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[Skip to content] [] [Scoring Plan][Member Access] How Many Putts Do You Have in a Round of Golf? Answer “28,” and you’ll never have to worry about your golf game or rely on others to improve your score.  Instead, you’ll walk to the next tee with confidence, and can’t wait to get the ball in the air. It’s a wonderful place to be, your rewarded with better golf swings, without the stress. Dear Golfer, For years now, teachers give golfers 2-3 things to go work on … sending them to

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Shipping and refund policy Shipping Policy: We ship this product internationally (except Brazil) It is shipped by registered economy mail using the Japanese Postal service. The estimated delivery time is between 8 to 12 days. Once we ship the product the tracking details will be shared with the customer. Shipping costs will be calculated based on location of the buyer. Refund and Return Policy: Products can be returned for a full refund if received in a damaged condition. In order to initiate a

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