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“Just Released: An Outstanding, Easy-To-Follow And Pioneer Forex System That Will Boost Your Account Dramatically…”


From: Adrian Wallner
Creator of Forex Hidden Systems

Dear Trader,

What if I told you that in a week from now you won’t be wondering about how you’re going to pay your bills? What if I told you that you’ll be thinking about what’s the perfect color for the brand new car you wanted for so long or to finally go on vacation with your family?

My name is Adrian Wallner and I’m a full time Forex trader. I have been trading Forex for almost 10 years now. I used to have a full time job (probably like you) and I was always thinking about how I was going to pay all my bills…


I haven’t been always successful

I used to have a job that I hated… And I didn’t get paid a lot. It was literally a struggle… One day, I was researching the Internet to see if I could come up with an additional income. It wasn’t easy for me to have a second job since I was working 12-16 hours a day! One day, in one of my many researches, I found Forex.


What is Forex?

The Forex market is by far the largest financial market in the world, and includes trading between large banks, central banks, currency speculators, multinational corporations, governments, and other financial markets and institutions. The average daily trade in the global forex and related markets currently is over US$ 3 trillion. This was what I read… I was terribly impressed with the amount and went to check it out.


“Find Out What You Need To Be Successful – Get Your Free Forex Course Now…”

Inside you’ll learn:

How to start making money on Forex;
What should you use in order to be profitable on Forex;
The 5 myths you must avoid on Forex;
The best hours to trade Forex;
When you shouldn’t trade Forex;
The best indicators to use when you’re a Forex trader and how you         can use them at your advantage;
Should you use an automatic trading system? – The pros and the         cons;
Automatic Forex trading – How to put your computer working for        you;
And much more…

Name: Email:

"I hate spam as much as you. So be sure that I will never sell, rent or share your email with anyone."


At first it didn’t go well…

I was enthusiastic… I couldn’t stop thinking about it. When I told my wife I wanted to trade Forex she tried to detain me. She even threatened me that she was going to leave me… Well… It was one shot… The shot I had to leave that old life of short bucks on the wallet… I told her to give me 6 months. If in 6 months I couldn’t get an income from it, I wouldn’t ever mention Forex again… She finally agreed…
After 3 months, I had lost almost my entire account… Wow… At that time I thought to myself “How can anyone be making money in this market?”. When I entered in a long position, it went down; when I entered in a short sell, the currency pair went up…  


Until I developed my systems…

I finally understood what was going on… Until that moment, I had read so many things about Forex, indicators, from strategies to systems, to automatic systems… But I hadn’t tried one last thing – to develop a system on my own.
I couldn’t tell my wife that we were almost broke… My salary was the only income for my family. I wasn’t going to fail. And I still had 3 months to prove that I was right…
I wanted a system that could give me profits consistently. I had already tried day trading and swing trading systems. I learned, the hard way, that you need to have strict money management rules so that you can keep playing the game. I had to develop not one but at least 2 systems – one to day trading and another one to swing trading.


During 2 months I almost didn’t get any sleep at all…

In what should I base these systems? Only on the currency pair price? Should I use indicators? How many indicators should I use?
These questions were always on my mind… Until I finally developed one day trading system. Wow! I couldn’t be happier… I tested it and the results were amazing…
I was ready to use what was left on my account in this system and keep developing the swing trading one… And so I did… But when I developed both strategies, I couldn’t stop…
I still had 1 month to my wife’s deadline… I had to recover all the money I previously lost and still prove her that I could provide at least the same income I was earning before dedicating my energies to Forex…


I finally got it…

After the 6 months deadline, I showed her the results I achieved… Well… She couldn’t believe what her eyes were seeing… And neither could I… In one single month, I made more than twice what I earned in my previous full time job…
But let me tell you… This wasn’t done solely using 2 systems… I used 4 systems at the same time… The 4 systems that I’m about to reveal to you…


Announcing Forex Hidden Systems


This super package includes:

3 extremely powerful day trading strategies;

1 easy to use swing trading strategy;

All the 4 strategies come with detailed charts;

Easy to follow rules;

Easy identifiable entry and exit points;

Stop loss rules – see the difference between fixed and trailing stops;

The use of money management rules as never seen before. You’ll also get to see a practical example;

Extraordinary indicators that almost no one knows about which makes them even more powerful;

A different look at economic calendars;

What about news? Can you trade them?

Which time frames you should use. 


"Forex Hidden Systems has been working really well for me. I was really frustrated with Forex…and I was almost giving it up. I’m glad I found your website and started using your strategies. I’m just trading for a couple of minutes a day and I’m so impressed with your strategies that I can’t say Thank You enough."

