, your metabolism is like anti-locking brakes… no matter how hard you stomp your foot to the floor you’re not going to break into a skid.
My advice to you … skip the diet. Forget the fantasy of willpower… Don’t do it…

Please don’t begin again hoping you can white knuckle your way through. Even if your willpower seems unlimited, why prove it by suffering the deprivation of a diet?

Like most people, in years past you may have been lured into the dieting trap and its inherent punishing, “less, less, less” approach: Less food, less fat, less freedom, less energy… less of everything you enjoy in the hopes that your sacrifice will result in
less you.

This year will be different… make it about more of everything rather than less of anything.  Isn’t more what you really want? More energy, more freedom, more strength…a strong, lean, energized body and the radiant confidence that it brings?

What far too few people understand is that dieting can be the most metabolically damaging thing you can do. A strict diet, even for a relatively short time, can push down the “set point,” leave you starving and unable to lose an ounce of body fat.

I’ve seen it happen far too many times… the panic sets in – you’re eating less and less; feeling worse and worse while staying the same weight.

It’s maddening if you don’t understand what’s happening. It’s like stepping on the gas pedal, the engine roaring yet your car is not moving an inch. Only when you realize your spinning on a sheet of ice it all makes sense – and only then can you take corrective action and get unstuck.
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If you know how to ignite your metabolic furnace for true fat-loss, it becomes easy to resist being stuck – avoid getting sucked in by the flawed “logic” of deprivation dieting. Once you know the inside “dieting truths” it’s crystal clear why so many diets not only fail but why so many are even dangerous to your health.

To many the truth about how your body releases fat remains a mystery but once you know precisely how your own “weight-loss regulator” works you then hold the key to shedding body-fat now and keeping it off for life.
See these simple truths revealed in vivid Technicolor in my new “anti-dieting manifesto”, The 7 Eternal Laws of a Red-Hot Fat Scorching Metabolism…. In these pages (and the bonus audio seminar) you’ll discover how to generate abundant positive flowing energy that can reshape your body, recharge your mind, lift your spirit and have you feeling freer, clearer and stronger than you’ve known in decades… all in just 7 simple steps. []
Please read Red-Hot Metabolism if…
you're considering starting a diet or have ever dieted   you're struggling to lose weight and don't know why it's such a struggle   you've ever wondered what makes programs like Body-for-LIFE so successful   you're concerned that your thyroid could be to blame for your weight   you find the thought of dieting literally makes you feel ill    you find yourself seeking a "quick-fix" solution rather than a way to stay lean-for-life   you enjoy eating delicious food
you're an elite fitness trainer looking for a straight forward way to clarify to your clients how vital the fundamentals you teach them are.
The 7 Eternal Laws of a Red-Hot Fat Scorching Metabolism" is the simple, clear, quick-start plan for getting you on the right path to a lifetime of lean strength. Its foundation is an honest, direct, easy to follow instruction manual for how to turn up your body’s fat-burning engine. Written with such stunning clarity it inspires fool-proof action which is the only path to true lasting change.

Results come not simply from action but from “right actions.” In fact, according to productivity expert R. Koch, “Right actions produce as much as 16 times the results that random actions do…” And you know the only way to maximum results is to know the right actions.

This simple, clear, no BS 87 page “manual” for stoking your own red-hot, fat-burning engine is perfect for the person who’s looking to start the New Year clear, energized and focused. If getting fit were a contest, this would truly be an unfair advantage.

It’s a simple, down to earth guide that gets you laser focused on the few things that truly make the most difference.

“After reading this excellent book, the words that are left ringing in my ears are, “most people work far too hard for far too little result.”

Why I Wrote This for You
Over the course of the last decade there’s been an explosion in awareness about the importance of metabolism – a jolt in awareness, which quite typically has resulted in more questions than answers as for most it remains a mystery.

Of the many myths people ask about – the leading 6 include…
Fat loss supplements are the best way to increase my metabolism Metabolism slows as I age which it why it’s harder to lose weight now In order to loose weight I need to eat less The best exercise to get lean is long grueling cardio workouts Strength training will make me bulky and inflexible The reason why my diet failed and I stopped exercising was my lack of motivation
Shawn, I learned a lot of what is true and what is myth. Particularly, about eating to lose weight and the thyroid. Plan to increase my Full Strength shakes to two a day.
As a pioneer in the field of strength and fitness I’ve celebrated the awareness and cringed at the lack of clarity on the subject. It seems most people know of metabolism but still don’t know what it means to them – or how they should use the information. As a result, metabolism is one of the most asked about topics…

In just the last year I’ve received literally thousands and thousands of questions about metabolism… and in an effort to deliver a new and rare level of clarity to this important subject I reached out to one of the country’s leading alternative care experts, Tom Bilella D.C., N.D.. The founder of the renowned Nutrition Treatment Center located in Red Bank, NJ, “Doctor Tom” is on the front lines changing (and saving) lives every day. Doctor Tom truly practices what he preaches.

