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“After 14 Years of Failure I was Able to Become Fluent in a Foreign Language in 2 years. If I can do it, then you can too!”

Fellow Traveler and Language Learner,

Have you ever wanted to travel to a foreign country or learn a foreign language fluently, but didn’t know how to take the first step?

I was like that. I had taken three different languages over the course of 14 years and was TERRIBLE at all of them! I had spent most of my school life wanting to travel and learn languages, but I never thought it was possible. In my mind going abroad was completely out of the question, because I didn’t think that I’d be able to survive long enough to make it back.

One day a close friend of mine told me that she was going to be studying in Germany for a year. She had NEVER studied German before, but she said she was going to study the language for two semesters, study abroad for a year, and then return being fluent in German.

And you know what happened? – She DID it! One year later she returned and was fluent in German. I was blown away! From that point on I knew that if she could do it, then anyone could do it.

I ended up studying abroad in both Spain and Mexico. Like my friend, I became fluent in a foreign language in a much shorter time than I ever thought possible.

Through my time abroad I learned a lot about how to learn a language quickly and world travel, but I also realized that there was TONS of information that wasn’t told to me before leaving the United States.

I knew that more students would study and travel abroad, learn more of their target language, and their time abroad would be more enjoyable, if they had a manual that would guide them step-by-step through the world of living and learning abroad. It needed to be a guidebook that told what students and travelers would ACTUALLY encounter while abroad. And it would have to be fun to read, educational, and inspire them to take action!

That’s why this ebook was created.

Think of it like a friend who is going to guide you through your first thirty days of being in another country. Imagine listening to stories from a guy who’s done what you are about to do, and who wants you to get straight to the enjoyable parts, without making all of the mistakes that he and his friends made.


If You Like to Travel, Then Burn Your Guidebook!TM includes:
The HILARIOUS travel story about my first month abroad Step-by-step instructions on how to CUT your language learning time by 2 to 5 years Guide on how to SAVE up to 50% on studying abroad Over 40 “Tips from Terence” for AVOIDING travel mistakes
This ebook is PACKED with travel advice and tips that will inform and motivate you, all while keeping you laughing. Whether you are a professional traveler, or are just thinking about spending a few weeks in another country, there is something in this book for you. If you plan to learn Spanish, French, German, Japanese or any other language in another country, then you’ll be especially glad that you read this ebook.

Even if you never want to leave your home country you can easily cut off years of study by applying my language learning strategies. Oh, and all of the stories in the book are true. Stories this good would have to be!


Terence Cole


Don't Take My Word For It!

If you don't believe me, at least check out what some of my readers are saying about If You Like to Travel, Then Burn Your Guidebook!:

“This book is not only helpful for students who want to study abroad, but for anyone who is looking to travel out of the country. I wish I had this book before I began traveling!”

--Todd Hassell
West Lafayette, Indiana

“If You Like to Travel, Then Burn Your Guidebook! is inspirational and full of humor and tremendously useful tips. It is essential for anyone planning on, or already, studying abroad. This would have definitely made my study abroad smoother.”

--Letitia Jackson
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“I’ve been thinking about traveling out of the country for a few years now. Thanks to If You Like to Travel, Then Burn Your Guidebook! I now know what to expect from my overseas experience. If it weren’t for this guide, I might have fallen into some of the traps of traveling abroad.”

--Raymond Gardner
Kalamazoo, Michigan

“If You Like to Travel, Then Burn Your Guidebook! should be read by all ages from teens to adults. If there is a language you have wanted always wanted to learn, but did not know how to begin, then check this awesome book out!”

--Janet René Brown
St. Louis, Missouri


Not only do you get the ebook with your order, but you also get two powerful audio programs! The first program is titled:

“How to Cut Your Language Learning Time
by 2 to 5 Years”

This is a live recording of a private seminar that I conducted in order to teach students the skills that I used to become fluent in Spanish in 2 years after 14 years of failure.

The second audio program is an interview with expat Tyrone Acres. Tyrone is originally from St. Louis, Missouri, but has been living and working in Japan for the past two years. If you ever plan to leave the country on a permanent basis, then you must hear the advice Tyrone has to give!

I'm even adding two free bonuses for my clients:
BONUS #1 – A special Burn Your Guidebook! podcast on foreign airport security BONUS #2 – Article on dealing with anti-American attitudes while traveling

If You Like to Travel, Then Burn Your Guidebook! is available for instant download. The ebook is in pdf format (opens with the [FREE Adobe Reader](http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html)) and the audio programs are in mp3 format (played with Windows Media Player or iTunes).

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110% Satisfaction Guaranteed

My goal is to inspire 1,000,000 people to either learn a foreign language or to study abroad. If the ebook and audio programs don’t educate, entertain, inspire, and equip you to learn a foreign language faster and have a better travel abroad experience than before, then get your money back within 8 weeks of purchase. 110% Satisfaction Guaranteed means that you get to keep the bonuses and the audio interview even if you are not satisfied. I am not worried about “making a quick buck” off of you. I want you to succeed!

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