Johan Hansson - Sweden


"I’m a newbie in Forex and I’m really glad I found your systems. I’ve been paper trading your systems and made 37% last month. If your systems continue to work like this, I’ll be able to quit my job and become a full time trader."

Liam Jones - UK





Too good to be true?

Sure, you can think this way… In fact, you may think, “why is this guy making me this great offer? What’s in it for him?”. If I were you, I’d probably think the same…
The fact is that I have been very successful using my strategies. Now I recognize that if it wasn’t my wife’s deadline and pressure, I probably had lost all our money and never had developed these strategies. And the worst of all, I had lost her…
This is why I’m making you this unique offer… Don’t throw out 3 or more months of your time and money… Take this opportunity and start making money right away…
If, by any chance, you don’t like what you see, I’m ready to offer you 8-weeks money back guarantee. 8 full weeks to try the product that will make you money. What do you have to lose?


Just check some screenshots of 2 of my recent trades:


This was a short sell opportunity that one of my day trading strategies gave me. I entered a short sell order at 1.4286 and EUR/USD reached my 40 pips target in less than 1 hour.


This screenshot refers to a buy trigger that one of my day trading strategies gave me. I entered a buy order at 1.9576 and my 50 pips target was reached in just 2 hours.



"Hi Adrian. I would like to tell you that I just started using your systems on a real account last week. I made $273 last week which isn’t bad considering I only had around $1000 on the account. Thanks a lot for sharing these systems."

Hamish Lee - Australia


"I’ve been on Forex for over a year now, and I’ve purchased several books and courses on the subject. Let me tell you that your product is one of the most simple and effective ones I’ve used. It’s really great that your systems work for people like me who don’t want to spend the entire day in front of the computer. You’ve here a customer for life."

Owen Murphy - Ireland


Buy Forex Hidden Systems Today And Also Get…

I know and I’m sure you also know that most bonuses that we see in websites are just fluff… They won’t do anything for you; you maybe won’t even look at them. I do the same.
That’s why I wanted to provide you with real value. And I believe that I accomplished that when you see what I have to offer you.
Along with Forex Hidden Systems, you’ll get:


TraderBO Divergence System is a proven trading system which is based on divergences and aims to capture hundreds of pips per trade.
The system’s trading rules work in any financial market and if you'd like to make just a few but powerful trades, this is a great system for you. It retails for $97.

Forex Trader E-Book is an ebook that explains you the most powerful technical analysis and fundamental indicators. This ebook has 116 pages and currently retails for $99. I believe you can take advantage of this great ebook since it has all the information you need to trade successfully.

This 141 pages complete ebook is a must read for any beginner in Forex. The Forex On-Line Manual for Successful Trading teaches you how the Forex market works and which the most important indicators are. Besides this, it also shows you plenty of technical analysis patterns that successful traders use. I believe you’ll find this ebook very interesting since it completes the Forex Trader E-Book.

I’m also going to offer you 5 MT4 templates ($150 value). In case you don’t know, MetaTrader4 is the most used chart platform in Forex.
With these templates, you’ll immediately see the indicators I use to make my living from Forex. It will be easier for you to apply what you'll learn.   


This offer will only be available to the next 47 clients.   

Are you ready to Order Your Forex Hidden Systems Copy?


YES! I’m ready to boost my account with this outstanding Forex System.

Since I'm ordering Forex Hidden Systems on a limited time offer, I'll pay only $157 $97 and I'll get the following 3 bonuses that will help me evolve as a trader as well as I’m entitled to get a Special Bonus (valued at more than $400):

TraderBO Divergence System
Forex Trader E-Book
Forex On-Line Manual for Successful Trading 5 MT4 Templates

I acknowledge that this is a onetime offer reserved to the next 200 47 customers.

I understand that my order is absolutely risk-free for 8 weeks. If I don't make at least 10 times my investment back or if I'm unsatisfied in any way, I'll simply email you and I'll get my $97 back.


Order online safely and securely.
100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used.


Forex Hidden Systems is in PDF format and can be downloaded instantly after payment.


"Hey Adrian, let me congratulate you for your strategies. I’ve trying to learn Forex on my own, but I found out this market is really difficult to beginners. I decided to test your systems, and let me tell you that this was the best decision I made in a long time. These systems are really easy to use and actually work. Thanks a lot."

Alejandro López - Mexico


"Way to go Adrian. Your Systems are great. I’m using your day trading strategies on EUR/USD and your swing strategy on GBP/USD. Both strategies have been making good money here. I was a complete beginner on trading but thanks to you, I’m starting with the right foot."

Dr. Gavin Moore - US


"Your Hidden Systems package is outstanding. I made $1317 last week thanks to you."

Dominik Kowalski - Poland


To your success,

Adrian Wallner


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