When it comes to transforming lives from the inside out, he’s one of the best.
No question… 

Integrating our combined four decades of knowledge, together Tom and I take you down the simplest, clearest and most engaging (even humorous) path to understanding and most importantly applying the seven eternal laws of a red­-hot fat burning metabolism. You’ll find no equal anywhere…
Tom’s highly spirited approach to nutrition has helped many shed unhealthy body fat, reduce the effects of premature aging, optimize genetic potential, enrich their careers and reach peak performance in all areas of life.
A Breakthrough in Clarity and Results

Yes, you’re absolutely correct if you’re thinking, “this is not the first (or only) book on metabolism. There are a few others out there – quite a few.
Perhaps you’re even the proud owner of one of the many 300 page monster books on metabolism you’ll find an Amazon.com right now.

over 49,000 to be exact.
the top 12 metabolism books
contain over 35,467 pages.

The stats in the red box on the right underscore the importance people have placed on the metabolism – numerous highly intelligent, educated people have pounced on this topic, covering it with painstaking, at times grueling, detail.
What could possibly be left to be said? What new information could Red-Hot Metabolism have that’s not been covered?
Nothing… not one single thing.  I'm serious.

Honestly, with the exception of the very latest study, there’s nothing new on the subject of metabolism. The wealth of knowledge that’s available is vast – what it’s not is helpful. In my humble opinion, most major books on metabolism fall into the trap of being information for the sake of knowledge rather than guidance in the service of transformation.
This phenomenon is quite common where experts and scientists gather as experts tend to think like other experts and scientists like to talk to other scientists. As a result the knowledge they share is dense, complex and usually appreciated most by other scientists. It can leave you sleepy and confused.
How to Light Your Rocket

To be quite frank most books on metabolism read like an instruction manual for “how to build the bomb,” while Red-Hot Metabolism is your handbook on how to ignite the thing (or light the fuse)! It’s totally focused on the specific action that produces the biggest-bang (pardon, I had to) – 100% of the result. And it’s the fun part, where all the
fireworks happen.

With RHM there’s no fluff, no filler… it’s a compact, condensed, rich and singly focused on the wisdom and application of the 7 Eternal Laws… in that way it might best be called, “A Manual for a Lifetime of Lean.”

Once again, I can’t take the credit for leveraging clarity as the defining difference – it’s a little something I learned from my little brother – the “Houdini of Transformation” – the creator and author of arguably the greatest fitness book in history, Body-for-LIFE. It’s not a encyclopedia of fitness but rather a precisely focused plan for changing your body and life. It’s as lean as the people who go through it – no filler, no fluff, no artificial sweeteners.

Click [here](#) to see the Table of Contents.

Here are a few of the Laws of Red Hot that you’ll be receiving…
Law #1 :
“How to Create A Non-Stop, Fat-Burning Engine 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year in Less Time Than it Takes to Shower and Dress”

Shawn Phillips

Click to listen to ...
Shawn & Doctor Tom

Tom Bilella, D.C., M.S., C.C.N.
[Test drive law number one here! »](order.php)

I really thought that the information on metabolism that you and the doctor presented was very useful. Thank you Shawn for sharing your expertise and knowledge, Looking forward for more.
Kindest regards,
Brenda   ------
Law #2 :
“How to Eat More and Weigh Less”

With the second law of an inferno scorching metabolism you're going to learn How To Eat More and Weigh Less. I know it doesn't make sense, but when you get your hands on this second eternal law, you'll be running for more food with a desperation you haven't had since you were chasing the ice cream truck as a kid!

Yeah, it's that powerful. Do you think you can handle the chase?

Click to listen to ...
Shawn & Doctor Tom

[Give it a try here »](order.php)
Law #3 :
“Spend More Than You Save to Live Long and Strong”

The third Eternal Law shows you how Spending more than you Save adds more to your Racing Metabolism than running a marathon!

It's easy to miss because it's going on right now, or it isn't - which is a big problem unless you like your metabolism slower than a confused intoxicated turtle racing a jack rabbit that finished the race last year.

Do you want to learn how to spend more than you save, jack up your metabolism horsepower and keep the slimming avalanche falling in
your direction?

[Race to this link now! »](order.php)
Law #4 :
“How to Stop Eating Food that is Killing You and Enjoy Meals that Energize and Keep You Going Strong”

The fourth Timeless Law you absolutely must learn teaches you how to enjoy the foods that energize your searing metabolic inferno.

This invaluable law also steers you clear of the foods that crank your Blistering Hot Metabolism down to a Chilling Ice Cube the size of the Arctic Circle.

Will you take a trip north? Or are you going to turn up your furnace?

Click to listen to ...
Shawn & Doctor Tom

[Crank it up now if you know what's good for you! »](order.php)
Law #5 :
“Why Taking Four Strokes Off Your Game Can Add Years to Your Life!”

This Immortal Law walks you through a critical element that either builds your metabolism into a towering skyscraper or, if left unknown, will strip your metabolism into a heap of inert rubble. And guess who's at
the bottom...

Do you want to leave this Law unknown?

[Click here to get it now! »](order.php)
Law #6 :
“How to Keep Your Body Super-Cool Yet Burning Red-Hot With The Most Fundamental Fuel Known to Man”

How do you leverage the sixth Eternal Law of a blazing Metabolism?

This one is so simple just about everyone overlooks it. What's the result? You guessed it, it's like having that '62 Ford cobra, full tank and a heavy foot only to find out there's no oil.

That's right, nothing's going to work right, and while you may want that race engine metabolism, what you should be doing is towing your car to
the shop.

Tow truck? Or do you want to get the sixth Eternal Law and get one of the most fundamental fuels your metabolism Blazes on?

Click to listen to ...
Shawn & Doctor Tom

[Click here to start your metabolic fire »](order.php)
Law #7 :
“Why Some People Can Do All the Right Things and Not See
Any Results”

The seventh and final Eternal Law of a Red Hot Racing Metabolism is a big one, and that's a drastic understatement!

This Law is your master control switch, if you don't have a hold of this one you might as well be a NASCAR driver without a steering wheel.

This law teaches you how to grab hold of your metabolic master switch. What's the result? You can crank your metabolic dial to blazing hot just as soon as you gotten this all critical Eternal Law.

Click to listen to ...
Shawn & Doctor Tom

[Crank your metabolic dial here! »](order.php)

While not a replacement for a total-transformation program, the laser focused topic of Red-Hot Metabolism allows for a truly stunning degree of clarity to be achieved. It truly provides the all too rare opportunity to focus on the few things that really matter — for it’s these few that matter most.

"Red Hot is A Manual For Living Lean and Strong"

What if your life came with a roadmap – one that leads you to slice through the fog that derails most in our twenties and rather than struggling to find your way you knew the precise path?
Imagine where you might be today had you just such a map…

Ask anyone who’s ever achieved a success you covet and they’ll say the same thing, be it climbing Everest, winning an Olympic medal or achieving wealth beyond your dreams, after decades of effort (most of it misplaced) they’ll tell you “if only they’d known the few simple, steps that mattered most… it would have taken half the time and been a
lot easier!”

Hence the reason we revere those who succeed so… because success is usually reserved only for those with determination and perseverance, who fail, over and over until they finally succeed.

Unfortunately, with all the demands we face today not everyone can be an expedition leader up Mt. Everest. This is precisely why I created Red-Hot – because you ought not need become a self appointed expert on fat-loss to be in great shape.

These 7 simple steps are your road map to avoid the failures that have derailed most – keeping you focused on what’s most important. That’s no guarantee that success will be easy but you will know that the efforts you put forth are not being wasted… that you’re doing the right things to make the most difference in the least amount of time.

When you read Red-Hot Metabolism…
The food that you can eat at every meal that is which is least likely to be stored as fat in your body, p. 44.
  How to turn your metabolism back a decade and more, effectively nullifying the impact of aging, p. 9.
  Learn why your doctor may be the very last person you want checking on this all-critical master control switch, and guess what, if this system is broken there’s nothing else you can do to get your metabolism going.  Don’t make these common mistakes, p. 65.
  Why you should just say “NO!” to “die-ting,” p. 21.
  The only specific type of training that enables a 90 year old to add lean muscle mass at the same rate of a 25 year old, I’ll tell you what it is and why it works
on p. 9.
  Discover the exercise most people believe is good for them and why it’s the LAST thing you should be doing, p. 21.
  Imagine you can eat more, enjoy more, have more and weigh less, and have a lean, sculpted body in less time than you think, discover how, p. 26.
  We reveal why skipping this all-important meal sinks your metabolism faster than the Titanic, p. 29.
  Why the Mayo Clinic's researchers were shocked by this little something that makes a big difference, and trust me it's little and it’s happening right now as you read this, p. 31.
  How to burn fat all day long without the heart pounding, head tingling side effects of “thermogenic” stimulants, p.32.
  Learn why the vast majority of the food in your kitchen, yes YOUR kitchen, is flat out dangerous for your metabolism. Get your hands OFF this great American pastime on p. 47.
  Discover the great news… how drinking may actually slow the aging
process, p. 53.
  Warning! 78 million Americans are making the single biggest mistake when it comes down to revving up their metabolisms. Find out if you're one on p. 49.
  There's 3 things you don't want to do that will tank your metabolism into a fat storage machine. Are you making any of these foolish mistakes? You really should read p. 62.
  Most people’s eating strategy – or lack there of – places them directly in the path of an energy shortage, see why on p. 37.
  Think cutting back your calories is a good idea…think again when you see the answer on p. 46.
By far, the most innovative, reliable and energizing information that I've come across since Absolution. For me it really reinforced the mind body connection, the importance of purpose and the balance of nutrition, Thanks Shawn and
Doctor Tom,
What Red Hot Will & Won’t Do

#1. Red Hot is a manual for living strong. It’s clear, concise and drives home the most essential action items you can take right now to make a lasting difference in your life. Red Hot isn’t a magic pill or a super hero that’s going to rev up your metabolism for you. You still have to do it.

You have to actually take these 7 laws and put them into action. It’s not going to do the work by itself and Doctor Tom and I aren’t going to fly out to personally coach you 24 hours a day.

The good news is I wrote this with you in mind, so you’re going to find each law broken down into simple, practical what to do followed by what not to do.

Do this…don’t do that!

#2. No worries…you’re not going to get your PH.D in physiology by reading these 87 pages.

Why Not?

All that knowledge in your head doesn’t necessarily convert into wisdom, which is knowledge in action. This book is packed with wisdom. This is the simplest most potent road map for meaningful tangible action that’s sustainable.

#3. You’re not going to get 87 pages of obligations. You know those heavy psychological burdens that so many people think lead to change?

What you do get is clarity and the free choice to either act on one of these eternal laws or not. No baggage, no guilt, no crap. Red Hot delivers a clear presentation of the facts and access to your own free will.

#4. You will get crystal clear guidelines that’ll steer you in the right direction. This gives you the freedom to explore, innovate and make your own Red Hot Metabolism truly your own.

In the long run you’ll learn more, get more from this book and have more freedom, clarity and strength in your life. Oh and you’ll definitely have less of the stuff you’re trying
to loose.

Stop punishing yourself with a backwards approach of dieting. Make the move from the suffering and deprivation of a diet to a life of free flowing abundance.

When you apply these seven sound principles you absolutely can enjoy the lean, strong body you want while enjoying more of everything… More food, more energy, more strength, more confidence…

Your Bonus For Ordering Today

For getting your copy of the 7 Eternal Laws of a Red Hot, Fat Scorching Metabolism today I am going to give you free private access to an hour long Audio Seminar between my friend and special guest Doctor Tom Bilella and myself.

Doctor Tom and I cover each of the 7 Eternal Laws, answer questions from callers and provide you with critical information you won’t want to miss, in a fun enjoyable format. Listen to it on your ipod, in your car or on your computer - regardless, your metabolism will beg you to listen again!

This audio piece retails at $20, but today it’s yours free for getting the most practical, most straight forward guide to dialing up your fat scorching metabolic furnace.

Order Red Hot Metabolism right now and get the audio free (that’s a $49 value) all for only $29.00.

[](order.php)[](order.php)     [](order.php)

 Buy The Book & Claim Your Bonus For $29.00 » 
I loved learning about the 'laws' and the special attention you paid to providing catchy terminology that is easy to remember. Also enjoyed the step-by-step approach that allowed me to really
follow along.
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“Why Taking Four Strokes Off Your Game Can Add Years to Your Life”

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